home staging south florida: Cover your clients hole when de-staging - 07/14/09 07:59 AM

Were stagers, we hammer, screw and display lots of different forms of art on the walls of our clients. We do make it look picture perfect!
A long time ago I wrote about this but I recently had an experience I want to share with everyone. Every time I do a contract for a staging I make sure I word that the Property will be staged until it sells or client gives a15 day notice. Well, this client informed me that he was going to keep half of the monthly rental until we destaged their property they would give other … (12 comments)

home staging south florida: Sellers don't understand they cannot sell today at yesteryear rates - 07/10/09 12:09 PM

Some sellers  are wondering why their house dont sell even if it has been staged for 22 months!!!!!!!!
Staging alone will NOT SELL A HOME ,it is a combination of patience, showing it ,open houses It has to be priced right. Have your realtor do the homework and get comparable homes in your area and what they are selling for. Be Realistic! If you get greety YOU WILL NOT SELL.
Home staging has become the way the entire nation is selling homes successfully. If you are the type that thinks that home staging is a waste of time  and … (6 comments)

home staging south florida: Here is the correct address - 03/11/09 05:07 AM
Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches on the corner of Get it Sold in Palm Beach County in South Florida. That is the direction you should take when you get ready to sell a property. wETHER THE HOME IS VACANT OR LIVED IN . wE CAN HELP YOU PACKAGE IT RIGHT TO SELL IT QUICKER!!! You only have one chance to a FIRST Impression ...let us help you achieve that. www.Eclectichomestagingofthepalmbeaches.com Fernando will personally take care of all your home selling needs !!! … (1 comments)

home staging south florida: More and More RE Agents are using Stagers as their Ultimate Marketing tool to sell their listings! - 02/23/09 03:43 AM

Realtors are Educating the Sellers on Home Staging by Fernando Rosado,   ASP,IAHSP
Introduce Home Staging from the beginning during your listing presentation Home Staging is a listing tool_a value added service & Market differentiator Educate sellers that by staging their home, they will keep more equity because Staged Homes look better and Sell Faster.    Home Staging is becoming more common as sellers seek to get the best prices for their homes...Buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the home and fall in love with it...If a home is staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), it … (10 comments)

home staging south florida: OLD MCDONALD HAD A....... sing-a-long - 02/13/09 05:44 AM

(sing like old mcdonald had a farm)
OLD MCDONALD HAD A HOUSE ..............E  I  E  I  O
 OLD mCdONALD STAGED THE HOUSE ...............  E  I  E  I  O 
WAS TO STAGE TO SELL........................
.............................OLD MCDONALD WAS SO SMART....HE STGAED AND SOLD IT WELL !!!

home staging south florida: Is Home Staging still a Yo-Yo Industry ? - 01/12/09 04:12 AM
 Here we go again ! Things were on a roll until mid-December for my Home Staging Company in South Florida. I was excited because I was finally eeling that the Biz was taking off and slowly but surely . Well, the New Year 2009 arrived and my phone has not ring once for Staging. Here is were this yo-yo effect is making me nervous and impatient.
  What else could I do to build buisiness or is it that because economy being the way it is, us the small business owners the ones taking the big hits!
I love what I … (16 comments)

home staging south florida: HOME STAGING 911..........ECLECTIC HOME STAGING to the rescue! - 11/22/08 07:52 AM

A fellow stager friend of mine hooked up at the bank with a person that was hired to go see all the repossessed homes the bank has acquired and depending on their location they stage them My friend had quoted four homes, the bank called her on Wednesday at 7 PM to tell her they needed 3 homes staged by Friday (2 days after) , She was paniking then around one and a half hour after the first call they call her back to add the fourth home ! She called me and said " Ok Im in a panic … (7 comments)

home staging south florida: THE RIGHT WAY TO STAGE - 09/19/08 07:18 AM

Recently I was approached by a client that needs to sell the home soon because he already purchased the new home and he is falling behind in the mortgage payment and asked me to please Stage it before he gives it to a Realtor. Rather than waiting a year or more trying to sell the property as is, he wants to Stage it to get the ,most out money for this home instead of lowering the price!
Smart move I commented to him! He said he did his research and that Staging is the way to go in todays … (13 comments)

