title company: How much $$$ do I need to close? There's an app for that - 05/21/13 01:32 AM
Have you ever been showing a house to a homebuyer and had them ask you what their total closing costs would be? Wouldn't it be great if you could answer that question right on the spot? 
Now there's an iPad app that produces a detailed picture of cash to close and monthly mortgage payments for homebuyers as well as cash in pocket for home sellers. It's available for free download in the App Store.
Download the app now >>
Close It is sort of like Turbo Tax for real estate agents. We've tested the results over and over, and they are … (0 comments)

title company: Why choosing a local title company is better - 10/24/12 01:01 AM
After 16 years of handling real estate closings, I could easily provide 100 examples of why a borrower, whether a homebuyer or a refinancing homeowner, should choose a local title company rather than allowing a national "out-of-town" title company to handle your real estate closing.  But allow me to just give you 3 simple and basic reasons.
1.    DUTY OF CARE   In reviewing title work over the years, I have witnessed countless cases of national title companies failing to release paid mortgages/liens from a homeowner’s title records, only to be cleaned up by our office – a local title company.  In addition, I … (2 comments)

title company: 3 reasons HELOCs create title headaches - 07/13/12 03:15 AM
Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) may be difficult to obtain in today’s market, but not too long ago, everybody had one.  Recently, a series of closings were delayed in our office due to issues with HELOCs, and I expect that dealing with HELOCs will only get worse.   
There are several reasons why HELOCs often cause title nightmares, and keeping good records can help avoid settlement delays.
Issue #1:  Funds on a HELOC can be redrawn Unless a request to close and terminate the account is made, the account remains open.  This differs considerably from a traditional mortgage.  When a first … (0 comments)

title company: What homebuyers don't know: The cost of ignorance - 06/04/10 08:10 AM
Given that homebuyers are confronted with monumental tasks in the home-buying process, it should be expected that many of the finer details are entrusted to their real estate agent or mortgage lender. After a lengthy home search, contract offers and negotiation, gathering financial information for loan application, and making moving arrangements, the average homebuyer has had their fill. Unfortunately, the choice of a settlement or title company is not high on a homebuyer’s priority list, and the homebuyer often defers to their real estate agent or mortgage lender to make this choice for them. Deferring this choice to others, may be … (0 comments)

title company: Is it time to breathe new life into your website? - 06/04/10 07:54 AM
The overhaul of an existing Web site or launch of a new one is an undertaking that comes with a lengthy checklist of tasks and possibly a substantial price tag.However, in the world of Web 2.0 technology and mounting expectations from increasingly tech-savvy customers, title companies around the country are exploring the options available to them today. Those options are allowing the smallest to largest businesses to be more easily found through Internet searches and to better serve as a source for everything from fee quotes to consumer-oriented educational tools once their Web sites are discovered.Nikki Smith, marketing director for Federal … (1 comments)

title company: Not all title companies hate technology - 06/04/10 07:53 AM
I came across an article in Forbes today entitled "Why Title Companies Hate Technology."
At Federal Title, we love technology! We worked pretty hard around here to develop our consumer-friendly automatic quote software and then dove head-first into the world of Web 2.0 when we re-launched the Federal Title website earlier this year, so seeing a headline like that was certainly alarming.
Author Lee Gomes asks if a homebuyer can immediately access his credit score online, then why isn't there an online database where he can access land records and research his own title? Well, Mr. Gomes, if I can access … (0 comments)

title company: Now entering the Miami-Dade market - 06/03/10 04:53 AM
Seeking to assure a more transparent settlement transaction that delivers a guaranteed quote for closing costs and directs a financial benefit to the home buyer instead of the referral source, Federal Title & Escrow Company introduces to the Miami-Dade market an unprecedented model that empowers the consumer.
While many title companies share their revenue with real estate brokerages as a reward for the referral, Federal Title instead gives part of its revenue back to the consumer. The announcement comes on the heels and in the spirit of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's proposed rule to reform the Real … (0 comments)

title company: Why Not Demand More From Title Companies? - 06/05/09 05:51 AM
On average, title charges (i.e., closing fee, title search, title insurance, binder fees, etc.) comprise 70% of the total variable closing costs*. Since title charges do vary significantly from title company-to-title company in DC, MD, VA, and FL, it is very important for a home buyer to comparison shop.Ever wonder why most title companies force you to make contact with them in order to get a quote for title charges? Seriously, with today's technology, why won't your title company allow you to anonymously get a customized quote for their services so you can do some comparison shopping? Why do you have … (0 comments)

title company: Transparent Title Companies - Where are they? - 01/30/09 04:54 AM
Delivered an instant, online, guaranteed closing cost quote to you and your clients - specific to the transaction; Was independent and gave back part of its revenue to your home buyer; instead of giving money back to your broker through an Affiliated Business Arrangment; Allowed you to submit the transaction order entirely online.  Very few title companies offer a Web 2.0 experience when it comes to delivering service.  In fact, most still cling to fax machines and land lines; taking orders over the phone; quoting fees/costs over the phone.  Further, many title companies have no … (0 comments)

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