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Just keep the deal afloat!  That was what went through my mind during the last couple of weeks leading up to this closing.  Don't rock the boat, keep it balanced when others start to make it tip and patch any holes that sprang up along the way! What do you do when you are the listing agent and t...
Everybody’s starting to enjoy springtime in Atlanta, Georgia.  And I have to admit it’s one of the nicest feelings that you can get after the cold weather.   People are buzzing around, visiting parks, enjoying walks with their family, friends and pets.  There are several activities that you can ...
Have you heard yourself or someone complaining lately as to why it’s Monday again?  Probably not.  And only because you are possibly running your own real estate business now however, years ago before you bid goodbye to the corporate world, you must have heard this “Oh, It’s Monday again” and th...
  Visit us, like us, and we will return the favor. Have you got a minute to spare?  If the answer is yes, thank you so much. We urge everyone to kindly visit this site everyday if possible, check out the f button for Facebook and do like us. What's in it for you? Well, send ...
  Has anyone of you attended the Anthony Robbins’ Business Mastery Event in Florida? I did, and I am so glad I did it. Tony Robbins is one of the highly motivational speakers that I have ever come across in this lifetime.  At the moment, I definitely feel like I am on a new level. So, what standa...
  “The drainage is clogged, help!” “What’s wrong with this faucet, it’s dripping?” “Ewww, there's a bad smell in the toilet?” These are just few complaints that we hear others are complaining.  Having transferred into a new house, I am just lucky enough not to experience these complaints.  But gu...
Houses nowadays have become increasingly the site of interest with all these new technologies and gadgets that we tend to install depending on what’s the latest in store.  We actually become more dependent to technology since this helps creates a much faster way of doing things in life.  And eve...


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