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Did it ever cross your mind that it is time to get rid of your home phone? Or do you think that home phone still provides a great advantage for the majority of homeowners? The latest data shows that the majority of Americans is still using home phones, however, it is gradually disappearing. The ...
      Have you considered decorating your Atlanta home, lately?  Have you thought of some changes in colors to make your house more fashionable?   Well, if you are reading this you’ve probably considered the thought of decorating your Atlanta home.   I am not actually into fashion, but that doesn...
I have to giggle a little, sometimes.  We all are likely aware that there’s a number of large hedge funds and private equity firms buying property to get better yields for their investors on Wall Street or pool of backers.  And while this is all fine and good, one practice I am seeing more if is...
When we are in the business of renting out houses we want to be sure that the house is attractive enough to merit the approval of choice and to stand out among other houses for rent in the market.  One thing to consider is whether it’s worth furnishing a house or not. As we are aware, furnishing...
Have you been in a situation where you enter into an unknown territory, and found that people have spoken a different language that you are not familiar with?  Or have you tried entering in a restaurant because you suddenly found yourself craving for a certain dish, wanting to order it but could...
We are Atlanta Real Estate Investors that enjoy life to the fullest!  We are actively buying and selling properties over the Atlanta area whether REO, Short Sales or from private Sellers.  And guess what?  Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaling Meetup Group is turning (1) one year, soon!  And before I s...
  To grab our attention there are many gimmicks in advertising that people use to sell houses.  FSBO and agents alike have been known to entice buyers by throwing in paintings or a free boat or a car on completion of a sale.  How many of you guys have clicked onto a sexy Facebook photo only to f...
As we all know now, the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in a convincing fashion. However, I am not one to believe that the Seahawks are 34 points better than the Broncos. Had the Broncos brought their ‘A’ game and been ready to play, perhaps they would have won or perhaps the score would just h...


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