home stager west palm beach: Cover your clients hole when de-staging - 07/14/09 07:59 AM

Were stagers, we hammer, screw and display lots of different forms of art on the walls of our clients. We do make it look picture perfect!
A long time ago I wrote about this but I recently had an experience I want to share with everyone. Every time I do a contract for a staging I make sure I word that the Property will be staged until it sells or client gives a15 day notice. Well, this client informed me that he was going to keep half of the monthly rental until we destaged their property they would give other … (12 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Sellers don't understand they cannot sell today at yesteryear rates - 07/10/09 12:09 PM

Some sellers  are wondering why their house dont sell even if it has been staged for 22 months!!!!!!!!
Staging alone will NOT SELL A HOME ,it is a combination of patience, showing it ,open houses It has to be priced right. Have your realtor do the homework and get comparable homes in your area and what they are selling for. Be Realistic! If you get greety YOU WILL NOT SELL.
Home staging has become the way the entire nation is selling homes successfully. If you are the type that thinks that home staging is a waste of time  and … (6 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Going Green ??? Use BAGUA ?? What are all these things ??? - 04/04/09 06:46 AM

 Every now and then when I have the time to sit down to read a few of my peers blogs make me realize I have been missing a lot of lessons here in ActiveRain ! or as I refer to it " AR UNIVERSITY" . Here is where I get the scoop on what green is and how important it is to know about it. Every day more buyers are savvy about these things and they want to use green products in their homes. I just learned that theres a recycled glass top named Vetrazzo which looks to … (8 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Are your listing's windows so dirty they are obstructing the view to a SALE ? - 03/28/09 07:00 AM
   I had the pleasure of working with a family that is selling their own property. Prior to my staging  I gave them a list of to do things. They only complied with half of the list. One of the most important things on that list was cleaning all windows..I meant Q-Tip clean.  Something that really needed to be done.

 I mean imagine wearing glasses to be able to see everything, but if the glasses are dirty  everything looks, blurry, blah!  But when those glasses are clean its an entire different perspective. Are the windows in your house so … (9 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Realtor Auditions in Palm Beach County to partner with Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches - 03/19/09 11:58 AM
open auditions....who will get the partnerships? 
Do you think you have the right attitude to sell your listing?
Are you an agressive go getter person?
Are you ready to be part of the Future of Real Estate Today, by including a Home Staging Company you can trust in your market strategy on every listing? because the future is HERE
Would you like to earn a reputation of being the top seller in your company?

If you answered Yes to these questions ... then you need to audition with us, to see if you have what we look for in a … (2 comments)

home stager west palm beach: THE STAGER'S LIST EXPO tour ...BIG SUCCESS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA - 03/19/09 05:37 AM

  What an amazing learning and eye opening experience it was. I have to give this home staging EXPO a two thumbs up! The organizers, Terrylyn Fisher, Kym Hough and Chris Fisher outdid themselves with this so informative seminar.  They are touring the country and I have to tell you if they are in your area it is a MUST to be present!

   It was a real learning experience!!! I have gathered enough information to help my business move up to the next level.  Kym Hough shared with … (14 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Why should you Home Stage a Foreclosed property? - 03/03/09 03:56 AM

Ok , so the unhappy owners of the house finally left the property as the bank was asking then to. They were not happy campers, off course not. They had to leave the property and they did!
 Before they left they decided....If were going to loose the house lets take everything with us......and that is exactly what happened. They took stove, refrigerator,dishwasher,all lighting ,there was not a lamp left only wires coming out !!! The laundry room is now empty, no washer or dryer. Now this property more than vacant looked abbandoned !!! Now, the bank has their property back.,... … (16 comments)

home stager west palm beach: STAGERSLIST.COM comes to ORLANDO , FLORIDA - 03/01/09 11:25 AM


home stager west palm beach: More and More RE Agents are using Stagers as their Ultimate Marketing tool to sell their listings! - 02/23/09 03:43 AM

Realtors are Educating the Sellers on Home Staging by Fernando Rosado,   ASP,IAHSP
Introduce Home Staging from the beginning during your listing presentation Home Staging is a listing tool_a value added service & Market differentiator Educate sellers that by staging their home, they will keep more equity because Staged Homes look better and Sell Faster.    Home Staging is becoming more common as sellers seek to get the best prices for their homes...Buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the home and fall in love with it...If a home is staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), it … (10 comments)

home stager west palm beach: You are just procrastinating ......period !!! - 02/07/09 05:22 AM
It baffles and confuses me how some realtors are still not getting on board with staging their listings. 95 percent of all listings do need a bit of home staging. Now, when it comes to vacant listings there is no other way but staging it. Many agents feel that vacant shows a bigger space ....Well here is what I say to that:  ... this is how I see it..... Most people cannot visualize what it could be. So, by creating a story in the staging could help them see themselves in that life style
  When actors go to an … (5 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Holidays are over ,and youre still sitting on those listings?..Time to call the Home Staging Professional at Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches - 01/26/09 06:24 AM
 Are you aware that a "Staged Home" shows better than an unstaged home.
Top 5 Reasons to Stage your listing
1.The property might have the sellers living in the house and its really cluttered.
2. If the home is vacant , its like going to a museum for an exhibition and all the canvases are empty.
They say nothing !
3. A Staged house shows the prospect buyer how they could live in that space.
4. If your listing has been on the market for over 6 months....there must be something wrong, let us help you!
5. Rise Above the competition … (3 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Are you aware that at Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches we STAGE with your budget ! - 01/09/09 04:08 AM
 I recently got a call from a potential client who has a vacant Condo that overlooks at the water. She expressed that she only wants to stage the kivingroom, dining room and bar area. this is the area that you see when you first walk in. Remember there is only one chance for a First impression.  You do not necessarily have to Stage the complete property, At Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches we do as much or as little as you want. you can do like this client and just stage the First walk-in impression area ! it also works. … (2 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Are you aware that potential clients could be viewing your website ...Right Now? - 01/08/09 05:30 AM

