home inspections: This one was not inspected! - 05/23/17 05:38 PM
The other day I did an inspection on a house that was only two years old. I like those... they usually have very little to no issues. And, that was the case here too! I was starting to wonder if I was going to find anything! That is, until I got into the attic areas.
There were two attic areas, one was a small area just above the master bedroom and bathroom, and the other was on the second story. So everything was under the second story roof but the master and bathroom. Well, the upstairs attic areas was fine, looked good, blown … (7 comments)

home inspections: Meetup in Albuquerque! - 01/25/16 12:27 AM
Good Monday morning folks! I want to remind everybody that we are having our meetup here in Albuquerque this coming Wednesday, January 27th @1PM at Black Angus Steakhouse,  2290 Wyoming Blvd. NE! I am looking forward to seeing everybody!
I also would like to say that if you are thinking about joining Active Rain, this would be a great opportunity to meet the people in our area that are active members. I'm sure they would be delighted to share their experiences on the site and how it can benefit you! Come on out and see whats a happenin!
We always enjoy each others company, … (3 comments)

home inspections: Graywater Systems - 01/10/16 11:44 PM
Graywater systems are designed to re-use water that has no waste in it for watering plants, trees, etc. The use of graywater systems can be very beneficial. It can lower fresh water usage, reduce the amount of chemicals and energy at water treatment plants, it's less of a strain on septic tanks, great for plant growth, and can help with the recharge of groundwater.
I had an inspection recently where the homeowner designed his own graywater system. He had the bathroom sink, tub, the kitchen sink, and the washing machine tied to his graywater drain line to the outside of the … (7 comments)

home inspections: Disposal Time! - 11/03/15 12:29 AM
The garbage disposal... our friend. Well, if you have a septic tank not so much. Grinding up food leftovers and greasy foods and washing them down the drain can mess up your bacteria levels and clog up the drain fields. But, that's not what this blog is all about!
It's about the do it yourself-er installing a disposal under the kitchen sink without knowing the do's and don'ts. Physically, it's not a complicated job, but knowing how to properly and safely do it is another.
This one was installed by a not-so-handy man, perhaps he even installed a used one! There is a small hose … (36 comments)

home inspections: Waterbed Woes - 10/26/15 01:18 AM
Waterbeds were really popular back in the 80's... and even earlier! Some people still have them today. They are pretty cool, and with the water warm you will never slide into a cold bed! The older ones were just a bag of water, and if you or your mate moved, you would be wiggling for a few minutes till the waves settled down... but alas! They made baffles and fiberfill to keep the water calmed down. I used to have one, and I loved it, most Orthopedic Doctors and Chiropractors would tell you that's it's not enough support for your back.
I … (11 comments)

home inspections: Notes from the Sellers - 10/19/15 01:55 AM
It doesn't happen all that often, and it is always amusing to me when the seller leaves notes for explanation when they know a Home Inspection is coming! 
I had a good one the other day. The guy had a 3 car garage, but he built shelves along the wall all the way to the garage door. The door would not open because he built the shelves about 6" too close to the door.
There was a garage door opener installed, but you couldn't operate the door because it jammed up to the shelves as it tried to open. Six Inches! The … (7 comments)

home inspections: Re-Inspections - 10/07/15 02:25 AM
Geeze, how many blogs have we posted about shoddy work, contractors or sub contractors not completing work or covering something up with caulk or paint and trying to slide it by the buyer? It is imperative to go back behind workers to insure they have done the things you ask them to do correctly!
Yesterday I did a re-inspection on a house I had previously inspected. There were several issues in my report that my client asked the seller to have repaired. He agreed and hired a handyman to make the repairs. A Handyman! In this case, the fellow wasn't so handy. … (9 comments)

home inspections: HVAC Engineer - 10/06/15 12:58 AM
I done an inspection the other day on a house that the owner/seller attended. I don't mind that, I really don't, as long as they let me do my job and report to my client without interference. IMHO the seller should not be there, it can lead to uncomfortable situations and sometimes the seller feels like they are being ganged up on and get defensive. I get that, that's why they should go get lunch or something while the inspection is happening.
Here, the owner proudly presented me with a ton of documentation for the upgrades they had done to the property. … (10 comments)

home inspections: Things that make you say "WHAT"?? - 10/05/15 01:27 AM
It happens oh so often. I go to a home for an inspection and find things that make me say to myself "What the heck were they thinking?" I mean, how do they come up with this stuff, and at what point do they rationalize in their head that makes them think, "This is a great idea"
The other day I ran across these items, I will call them oddities. The deadbolts were at the bottom of the doors! Not just this one, all of the exterior doors except the front entrance door. Three of them total. The agent said he thinks … (6 comments)

home inspections: Home Depot Run... - 07/12/15 12:48 AM
How many times have we got into a project and realized you had to make a Home Depot Run? Here is your guide...
You are in the middle of some home projects: putting in a new fence, painting the porch, planting some flowers and fixing a broken door lock.  You are hot and sweaty, covered with dirt, lawn clippings and paint.   You have your old work clothes on.   You know the outfit -- shorts with a hole in the crotch, an old T-shirt with a stain from who-knows-what, and an old pair of tennis shoes.
Right in the middle of these tasks … (10 comments)