home staging south florida: PICTURES ARE IN !!!World Wide Staging Week.Acting Locally , thinking globally! - 09/19/08 06:42 AM
International Association of  Home Staging ProfessionalsWest Palm Beach Chapter, presided by Fernando Rosado andFort Lauderdale Chapter presided by Heather JohnsonIAHSP from West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale joined forces on September 18, 2008. We created a much needed Teen Room in the Children Home Society of Florida . As you are aware teens very seldom get adopted because of the age but they are still in the system until they are adults. That leaves those less fortunate teens with a "cool hang out" where they can watch movies, play games, use the computer, etc. We took this challenge and I want … (9 comments)

home staging south florida: Remember When ? - 08/04/08 07:26 AM
.....Remember when all it took to sell a house was just to put a sign in front of the house and people would call to make an appointment to come see the house.

  I remember when I was 16 (1976) my parents put our house for sale in Puerto Rico to move to Florida. All they did was put a sign in the front yard with a telephone number. I remember every time the house was shown there were packed boxes, kind of like we were packing and there were some vacant areas, as my mom was selling some furniture.......


home staging south florida: Are some RE Agents still in denial with Staging? - 05/15/08 06:09 AM
I recently meet with a RE Agent that told me he does not believe in Staging. He then added that he is a de-clutter fanatic, so when he gets a listing he helps them de-clutter and even reposition furniture. I looked very surprised when he said that and asked me What? I then said, let me get this right ,you dont believe in Staging yet what do you think all you are doing with new listings is called, he said I don't know you tell me...So of course I said You have been Staging your listings. Then I added that why … (13 comments)

home staging south florida: Adventures of Maeleen continue by Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches - 04/07/08 01:09 PM


home staging south florida: Home Staged for living in Exclusive Golf Community in West Palm Beach - 11/09/07 11:03 AM
Staged Property Detailed Information

home staging south florida: STAGE IT!...SELL IT !!! Home Staging Services in West Palm Beach 561-906-0050 - 11/08/07 10:09 AM

 RE Agents !!!, there is no better time than yesterday to include a home staging as part of your marketing strategy.  STAGE IT ...SELL IT!!!    in Palm Beach County,  Florida . it can make the difference between long and short term sale. Don't wait, CELEBRATE ...make that call today to include Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches as part of your Team !!!
STAGE IT !!!...SELL IT !!! - 
ASP Designation , Certified, members of IAHSP
Fernando Rosado , ASP, IAHSP, CEO & founder of

home staging south florida: The new millenium Real Estate Agents have a Home Staging Company as part of their Team - 11/07/07 03:21 PM
   Realtors, you should not think twice in offering the potential listing to be staged to your new client.  I Suggest to have an accredited staging prodessional whom you trust ,go and give quote for Staging if vacant  (free quote), or a consultation for live-in home staging. Note to Realtors, RE Agents do not pay anything to us, the investment comes from the seller. And we do not get any percentage from the agent at all, on the contrary, it helps you sell that house quicker and for the highest amount of money. So actually it makes sense to always work with a trusting staging prefessional company. Remember that "The Investment … (0 comments)

home staging south florida: Invitation to Press and Media Welcome to Film or write article on Home Staging in South Florida - 10/25/07 04:26 PM

On the Market for one week, owner knows that by staging the 23rd floor Condo, it would sell faster and potentially for more money. This Staging will take place on Tuesday October 30,  9 AM-5 PM
  After being in the market for 6 months with no results. Owner of a property in the Jupiter Island Inlet Colony neighborhood has decided to Stage it , for a quicker sale. This 1.2 million dollar home is vacant and we will be Staging it on November 2, 2007 9 AM-5 PM .    Hi my name is Fernando Rosado, CEO & Founder of http://www.eclectichomestagingofthepalmbeaches.com/ … (4 comments)

home staging south florida: Eclectic Home Staging of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach 2 Stagings, 1 Week - 10/25/07 04:08 PM
Its kind of exciting to have 2 staging in one week ! We are staging a condo at Marina Del Grande on a 23rd floor. Its completely contemporary staging, based in Black, Red and Taupe colors, very geometric lines.
 Here are some before pics

 Then the second home is a beach beauty with Luscious landscapes, screened pool.  This one will be more seashells, marine decoration, including a lighthouse room

I will post pictures of before and after next week.....HAPPY STAGINGS from www.Eclectichomestaging.com

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