Potential clients could be in your web site right now and are looking for great Home Stagers to work with in their area...Is your website up to date?
 Sometimes we get so busy trying to get business and actually staging and destaging that we forget about little details such as "our websites". Remember when we first create it them? All the hardwork and the long hours we put to make that website attractive. After all about 45 % of our businesses come directly from the web!
   My advice is to make sure that you keep your website … (6 comments)

home stager west palm beach: So 2009 is here........Now What? - 01/05/09 03:29 AM

 Don't get me wrong Business for us in 2008 was awesome, obviously our little company is growing up quick!.Last year the company was a newborn baby!  So at least the company can walk now, but were walking baby steps. We want to take big steps and that will come with time. We have received the new year with a bang by giving away hundreds of daily planners compliments of Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches. Their pocket size makes them very handy to keep in your bag, purse, pocket,car ,etc. We are already booking and giving quite a few quotes … (8 comments)

home stager west palm beach: My 12 Wishes for my Business in the New Year 2009 - 12/31/08 05:16 AM

12 WISHES FOR my Home Staging Business in 2009
Purchasing a truck and wrapping it with fabulous staging pictures Hire a secretary to keep my office Staged , I mean organized. Get a big warehouse , one that has lots of spacious room Become Palm Beach County's premier Staging Company Be part of HGTV's Design star to get priceless exposure Expand our business by opening a branch in Stowe, Vermont hire a warehouse manager to be in charge of all the packing,loading of truck, moving and hire movers as needed Always deliver everything to the property to be staged, the day before … (7 comments)

home stager west palm beach: My favorite Staging job in 2008 - 12/31/08 04:43 AM

Without a doubt 2008 was a year of growth and learning experiences.  But I remember when we were called to quote on a 3.3 million dollar estate in Grand Oaks, Davie, Florida . We knew the owner who happened to be the builder and seller was looking for someone that cared about what they were offering him to do. This client wasnt bargaining for the best quote, he was looking for the one that was most excited about it. Well, when I knew of this, My partner and I went to the client's house just to meet him in person, we … (15 comments)

home stager west palm beach: this is a MUST read ! if your trying to Sell your home - 12/27/08 05:37 AM

....and this is the kids room...
So, you keep showing that listing of yours that has clutter, personal pictures all over, the guest bedroom is half office, bathrooms have squeezed tubes of paste and 100's of perfume bottles you dont even use.  Clutter eats Equity. Think of a potential buyer walking in there in their search for their dream home. Could they really envision themselves living in that space? No ! Right?
Here are the top 10 reasons you should Stage the home with an Accredited Home Staging Professional
1.Faster Sales Time
2.Higher … (7 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Before and Afters of Home Staging an Equestrian Estate in Delray Beach - 12/11/08 05:38 AM
Never under estimate your potential clients. My company received a call about 2 months ago for a Quote on a Vacant equestrian home. We followed up 3 days after the bid, they said they were not ready but that they were strongly considering the staging later on. I called back 3 weeks after to check on them and still sound interested in the staging but have so much work, because he wanted to install new cabinets in the kitchen. I suggested he did not need to I suggested buying a new stainless steel refrigerator and changing the hardware from the cabinets … (33 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Why should you Sell a Staged Home in Palm Beach County , South Florida - 11/27/08 09:29 AM

A Staged® Home will look better than competing homes for sale in your local market, allowing you to sell faster and/or for more money. Staged® Homes are recognized by other realtors® agents as properties ready to sell. They will be more likely to show your home to potential buyers. Staged® Homes are recognized by buyers as the best properties to see. More buyers want to see Staged®Homes. Staged® Homes qualify for special promotional materials including street signs and print material designations-allowing your home to be marketed to more potential buyers. For more info log on to our … (1 comments)

home stager west palm beach: Do you need to package your listing a little better..You only have one chance for First Impressions!!! - 11/09/08 06:38 AM
Home Stager in West Palm Beach Fernando from Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches
Fernando Rosado,Accredited Staging Professional
President International Association of Home Staging Professionals, West Palm Beach Chapter
CREATIVITY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME... If you are thinking of selling ,and are serious about it,we can help you get the most money out of your home. Hello my name is Fernando Rosado CEO & Founder of Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches. Allow myself and my Team of Professionals to stage your home...It's the smartest move you … (0 comments)

Fernando Rosado, 561-906-0050 or 561-840-8950

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Fernando Rosado CEO & founder of Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches based in South Florida. Fernando is an Accredited Staging Professional and President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. west Palm Beach Chapter. We have a team of Accredited Stagers and Designers in place, to create that ambience that will steal someones heart.

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