dan dowling: Like a chubby chick at a highschool dance... - 09/27/07 02:59 AM
Just so nobody is offended, I was a rolly polly little kid. Don't miss this message. It will change how you convince clients that you are the only one they should work with.
In case you missed it, go read this post. It will open your eyes about why clients don't buy.
I wish you every possible success,

dan dowling: How to get buyers to act now! - 09/25/07 12:50 AM
I just had a client who was buying a "builder blowout". The builder was offering a 2800 sq ft. concrete block home with barrel tile roof in a gated community for ....ready?...$230k!
They were trying to close their books on '07.
Now that the sale is over the new price for the same model is....$311k! My client just made $81k in equity in a month. In a down market.
Lesson. Use this story to get your buyers off the fence. There are deals out there and the decisive will be well rewarded. Get your clients approved early so they can 1. … (5 comments)

dan dowling: Fed Funds Cut and what it means for your buyers and sellers.... - 09/18/07 09:29 AM
Everybody is curious. What does this mean for me? Answer: don't bet the ranch on the cut.
While the Fed funds rate cut will impact the prime rate (read Helocs) it sure won't, in and of itself affect first mortgage rates. In fact if it causes the stock market to rally, it could have a negative effect. This happens when money flows away from mortgage bonds and into the stock market.
In fact from July of 04 to June of 07 the Fed raised rates 17 times at .25% per. First mortgage rates actually fell during the exact same time. Just … (0 comments)

dan dowling: Don't say "Creative Loans" don't exist: 90% investor stated! - 08/31/07 05:29 AM
Just to keep the media blitz from totally "blacking you out". There are programs at great rates for good credit borrowers.
Check this out. A borrower with a 720 score can still do 90% investor stated! At a fixed rate in the 7.xx% range!
Now, here's what you do. Let your investors know these programs could allow them to capitalize on the largest investment opportunity in 20 plus years!
There's opportunity in every market. Now take advantage of it.
Go sell something!

dan dowling: The Experts Are Wrong About Subprime! - 08/31/07 02:05 AM
I hear all sorts of 'experts' crying that subprime is dead and it will never come back.
It will come back. In fact there was an "implosion" like this in 1998. All sorts of subprime lenders went out of business and within 2 years it was all back! In fact it came back stronger. With more programs at better rates.
As soon as home values start to rise, subprime works. It creates equity, which creates more loan options, which makes it easier for these folks to refinance and get into better loan programs. Period.
So don't go crying the world is coming to an end. … (2 comments)

dan dowling: How To Explain The Fed and Rates - Part II - 08/31/07 01:34 AM
Last time we talked about the Fed Discount Rate in Part I
Fed Discount Rate: This is the rate at which the Fed lends money to member banks for overnight loans. Yep you heard right "overnight" as in you got 24 hours to pay it back. This money is available so banks can keep the right amount of "reserves" in the bank. The Fed "dials in the Fed Discount Rate.. It directly controls it at will. Incidentally this rate is usually about 1% higher than the "Fed Funds Rate" which we'll talk about next.
Now let's continue with the next all important Fed … (0 comments)

dan dowling: How To Explain The Fed and Rates - Part I - 08/31/07 01:31 AM
"Hey, I See The Federal Reserve Is Lowering Rates! What Does That Mean For Me?"
Great question. First some definitions. Some interest rates the Federal Reserve controls, some it influences, and some it has virtually no control over.
For starters, understand that the Fed has no control over your standard 1st mortgage rates. None, nada, zilch. I'll prove it in a minute, but for now just accept that at face value.
Let's look at three popular interest rates you hear every time the Fed's name comes up.
Fed Discount Rate: This is the rate at which the Fed lends money to member banks for … (0 comments)

