credit boost: 2017 Time to renew your credit and your life - 01/22/17 03:11 AM
The new year has started, new things are happening, the government  is going through a change.
It's time to take a look at your credit and your financial portfolio.  
America is facing some huge challenges, Obama did not help with some of the things he did, with the credit card reduction act, and other bad decisions.
Not knowing what the future economy is should make everyone wake up and think about some things.
It's time to think about your future, including things like
Paying your debt down Making sure you have the right kinds of savings and the right amounts Boosting your credit score Reviewing … (2 comments)

credit boost: Your approved for credit , regardless of your credit status - 05/02/16 10:00 AM
Hello  credit seekers
You can get approved for credit regardless of your credit status.  We are flooded with thousands of emails asking for help. I need a 10,000 credit card, and I need a business loan.  But, my credit is not so good.  What do I do ?

Be Patient
This is the first step
A lifetime of credit problems, or a short setback in your credit does not mean that you can not get the credit you are looking for.
Bad credit, Good Credit, Bad Credit report  ... it doesn't matter there is help...
But, you cannot come to a finanical firm in despirate need and … (1 comments)

credit boost: Paypal doesnt want you/your broker/loan officer improve your credit - 10/01/15 11:45 AM
Paypal does not want you or your mortgage broker/loan officer to help you improve your credit score
Paypal Inc (PYPL) not only will shutdown any user, or business that works for a finanical firm, mortgage firm, real estate firm, or bank, they also prohibit users from with not so perfect credit from using their services.
Paypal says "Any company that vioalates our Acceptable Use Policy:
Those factors include:
Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments associated with certain credit repair, loan modification, or other debt settlement services that it believes are high risk based upon consideration of … (4 comments)

credit boost: Thinking about paying collections with your tax return? DON’T!!! - 04/17/15 07:29 PM


credit boost: It is not impossible to increase a bad credit score - 04/08/15 08:29 PM
Another new testimony. We have these coming in every day.
Our client received great results and has obtained his goal of homeownership! Our credit professionals will work with you from beginning to end to help you achieve your financial goals.

credit boost: Credit Score Increase Success Stories - 09/21/14 07:26 PM
Here are just a few of our recent success stories and Allen has went from 650s to 780-790s in the past 30 days.
This client we showed you before, now after some cleanup and adding 1 tradeline and 2 other lines of credit  here is where he is at today (via credit check total):

Here is a recent client with scores in 500's now in 600's in 15 days, but with these she can get financed and in another 30 days these should be in the 700's

So you can see along with thousands of other … (0 comments)

credit boost: What is Fico 9 Credit Score Algorithm - 08/09/14 10:30 PM
It's obvious the Fair Isaac does not want people to know how the credit score is. We are now at FICO 9 Score system and the break down on their website is still 10 years old. 
But, we can learn from the old system and then take into consideration the new factors.
Maintaining a peak credit score is an absolute must, yet I was at a bankers association meeting recently and experts in the industry could not guess from Fair Isaac's examples, who would have the better score (a grandmother who low balances, great payment history,  a person with some negatives but … (2 comments)

credit boost: FICO changes may save consumers, but not much and not soon - 08/08/14 11:15 PM
FICO  (Fair Issacs) (who is not "fair") the nations monopolized credit scoring company is changing the rules to reduce the negative effect of overdue medical bills and to quit penalizing consumers who pay off debts that had been assigned to collection agencies.
"Experts cautioned, however, that borrowers might have to wait for a year to see change because lenders will not quickly overhaul their systems to evaluate consumers and price loans for them." - LA Times

Some of the initial speculations claim that the new system "could make it easier for millions of Americans to get … (0 comments)