atlanta buyers: Be A Good Neighbor - 07/11/14 01:44 AM

During my younger years, I have this dream of moving from one place to another.  I always love the idea of living in a new house and meeting new friends.  This dream has changed though when I got older and have my own family.  I guess this attitude has something to do with maturity and part of our idea of seeking stability.  After several moves from one house to another in the past, from country to country, the notion of transferring from one house to another stresses me.  It is like a temporary interruption of most things that I … (1 comments)

atlanta buyers: Be Prepared To Prepare Your Atlanta Home If You're Serious About Selling It - 06/23/14 03:11 AM

A serious Atlanta Real Estate Seller is one that is motivated to sell, perhaps the seller downsizing or been offered a promotion in another city.
If you are a motivated seller, then don’t expect your house to attract buyers if you don’t take the trouble to present it well enough.
Take a walk down your street and look objectively at the garden.
What do you see?
If you see an untamed jungle surrounded by a busted fence leaning over instead of a well-manicured lawn and neatly pruned trees then you need to sort this out pronto. Then, check out … (1 comments)

atlanta buyers: Sending Out Text Messages While Driving To Confirm Appointments - 04/11/14 12:30 AM
Everyday, we are driven with goals that we set out to achieve. And I think almost everyone who is striving to be successful in real estate business that we personally know is busy. Calendar schedule are full with appointments. When the day job is done, we have other personal stuff to attend to as well as social media and emails. The following day, we are swamped with paperwork, calls to be returned, meeting with real estate buyers, real estate sellers and other real estate investors. The next thing we know, we are already on the road trying to catch our breath, … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: Why Furniture Matters - 02/20/14 03:05 AM

When we are in the business of renting out houses we want to be sure that the house is attractive enough to merit the approval of choice and to stand out among other houses for rent in the market.  One thing to consider is whether it’s worth furnishing a house or not. As we are aware, furnishing a house can be costly, so let us look at the advantages and disadvantages involved in furnishing a house for rent.
For most tenants, a furnished property is very attractive as it will save them money since they do not need to buy the … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: Gears - 01/27/14 03:37 AM

I was riding my bike recently on a nice warm day in Atlanta. I thought to myself while I was going up a hill ‘isn't it amazing how the mind can know when to shift gears based on the amount of effort involved as you go up?’ My roadbike has 20 gears to pick from so I have lots of choices. I can make going up this hill as difficult as I can and stand up and try to be Mr. Power Pedaler. Or I could put it down into "granny gear" and while that would probably be the least … (5 comments)

atlanta buyers: What's Love Got To Do With Real Estate Business - 01/20/14 07:44 AM
What's love got to with Real Estate business?
Who wants to answer first?  I bet all AR members would like to raise hands and answer at the same time with ---plenty!  And yes, because we all are aware of how much passion we are pouring into our Real Estate business to make it work.
In my mind, Real Estate is more like a love affair.  You really have to have a 100% interest, love and commitment.  Love and commitment are two very essential components in a successful Real Estate business. According to Kenneth H. Blanchard, "There's a difference … (3 comments)

atlanta buyers: Home Loan: What's In Store For Us In 2014 - 12/09/13 10:12 AM

From January 10th 2014 some additional regulations are going to affect home loans.  This was first brought about after the housing bubble burst and some Wall Street reform under the guise of a Consumer Protection Act was drawn up in 2010 and is known as " Dodd-Frank".  The major points also known as the "Volcar Rule".  So for about 40% is already implemented but some more rules and regulations are coming early in the New Year:
Monitor "Risk" of lending Banks must refrain from speculative trading No bank hedge fund inverting or investments with outside organizations speculatively … (2 comments)

atlanta buyers: December Fever In Real Estate That Shouldn't Be Taken For Granted - 12/06/13 09:21 AM

December fever in Real Estate that shouldn't be taken for granted.
Most Real Estate Investors must have known by now that holidays are the best time to buy a house, especially during the month of December.
If you are determined to get a deal, check out Real Estate Sellers on December.  You might be more than surprise with what you'll find out.  December Real Estate Sellers are determined Sellers. December isn't  the right time to sell knowing that most people are busy preparing for the holiday. But then, those who choose to sell at this time of year must really … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: Buyers Losing Money Fast - 11/14/13 07:31 PM
Buyers losing money fast!
I know a couple who were trying to buy a house in Gwinnett County that was overpriced.  
I am assuming the seller listed it for that price because if you calculate what Zillow shows they paid for it and you subtract the six years they've owned it, the home is still overpriced. However the buyer's agent made a big mistake.  She did not look into the value of the home before making a full price offer.  The seller agreed to the offer.  The buyer proceeds to spend $300 on an inspection then another $400 on … (17 comments)

atlanta buyers: Housewarming Food Ideas That Will Definitely Impress Your Guests - 11/06/13 10:26 PM
In connection with my latest blog on housewarming smart tips to new homeowners, I am compelled and actually inspired to write further.  This time, I want to focus on the housewarming menu to be prepared for new homeowners. Food. Isn't that the most exciting topic to write about next to real estate investing?  You have to agree with me because I have come up with some of the easiest and delicious party food that I am sure you'll be interested about.
But before that, it is important to note that when choosing food you have to make sure that first, you … (2 comments)

atlanta buyers: Indulge In A Premarital Mortgage But Don’t Get Caught Without A Curtain - 10/21/13 11:20 PM
Indulge in a premarital mortgage but don't get caught without a curtain.  Oh, no! I am not being naughty here.  This has something to do with buying your first home. So don't raise your eyebrows just yet, read on...
I am probably behind the news but nevertheless let me share what Coldwell Banker Real Estate found out after a survey done last March 8-12 which was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Coldwell Banker. According to the data gathered "about one in four married couples between the ages 18 to 34 purchased their … (4 comments)

atlanta buyers: Building A Realistic Buyers List Is A Lifeline In Real Estate - 10/16/13 03:41 PM

