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  It’s a good day to buy a house!  With the housing market picking up steam, this is good for loan officers.  I chatted with one recently and would like to share some optimistic signs he is seeing today in the lending industry. Today's mortgage industry is busy with home buyers taking advantage o...
    Not enough time to work on all your leads?  This is nearly every Real Estate professionals dream come true… have more leads and you know what to do with.  This is a great problem to have and arguably it’s really not a problem.  It’s a challenge that’s exciting because there’s so much oppo...
  We can all have the ambition to be the best Real Estate Investor in our state or at least to be a better one but how many of us actually do something to realize our aspirations?            It’s a bit like making New Year’s resolutions, we start out with the very best of intentions and then lazi...
      Bidding is second nature to property investors in real estate.   And there is a process well established for bidding for HUD foreclosures.   How about bidding for a house listed with the main street real estate company? Bidding is usually the term used when something goes under the hammer a...
    Many of us have heard of the concept of hiring virtual assistants.  In this fast paced business we call real estate, to be effective you’ve can easily have many things going on and many times they are on multiple fronts.  Whether it’s marketing, research, putting contracts together, talking t...
Is school district important for your rental properties?  That’s a good question.  It seems like by default, if you can get good cash flow in a good school district then it’s a no brainer. But what about those areas where the school district is not so hot?  Should you invest there?  What we have...
It is now well documented that inventories in markets that were rich with investment opportunities just one year ago have been drying up quite a bit. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and institutional backed organizations have been coming in and buying up inventory en masse. As a result, invent...
    Even a well run real estate business with a good reputation and with a foresight to weigh up possible risks can still run into unexpected problems and setbacks. Skilled real estate investors buy houses and resell them so quickly for a return on their investment so that any costs incurred are ...


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