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Whether you are a real estate investor or a realtor you must be noticing a change in property sellers’ attitudes in the last year or so since the housing recovery started to take roots?  Before the housing bubble of 2006 – 2008 there were plenty of property sellers willing to list even though a ...
Real Estate as we all know is a game of numbers.  And along with this line, we do not only try to work the numbers out to get to the win-win situation we also try to multiply if not double our earnings by working hard, getting more leads and get successful with our deals.  And yes, we all have th...
  Depending on your location the percentage of a mortgage down payment for a home can vary from state to state.  20% or 22% is common and these days’ banks are less inclined to agree financing a 100% mortgage loan.  So unless you have a benefactor like a rich aunt to help you out, you’d better pu...
  Real Estate Investing takes a lot of learning before you can finally hit the right timing.  It takes a lot of effort to reap the rewards that you are targeting.  Buying, selling and renting out properties and profiting from it is achievable.   When a buyer signed a contract to buy your home, do...
There are probably hundreds of articles written about how to sell your house.  And some of us figured out the best ways after the house is sold.  And so you tried to reach the buyers when you decided that it is time to sell your house.  So, what are the considerations that we can provide for you...
You decided to take on a mortgage. Here’s an idea: Just picture yourself in ten years time when the kids have finished college and you have just a few years before retirement catches up with you.  Do you and your spouse really want to be rattling around in a great big family house and half an ac...
This guest post is by Kate Flynn   Budget is always a leading factor when designing any space.  In rehabs it becomes especially important as all money out affects the bottom line for profit.  When selecting finishes, fixtures and appliances make sure to understand your market!!  It is crucial to...
    Mortgage insurance or mortgage guarantee is an insurance policy to protect lenders against mortgage payment default.  Mortgage insurance can be in the private or the government sector. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is required by law to maintain at least 2% reserve in its Mutual Mo...


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