home inspections albuquerque: Happy Thanksgiving! - 11/23/17 08:10 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all from Superior Home Inspections!!
May you all enjoy your family and friends today on this beautiful day!!!!!

home inspections albuquerque: We see it all... and then some! - 07/31/16 03:35 AM
We Home Inspectors see a lot of cool and crazy things during our everyday travels. Sometimes it makes you snicker, sometimes you just shake your head, and sometimes you laugh out loud. This one made me laugh out loud (I hope the neighbors didn't hear me). I mean, really? Evidently, roofers and electricians cannot work together... follow the blueprints and never mind if it makes sense or not?
The garage has a flat roof which is pitched slightly to the front of the garage... mistake! Why not slope the roof to the rear, in the back yard where there are no obsticles … (5 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Alien Activity? - 04/23/16 01:24 AM
Well.... sometimes just when you think you've seen it all, something really sweet comes along to make you smile. I mean, a little humor in your day can make it less stressful, and make the day go by in a different frame of mind. Or, sometimes you see stuff and say, "what the..." Last Friday was one of those!
I did an inspection on a home with a flat roof with parapet walls. You can't see the roof surface from below because the parapet walls rise about two feet above the roofing around the whole perimeter of the house. I climbed up … (13 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Happy Easter Everyone!! - 03/27/16 12:56 AM

Happy Easter to all my Active Rain friends and their families!!

home inspections albuquerque: The instant porch cover - 03/21/16 02:16 AM
During a recent inspection here in the beautiful city of Albuquerque New Mexico, I ran across a home that had a handy dandy back porch cover! The rear of the house was facing the south so the rear sliding glass doors were letting in a bunch of direct sunlight I'm sure. So the handy dandy man gets up one morning to find his "Honey Do" list included a back porch cover to shade the family room from all those sun rays!
No problem he thinks... I've got this! First he bought 152 bags of pre-mixed concrete in 60 lb bags and extended the … (18 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Hail will Prevail, or... What the hail is wrong with my roof? - 02/29/16 02:34 AM
We get hail events here all the time. I would venture to say that for every rain storm event, there is a good probability that it will hail. Hail is a form of precipitation that falls from the sky as pellets of ice. The pellets can range in size from small pea-sized pellets, to hailstones as large as grapefruits! In the central US, where many hail storms are reported each year, delicate crops are often ruined. Damages can spread to vehicles left outdoors... and your roof!! Hail is one of the most common forms of environmental damage to roofing materials. Hail damage is so … (11 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Two roofs and a mess - 02/22/16 12:07 AM
I did an inspection last week on a house that has been a rental for some time. I could tell when I was driving up it was going to be a lovely couple hours ahead of me. The place looked run down, as did the others in the surrounding area. 
I noticed that the attic access was on the gable end of the building. That made for an easy climb up into the attic. So when I opened the door and shined my flashlight in there to see what I was getting into, I was surprised to see.... another roof!
Somebody has built … (5 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Another One Off The Books! - 02/15/16 01:45 AM
Probably every Home Inspector here on Active Rain has run across and blogged about Federal Pacific Electrical Panels. Well, I run across them here once in a while and last week was no exception. What is a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel and why are they so bad? 
Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) was one of the most common manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in North America from the 1950s to the 1980s. Millions of their panels were installed in homes across the country. Yet, as the years passed, electricians and home inspectors often found Federal Pacific Electric panels failed to provide proper protection … (8 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Dryer Vents - 02/12/16 02:38 AM
I have seen some really creative ways to run a dryer vent. We all know the dryer vent must discharge outdoors... right? Not into the garage, another room, the attic, it must be outdoors! Why? 
One of the most important functions of a dryer is the elimination of moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. A typical 12-pound load of laundry can weigh as much as 20-pounds when first removed from a washer. The extra 8-pounds is water. Water weighs just over 8 lbs a gallon, so a gallon of water!
That recovered moisture is held as humidity and can also … (51 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: But it does have gutters... - 01/15/16 12:19 AM
I can't tell you how many times I have recommended that gutters be installed on a house. They are so important and is really a part of a system that controls water run off of your roof and away from the structure and foundation of the house.
The house I inspected the other day had a full set of gutters. It was a hip style roof so they were installed all around the whole perimeter of the house... nice! The only seams were at the corners, or just before the corners, so two seams per corner. All the facia boards were … (7 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Merry Christmas to All - 12/22/15 12:44 AM
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends here on Active Rain a very Merry Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!!!
I would especially like to thank all my friends here in Albuquerque for allowing me to be a part of this awesome community and showing me the support and trust to allow me to move my business from a different state to Albuquerque New Mexico! Your support this past year has been overwhelming and helped me and Superior Home Inspections to thrive and be a productive part of our community.

home inspections albuquerque: TPR Valve... Do I need one of those? - 12/02/15 01:01 AM
If you have a water heater in your house... you have a TPR valve. What is a TPR valve? TPR stands for Temperature Pressure Relief. They are installed on every type of water heater, gas or electric. They are even on tank-less systems. Why? The water in your water heater gets really hot! What happens to water when you heat it up that much? It expands! Your water heater holds a lot of energy in it's tank. I know lots of you have heard stories of water heater explosions, but have you ever seen one? Look at this video from Mythbusters, this … (56 comments)

home inspections albuquerque: Roof Overhangs, Are They Important? - 11/18/15 01:17 AM
I did an Inspection the other day in the Los Ranchos, it's an extension of the Albuquerque area. This home was built in 2000 and is part of a nice little subdivision. This subdivision has similar type homes throughout the subdivision. The first thing I noticed about this house was it had little to none roof overhang. In fact, it was an inch and a half overhang... that's not enough!
Every house should have a roof overhang! Many builders do not pay enough attention to the overhangs. Roof overhangs have several important functions. They can protect exterior
doors, windows, and siding from rain. … (12 comments)

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