home inspections: The Inspection is a formality - 07/01/15 01:42 AM
There's a saying that the buyer will make up his mind if he likes the home within 10 minutes of walking through the door... maybe even shorter. I'm not so sure about that but one thing I have run up against in my 11 years as a Home Inspector. LOTS of times when I arrive at the home, I can tell in about a minute if anything I say will make a difference or change their minds about buying the home... it's a done deal before I even begin!
That's fine, but just don't totally ignore what I have to say... you … (41 comments)

home inspections: Wordless Wednesday - 06/10/15 03:18 AM
Laughing at others misfortunes... it could happen to you! We all have had times that we wish we could get a "Do Over"... I'm betting this horse wishes he could turn back the clock a little bit! But remember, it could happen to you Mr. Cow!!
I think this Cow is enjoying this a little too much, and he's getting ready to get a hoof to the head! LOL

home inspections: Are you nitpicking? - 06/02/15 01:12 AM
Inspected a beautiful house the other day in the Sandia Foothills, awesome views 360 degrees! There were really no issues with the house, just small stuff that needed to be cleaned up.
One of those issues was someone used the wrong screws in the electrical panel dead front. What you say? Just a couple of screws? Are you crazy, that is nitpicking!
Actually, it isn't and it can be a deadly mistake to use screws other than the screws that come with the panel, or the correct replacements. See, the correct panel dead front screws are blunt on the tip and are exactly … (7 comments)

home inspections: Tale of 3 vents - 05/04/15 01:45 AM
Vents, vents, vents... every house has them. Plumbing vents, bathroom vents, Kitchen vents, attic vents, dryer vents, gas vents, and they all protrude the exterior of the house in some manner. Most plumbing vents protrude through the roof, as well as some dryer vents. On two story homes that have downstairs bathrooms and kitchen vents, exit through the exterior walls. They can't go up because it would be too long of a run vertically. So they run the ducts through the spaces between the floors and out the side of the exterior wall.
In this particular house, there were three vents … (7 comments)

home inspections: The Road Less Traveled - Wordless Wednesday - 04/21/15 10:58 PM
They say you should take the road less traveled... be adventurous! But what if the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason? What if you head down this road but you can see there is trouble ahead? How will you handle this roadblock? Will you merely be able to step aside, go around it, or is it your nature to turn around and go back to the start...
Wordless Wednesday... where do you go from here?

home inspections: Patches, I'm depending on you Son! - 04/20/15 12:56 AM
Patches... even our old friend Clarence Carter would have to agree that there is a right way and a wrong way to patch a roof. My Inspection in Rio Rancho the other day led me to an Investors finding and purchase of a distressed home. 
The usual things were apparent when I arrived, like overgrown landscaping, weeds everywhere. So when my client, Mr. Investor arrived, the listing agent arrived and let us in. I usually do a quick walk through then start outside. Soon as I stepped in the family room I was greeted with a surprise. The roof has been leaking … (40 comments)

home inspections: Your dog's very own entrance - 03/23/15 01:40 AM
I did an inspection the other day on an existing home built in 1990. It was a nice home in a quiet subdivision in Rio Rancho. The home was vacant, I like to inspect vacant homes because there is usually no "stuff" as I like to call it hiding things.
There were some problems, but I would like to turn attention to this particular one. The picture is a general garage picture, but you can see the problem from afar. The fire rated door between the garage and the interior of the home has been compromised. The owner has installed … (8 comments)

home inspections: Wordless Wednesday... could you live in this house? - 03/18/15 05:47 AM
This is not my picture, I saw it on facebook and thought it was cool. I'm sure a lot of you saw it there. After studying it closely I wondered if I could handle living there! I mean, the view is spectacular, but I'm not sure I would be comfortable in that bottom bedroom hanging over that cliff! It might be a good In-Law suite though :-) Can you imagine waking up in the morning and taking that all in? And washing the windows would be no party!
Then I'm thinking about the Home Inspection... Hmmm, I know just the guy … (16 comments)

home inspections: TBT - Throw Back Thursday, Pool Contractor! - 01/15/15 02:14 AM
Throw Back Thursday... sometimes it makes you smile, sometimes it makes you frown! In this case, the latter is true! Back in 2001 we decided to build a pool. It was the second time I had one built, I went back to the people that built the first one for me because they did such a great job. But their estimate was really high, so I went with a guy that was building one down the street at my friend's house. he was doing a great job, was a likeable guy... so I hired him! Everything started smoothly, they came out, dug … (11 comments)

home inspections: Sandia Peak Tramway - 01/03/15 02:54 AM
There are lots of cool things to do here in Albuquerque. One of my favorites so far is to ride the Tramway to the top of Sandia Peak and have dinner at High Finance, the restaurant at the top of the mountain. The elevation at the top is 10,378 feet! 
The Sandia Peak Tramway was built by a Swiss company called Bell Engineering back in 1966. The Tram type is called a "double reversable jigback aerial tramway" Sound confusing? It actually means that as one tram car is ascending, the other is descending. Each car is capable of carrying up to … (11 comments)

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