Building a realistic buyers list is a lifeline in Real Estate Investing.  This is very true. All investors will need that list whether you plan to rehab or wholesale. These buyers list are the investors or buyers to whom you'll sell these properties. Before you'll even think of running an ad for your new acquired properties make sure that you have a handy buyers list.  This Buyers List will be your means of resources because they have the money or credit to purchase the property.  However as an investor you should know exactly the criteria that these buyers are looking … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: Are You Buying A Bargain Or A House Of Horror? - 10/13/13 06:21 PM

Are you buying a bargain or a house of horror?
As Halloween is approaching, news of "vampire foreclosures" is lurking in the US market and is said to be a big threat in the U.S. housing recovery.
RealtyTrac recently reported "vampire foreclosures" about a growing number of homes around the U.S. that habe been seized by a bank, but are still lived in by the original owners.  According to the housing data provider - RealtyTrac, an estimated 47% of bank owned homes across the country are still occupied by the original owner and and this goes up to 65% in … (3 comments)

atlanta buyers: House Prices Rose In Atlanta In August 2013 But Sales Were Down? - 09/28/13 12:41 AM

It was recently reported by the Atlanta Board of Realtors that in Atlanta prices rose but sales were down by 5.7 in August year on year.  The average sales price jumped to $148,500.  The explaination, lower sales can be blamed on higer interest rates that increased by about 1 % in a year and also fewer buyers can qualify for a loan due to salaries not keeping up with living costs and some additional legislation that puts the lender in a position of applying more scrutiny so that less would be borrowers qualified.  However, there is some contradiction in this … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: How To Build Credibility With Buyers Continues… - 09/25/13 09:25 AM

In my previous post I discussed the first 2 steps about how to build credibility with Buyers.  I will continue with the remaining steps:
Step 3: The Deal Itself
Ensure you have the correct street address spelt correctly - one misspelling sends everyone on wild goose chases with their GPS – this is not good. Repairs: Have an estimate and list of repairs that makes sense.  Most Buyers will dispute the real repair cost even if you have a contractor estimate.  Why?  It’s because they see the property different from you.  This is ok.  As long as your estimate makes … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: How To Build Credibility With Buyers - 09/23/13 06:38 AM
Let's face it, many wholesalers are fantastic at shooting themselves in the foot with Buyers.  Even experienced ones run into more challenging Buyers that while qualified to buy, are hesitant or even downright against buying from a wholesaler.  These are not the easiest of hurdles to discuss.  And even if they are willing to buy, how do you structure things to ensure you actually can close and not end up on the short side of the stick?
So let us look at the steps on how do you build credibility with Buyers:
Step I: Confidence
Be knowledgeable – you do … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: Real Estate Steps To Freedom - 09/16/13 06:00 AM
Question:  How do kids learn to walk, write and talk?
Answer:  Kids learn to walk, write and talk through discovery. They learn to walk at their own pace. It takes them many hours of practice from the time they pull themselves upright to the time they can finally walk by themselves.  And by actively venturing their own strategies like mimicking others and listening attentively, determined kids will grow faster in experience and sophistication.
The same thing applies to real estate investing and like a kid I had to learn how to go about it with so much effort and not just … (1 comments)

atlanta buyers: The Economic Barometer Shows Housing Outlook From Fair To Bright - 09/11/13 03:14 AM

There are vast differences in the housing price rates of increase not only from state to state but from county to county within the same state. The Standard and Poor’s / Case Schiller 20 city price index is really just a snapshot based on incomplete data but it shows average year on year price rises of 12.2% to May 2013. The lowest price rises within the 12.2% average were as follows:

When we place the highest and lowest gains side by side, the average increase becomes less meaningful and it could even suggest that buyers are looking for sunshine … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: How To Be The Best CEO In Real Estate And Still Be A Terrific Manager - 09/04/13 10:19 AM

A manager is only as good as the people he employs and empowers with enough trust to do the job in his absence.  This is applicable to real estate as well as other service industries.  To be successful as a real estate business owner, one must be able to market so that sellers not only connect to a network of people who are potential buyers by listing on the MLS but also do other out of the box things to reach out to buyers.  This could include having a radio campaign resulting in people calling up saying I want to … (0 comments)

atlanta buyers: How To Kill A Deal 101 - 07/05/13 01:58 AM

How to kill a deal 101?  I think I can sum this up in three words - Lack of Communication. 
We all know that communication is important.  However, isn’t it ironic that in a world of smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, internet cafes, wi-fi in every Starbucks or Target or wherever you go, that we still seem to not be able to find each other in a timely manner when we need to?  It always amazes me how that is always the case.  
Reality is that life keeps us pretty busy here in the states.  Sometimes this is not … (1 comments)

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