dan dowling: Another secret marketing weapon (even some seasoned pros ignore) - 08/30/07 01:28 AM
     There is no single marketing strategy which will beat marketing to your sphere. It blows traditional advertising away on every level. The costs are lower, the response higher, and the conversion/pull through is through the roof. I'm amazed at the professionals who spends a king's ransom on "external" advertising while they forget the very folks who already know and love them.
Question: What is the best thing you've ever sent to or done for your clients and your sphere?
For me it's a mixture of cards, books, letters, emails, cds, events. The point is to have fun and make it mesh with … (7 comments)

dan dowling: How To Get Quoted By News Media - 08/29/07 12:51 AM
Believe it or not your clients want to see your name in print. So how do you get the media to recognize you as an expert?
Just to build background, I was interviewed twice by the Orlando Sentinel and twice by BankRate.com last week alone. My financial comments could be seen in CNNmoney.com, USA Today.com, BankRate.com, Yahoo Finance, AOL Money and Finance, The Orlando Sentinel, and even the Boston Globe.
So how can you do it?
First off, become an expert in some area of your business. Learn information that others in your profession don't know. I mean really study, read and learn. In my case, I'm … (2 comments)

dan dowling: You couldn't pay me to work with a loan officer at a bank right now. - 08/25/07 04:08 AM
Does this sound like I'm pro mortgage broker? 
There's a reason mortgage brokers account for 65% of all loans funded in this country. The current mortgage crisis makes them even more valuable. (as if saving people thousands by shopping the loan amongst several banks weren't enough...)
Here's why.
If you send your loan to a bank and that bank shuts down or yanks the program,  you and your buyer are left holding the bag. Possbily losing escrow money, or the property altogether.
If you send a loan to a mortgage broker  and one of his lenders goes out of business, he/she simply sends the package … (12 comments)

dan dowling: Homeowners In Debt Trouble! Here's the answer! - 07/16/07 12:11 AM
Homeowners In Debt Trouble! "How To Get Out Of Maximum Debt In Minimum Time" - even get cash.
    SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL - For Florida homeowners who want to get out of debt fast without further damaging their credit with bankruptcy, credit negotiation, or consumer credit counseling, this will be the most important report they read all year.
It's Not Your Fault!
    My name is Dan Dowling, and I admit it: I hate lenders, credit cards, insurance companies, and the credit bureaus.  I've exposed their dirty tricks and how to defend against them as you slash your bills in 19 days (including … (0 comments)

dan dowling: Big Banking Laws Take Serious Advantage Of Consumers - 06/21/07 02:42 AM
Check 21. It's all you hear about in financial circles. As of October 28th, 2004 new laws went into effect that have changed the way you write checks and worse. They will further limit your rights and grant more to those wonderful institutions that hold our dough: Yep the underprivileged banks.
Here's the scoop. In the old days you could write a check on Sunday (even though you might not have quite enough in the bank)  - give it to the clerk knowing you could still deposit your check on Monday to cover the amount. It was always technically illegal - known as … (3 comments)

dan dowling: Credit Card Traps They Don't Want You To Know About! - 06/15/07 02:30 PM
Credit Card Traps!  "The ticking time bomb to your finances"
Trap #1 "The Due Date Clause"    Ever notice, on your credit cards, that your payment due date changes every single month? It is to confuse you so you make the payment late so they can slap you with penalties!!!  
Trap #2 "The Failure To Comply Clause"    Just for being one day late. Did you know your credit card lenders can  jack up your interest rates as high as 29% overnight?   Just because they can.     Or... if they decide you are not as 'credit worthy' -- even for borrowing against other cards more than … (6 comments)

dan dowling: Getting free and profitable publicity - 05/31/07 11:42 AM
 One of the best things you can ever do to promote yourself as the expert is to get written about in national publications. Just today I had an article published where I was asked for my analysis of the markets. I'm not posting this to astound anyone, quite frankly, I'm astounded.
None the less, the article will be posted in as many as 300 national publications. It's a great thing to show clients and referral partners that the national news media recognizes you as an expert.
Special thanks to Jim Sahnger and Holden Lewis.
Anyways if you want to read the article that bankrate.com … (1 comments)


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