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  Buyers losing money fast! I know a couple who were trying to buy a house in Gwinnett County that was overpriced.   I am assuming the seller listed it for that price because if you calculate what Zillow shows they paid for it and you subtract the six years they've owned it, the home is still ove...
In connection with my latest blog on housewarming smart tips to new homeowners, I am compelled and actually inspired to write further.  This time, I want to focus on the housewarming menu to be prepared for new homeowners. Food. Isn't that the most exciting topic to write about next to real estat...
  "Yes!"  You heard your husband sigh in relief after checking the entire house. Finally, you're settled in your new house.  What an accomplishment!  Now as new homeowners, you wanted to meet your new neighbors, and to show off your new house to your family and friends.  You also want to extend y...
  Managing tenant will have problems no matter how good you are.  Most tenants can be reasonable but you will still encounter some who are not in the long run. And although landlords and investors knows exactly how to handle unexpected situations however we can't really predict the outcome when i...
  Landlocked in Atlanta Georgia?   Landlocked is a term that is sometimes  erroneously applied in real estate referring to a seller wanting to move on but just can't sell their existing home in order to raise money needed to put towards another home.  The new home could be one that's a step up th...
  Visit us, like us, and we will return the favor.   Have you got a minute to spare?  If the answer is yes, thank you so much. We urge everyone to kindly visit our website, check out the f button for Facebook and do like us.    What's in it for you? Well, send us an e-mail ...
    "Who is the lucky owner?" "Wow, your house is just perfect!" "This is such a paradise, you are very lucky, indeed!" "Can we schedule our next party in your house?" "This is just a perfect location and the neighborhood is awesome!"   Praises and admiration of your dream house is just endless. ...
I was just discussing in my previous blog on how to use photography to sell your house.  Taking pictures of your house on your own can be fun and at the same time a learning experience.  And you never know you might end up realizing that you actually have a talent in photography that was just wa...


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