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  Whether we decide to stay in our homes longer or not, we are always on the lookout of the latest trend in home remodeling.   Do read this if you are one of those homeowners who choose to stay in your current home and would like to update into a brighter, fresher perspective and revive the look ...
There are several things in life that keep us motivated.   Motivation is an important factor to keep us going and be more focused in our day to day living.   Motivation will drive us towards our greater purpose and I thought sharing some of my favorite motivational quotes can give us some sort o...
  My First Deal   Oh, the first deal you do in Real Estate!  Everybody remembers.  It’s always is a story right?  Oh yes, it usually is a story.  Sometimes, people get homeruns and it all works out wonderfully and you’re amazed but for most people it’s a bit of an adventure!   In our case, our fi...
How effective is time blocking?    In real estate business, time is of the essence.  We all have a lot of things going on that sometimes we get overwhelmed.  And it is natural.  However, there are actually several techniques that we can make use of to minimize stress and will help us stay focuse...
Everyday, we are driven with goals that we set out to achieve. And I think almost everyone who is striving to be successful in real estate business that we personally know is busy. Calendar schedule are full with appointments. When the day job is done, we have other personal stuff to attend to as...
  What's So Important About Asking Questions With Your Atlanta Real Estate Agent? Are you uncomfortable because you do not know the answer?   Are you unsure of what’s the next step, what’s the next process, what is it that you really need to do?  Do you have any doubt at all? The answer is simple...


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