atlanta real estate investor: Buying A New House In Atlanta Checklist - 06/03/14 12:44 AM
Ever thought of a checklist before buying a new house in Atlanta?  
Each Atlanta Home Buyer should prepare a realistic checklist before purchasing a new house in Atlanta. We have to understand that some Home Buyers land into trouble when making emotional decisions in purchasing a new house in Atlanta.  To avoid this, a handy checklist is necessary right from the start.  This will save you time, money and effort. 
So let’s start to tick off the ones that you must have.  But wait before that, ask a realistic question.  How much can you honestly afford … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: My First Deal - 04/23/14 10:31 AM
My First Deal
Oh, the first deal you do in Real Estate!  Everybody remembers.  It’s always is a story right?  Oh yes, it usually is a story.  Sometimes, people get homeruns and it all works out wonderfully and you’re amazed but for most people it’s a bit of an adventure!
In our case, our fist deal was I bought a rental property.  And when I went to buy this property, I had the privilege of getting the hard money then.  While this was not a big deal there were some new waters and territory to walk through as … (4 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: Home Phone - Useful Or Not Anymore? - 02/27/14 03:38 AM

Did it ever cross your mind that it is time to get rid of your home phone? Or do you think that home phone still provides a great advantage for the majority of homeowners?
The latest data shows that the majority of Americans is still using home phones, however, it is gradually disappearing. The Wall Street Journal reported that according to the Census Bureau, “71 % of households have landlines in 2011, down from a little more than 96% 15 years ago. Cellphone ownership reached 89%, up from about 36% in 1998, the first year the survey asked about the devices.” The … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: How To Handle Customers To Become Your Clients For Life - 01/13/14 11:47 PM

This is cool.  Please read below.  This is from a manager at Microsoft after they resolved an issue I had recently.  It was a part of his follow up after the issue is resolved.  Notice they are following up after the problem is solved.  As we continuously strive to become efficiently effective in what we do we want to learn from every experience that we had in our everyday undertakings.  From this experience alone we can apply this on how we can interact better within the team as well as with people outside such as bloggers, contractors, real estate … (3 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: The Importance Of Social Media In Your Business - 12/04/13 07:31 AM
Like it or not social media is here and you can either embrace it or ignore it.  But before you make a decision think about a few things that have changed in marketing it seems within just a few short years. 
Consumers have the ability to research a business or a business category and get instant access to a company's history including reviews and recommendations.  They have the ability to ask others for recommendations and opinions in a matter of moments.  Sites like the Better Business Bureau,, and even Facebook have made the need for the big … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: Buyers Losing Money Fast - 11/14/13 07:31 PM
Buyers losing money fast!
I know a couple who were trying to buy a house in Gwinnett County that was overpriced.  
I am assuming the seller listed it for that price because if you calculate what Zillow shows they paid for it and you subtract the six years they've owned it, the home is still overpriced. However the buyer's agent made a big mistake.  She did not look into the value of the home before making a full price offer.  The seller agreed to the offer.  The buyer proceeds to spend $300 on an inspection then another $400 on … (17 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: Landlocked In Atlanta Georgia - 11/04/13 11:48 AM

Landlocked in Atlanta Georgia?
Landlocked is a term that is sometimes  erroneously applied in real estate referring to a seller wanting to move on but just can't sell their existing home in order to raise money needed to put towards another home. 
The new home could be one that's a step up the property ladder or a step down for folks needing to downsize.
To be pedantic, "landlocked" definition: "Entirely or almost entirely surrounded by land or property or land confined to an inland waters."
Another correct application of the term "landlocked" applies to the following actual example.

atlanta real estate investor: Good Habits Make A Successful Real Estate Investor - 10/01/13 08:15 AM

As real estate investors you are probably asked several times as to what exactly are the habits and ways of successful real estate investors.  Success as we all know doesn't come overnight.  It takes a lot of efforts, a lot of hard work and spending your most valuable time to work your way towards becoming successful.
So what exactly do you do to become successful?  Most importantly what sort of habits are we going to develop to cross the boundaries between the mediocre and the real winner?  If you want to see yourself in the league of winners do read … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: My Seven Pillars To A Successful House Renovation - 07/22/13 03:08 PM
Here follows are my seven pillars to successfully renovate and create a dream house of character and quality.  You can’t beat a renovated house if you are planning to live there afterwards or if you are a canny investor looking to add value to your portfolio.  You have probably thoughtfully chosen it with all due consideration. The DIY project can be very challenging if you’re up to it, which is likely the reason why you bought it in the first place and the saying no pain no gain springs into my mind just thinking about this.  Come to think of … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: High Productivity Is A Real Estate Recipe For Success - 07/15/13 01:03 PM

Every real estate investor like me has the will to put so much time in order to be more productive in our everyday tasks. But how serious are we in our efforts? How well verse are we in targeting our goal? Time management is a vital part in all our undertakings. Nothing can be achieved in a timely manner if we don’t know exactly how to manage our time to be more productive.
Let us look at some of the proven productivity boosters that can cause success:
Exercise – start the day right by making exercise as one of … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: List Is A Four Letter Word Property Sellers Don’t Want to Use Anymore? - 06/22/13 10:06 AM

Whether you are a real estate investor or a realtor you must be noticing a change in property sellers’ attitudes in the last year or so since the housing recovery started to take roots? 
Before the housing bubble of 2006 – 2008 there were plenty of property sellers willing to list even though a staggering 57% of property sellers did not manage to get their places sold at an acceptable price within the standard six months listing.  Many of these sellers soon tried again often with a different agent and still did not manage to get their places sold.  Problem … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate investor: Plan Your Real Estate Nest Egg Investments And Assess Risks - 06/12/13 08:34 PM
Real Estate Investing takes a lot of learning before you can finally hit the right timing.  It takes a lot of effort to reap the rewards that you are targeting.  Buying, selling and renting out properties and profiting from it is achievable.  
When a buyer signed a contract to buy your home, do you think it’s time to go to cloud 9 and celebrate?  No. So many things can still happen.  You will encounter challenges like financing problems in the process, jittery buyers, and imbalance of power between a buyer and a seller and so on and so forth. … (0 comments)

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