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It was recently reported by the Atlanta Board of Realtors that in Atlanta prices rose but sales were down by 5.7 in August year on year.  The average sales price jumped to $148,500.  The explaination, lower sales can be blamed on higer interest rates that increased by about 1 % in a year and als...
In my previous post I discussed the first 2 steps about how to build credibility with Buyers.  I will continue with the remaining steps: Step 3: The Deal Itself Ensure you have the correct street address spelt correctly - one misspelling sends everyone on wild goose chases with their GPS – this ...
  Let's face it, many wholesalers are fantastic at shooting themselves in the foot with Buyers.  Even experienced ones run into more challenging Buyers that while qualified to buy, are hesitant or even downright against buying from a wholesaler.  These are not the easiest of hurdles to discuss.  ...
Real Estate Investors Time Is Gold But Why Are Meetings Important With Your Team? I was just on my way to a meeting earlier with a seller and a buyer while I am having another business meeting with my team online.  Meetings for me are powerful business weapon and I made sure that I hold regular ...
"A Real-Estate Agent had difficulty getting a listing from a customer whose theory was that "there is no substitute for experience." After he asked her a third time how many years she had been in the business, she told him: "Sir, there is a little-known historical fact that Moses brought three t...
  Question:  How do kids learn to walk, write and talk? Answer:  Kids learn to walk, write and talk through discovery. They learn to walk at their own pace. It takes them many hours of practice from the time they pull themselves upright to the time they can finally walk by themselves.  And by act...
There are vast differences in the housing price rates of increase not only from state to state but from county to county within the same state. The Standard and Poor’s / Case Schiller 20 city price index is really just a snapshot based on incomplete data but it shows average year on year price r...
A manager is only as good as the people he employs and empowers with enough trust to do the job in his absence.  This is applicable to real estate as well as other service industries.  To be successful as a real estate business owner, one must be able to market so that sellers not only connect t...


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