atlanta real estate buyer: To Demolish An Old House Or To Build A New House -That Is The Question - 07/16/14 11:59 PM

Have you been in a situation where you are torn between a pile of rocks and a hard place? Like demolishing an old house or deciding to build a new one?   You see some people consider so many things first before coming up with a decision and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Others consider the sentimental value attached to it especially if this particular house was bequeathed by our loved ones.   If you’re buying it for yourself and you wanna make it the house of your dream it might be better to start with a clean sheet because you … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Buying A New House In Atlanta Checklist - 06/03/14 12:44 AM
Ever thought of a checklist before buying a new house in Atlanta?  
Each Atlanta Home Buyer should prepare a realistic checklist before purchasing a new house in Atlanta. We have to understand that some Home Buyers land into trouble when making emotional decisions in purchasing a new house in Atlanta.  To avoid this, a handy checklist is necessary right from the start.  This will save you time, money and effort. 
So let’s start to tick off the ones that you must have.  But wait before that, ask a realistic question.  How much can you honestly afford … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Just Keep The Deal Afloat - 03/27/14 11:45 PM

Just keep the deal afloat!  That was what went through my mind during the last couple of weeks leading up to this closing.  Don't rock the boat, keep it balanced when others start to make it tip and patch any holes that sprang up along the way!
What do you do when you are the listing agent and the buyer's lender and the buyer's agent aren't getting along?  When the buyer is starting to get frustrated with her agent, the numbers are extremely tight and you are up against a very hard closing deadline?  You do whatever it takes. Don't … (4 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: The Power Of Knowing The Real Estate Lingo - 02/17/14 04:45 PM

Have you been in a situation where you enter into an unknown territory, and found that people have spoken a different language that you are not familiar with?  Or have you tried entering in a restaurant because you suddenly found yourself craving for a certain dish, wanting to order it but couldn’t do so because for some reason you cannot pronounce the name of the dish properly?
If your answers to my questions are yes then you are in danger of alienating yourself from what you really want.  So what you gotta do?  Simple, learn the lingo.
We have to … (8 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: How To Handle Customers To Become Your Clients For Life - 01/13/14 11:47 PM

This is cool.  Please read below.  This is from a manager at Microsoft after they resolved an issue I had recently.  It was a part of his follow up after the issue is resolved.  Notice they are following up after the problem is solved.  As we continuously strive to become efficiently effective in what we do we want to learn from every experience that we had in our everyday undertakings.  From this experience alone we can apply this on how we can interact better within the team as well as with people outside such as bloggers, contractors, real estate … (3 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Plan Your Real Estate Nest Egg Investments And Assess Risks - 06/12/13 08:34 PM
Real Estate Investing takes a lot of learning before you can finally hit the right timing.  It takes a lot of effort to reap the rewards that you are targeting.  Buying, selling and renting out properties and profiting from it is achievable.  
When a buyer signed a contract to buy your home, do you think it’s time to go to cloud 9 and celebrate?  No. So many things can still happen.  You will encounter challenges like financing problems in the process, jittery buyers, and imbalance of power between a buyer and a seller and so on and so forth. … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Justify Each Item Included In Your Rehab Project - 06/05/13 03:55 AM

This guest post is by Kate Flynn
Budget is always a leading factor when designing any space.  In rehabs it becomes especially important as all money out affects the bottom line for profit.  When selecting finishes, fixtures and appliances make sure to understand your market!!  It is crucial to know what you are competing against to maximize your purchases.  This means pull those comps and visit some homes!  Look at what a real estate buyer will be impressed with and also what unnecessary selections were made in a home. Just because you can allocate funds for top of the … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Smart Tips To Refurbish Your Bathroom - 05/27/13 11:21 AM

Having a smart and fresh bathroom enhances the quality of your life and you should not put up with tired fixtures and fittings or stains on the sink, toilet or bath.  Tiles should be secure and have clean grout in-between.   We all start our day in the bathroom so we want this to be a pleasant experience to get our day going on the right note.
Depending on your budget and skills, you may opt for DIY or engage the services of a bathroom fitter and if you go for the latter option be sure to ask for … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Shhh... You Know Who’s The Seller? - 05/22/13 01:48 AM

If you are a serious qualified buyer and you can’t find a seller or what you’re looking for posted on the internet, or in the local real estate agents window then you need to ask around about any “pocket listing” in your preferred neighborhood.
“Pocket Listings” are not included on the multiple listing services, where realtors can tap into other agent’s buyers and these properties are not openly advertised.  Instead it is marketed directly by the agent or broker – “it is in that person’s pocket”.  The seller keeps control about who knows the home is for sale, who may … (2 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: Are you sure you want to sell the house? - 03/29/13 01:05 AM
Are you sure you want to sell the house?  That is what I thought recently on a counter I received for 40000 over list price recently.  That’s 40 thousand, not four thousand so there is no typo.  The story goes that we made an offer not far below what sales in the area were going for that needed a very large amount of work (approx. 120000).  This property was listed at 110000 and has been sitting vacant for two years.  So…we walked the property and while it needed work, we found out that the back third of the house is literally falling down.  Literally meaning there … (3 comments)

atlanta real estate buyer: The Most Critical Number in Real Estate is… - 02/14/13 10:09 AM

The Most Critical Number in Real Estate is…
Although profit is the most important thing to most businesses including Real Estate, but we need to determine what’s the most important single  number or measurement  that leads to making a profit or even more profit.
In real estate, numbers and statistics are vitally important not only to measure business KPI’s (key performance indicator) but also to convince clients, Buyers/Sellers about facts in order to lead them to make sensible decisions.
For example, when a Seller has an over inflated idea about the value of his/her property then comps … (0 comments)

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