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Catagory 4 - New Furniture Lighting, Artwork, Draperies, Pillows, Built-in Shelves, and Mock-Fireplace all designed, manufactured and installed by Feature This..     Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest, Andy. And I appreciate you so much for participating in my Super-Ambitious Curb A...
And here we are! I only have two more weeks to really devote to this project, and when it's done, I am going to raise the retail price from $29.99 to $49.99. So say make your move to get your FREE Curb Appeal Strategy Package today... Here's the map as of 7-15-08. Is your state represented? I nee...
I am looking forward to the HGTV show, even if it totally sucks, as in, portraying stagers as NOTHING like they really are! And I hope it is overly dramatic and insulting! I hope it makes people GLUED to the show for YEARS with it's shock-value, and totally mislead the public into thinking stagin...
  Here's a peek at a Curb Appeal Strategy Plan we did for a Texas beach house, for only $29.99. These folks aren't moving...just planning on sprucing up! You can see how painting decks and railings really makes a house "puff out it's chest" and shows off the areas for entertaining! Additionally, ...
Here's an idea for a porch! We stage low-cost "rental beach houses"  for sale, and they are terribly lacking in exterior charm. Between the College-age renter's shenannigans and the super-destructo elements, nice stuff outside doesn't stand a chance. We've taken to doing something really un-stage...
Here's another $29.99 Digital Transformation from Feature This... for your viewing pleasure. Look at that VIRTUAL FERTILIZER! ~Michelle www.featurethisdotdotdot.com  See our Curb Appeal Strategy Package for only $29.99.    
After getting a lot of emails about my Curb Appeal Strategy Packages, I thought I might post one, so you can see what exactly it is that we do for $179.99. Do you think it is worth the price?     This is a property I got received last week via an REA who needed to help her seller. This house was ...

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