credit report: Win an overnight bag, summer improve your credit score - 08/07/15 06:07 AM
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Maintaining a good credit score is simple when you have the right amount of available credit balanced to the debt you owe. This is the … (0 comments)

credit report: The truth about a good credit score and financial freedom - 05/06/15 09:20 PM

The economy is on a rollercoaster ride, and the credit bureaus and the FTC want you to believe the you 
can fix your credit yourself or not at all.  Just reading that information causes people who are in 
financial difficulties to avoid the issue even more.
That’s not what the Financial Freedom Network (FFN) has to say about it.  The Financial Freedom 
Network program can restore good credit and help you achieve financial freedom in a relatively short 
amount of time compared the the years a person has suffered with these kinds of issues. 
The idea that you can have restored credit, available credit, lending approval and financial freedom - 
maybe for the first time in your life, would be like starting your life over again.  So what’s this all about ?
The Financial Freedom Network says there is a dirty secret behind the credit bureau industry.  
They say no matter what kind of financial problem you suffer from, whether it is bad credit, no credit, 
no income, bank problems, bankruptcies, foreclosures, public records, collections, late payments, is 
that these problems can be completely or partially reversed. 
There is something to the idea that the credit bureaus are out to create more credit report problems for 
consumers. Any collection agency knows first hand how much money is made off of people who have 
financial problems.  As of December 31, 2014, total consumer indebtedness was $11.52 trillion, up by 
2.1%.  Aggregate consumer debt increased in the fourth quarter by $241 billion.  Collection companies 
know they can collect on the same debts (illegally, but it is a common practice that the Government does 
not enforce) up to 7 times or more.  This means the bureaus and the collection companies stand to profit 
over 1.89 trillon dollars.  FFN says the three credit bureaus are privatized companies making money in 
more ways than just bad credit problems.  
The financial freedom network (FFN) explains how they make such a big profit.  Take for example the
hipaa privacy act of 1996 which protects your identity.  FFN says a consumer “Jane Doe” who was 
unable to pay a hospital bill, whether the Obama Care act refused to pay, or insurance failed to pay, or 
they just could not afford it, eventually is sold to a collection company for pennies on the dollar.  First of 
all it is illegal for the hospital to give out any personal information to anyone that you were cared for.  
Secondly the hospital has insurance for unpaid accounts, so the account was paid and then some times 
written off on taxes as bad debt, even though they got paid. This means Jane Doe’s bill was paid in full. 
The hospital profits some more when they sell part of the debt to a collection company.  The collection 
company pays maybe $1,000 for a $10,000 of a $100,000 debt.  The collection company calls and send
letters to Jane Doe requesting they she owes them $100,000 but will make a deal for half. After Jane is 
harassed at home and work and threatened she tells ABC collection company, she can’t afford that 
much, so ABC collection company says ok the lowest they can go is $25,000 (remember they paid $1000
for only $10,000 of the debt, but they want to make as much as they can).  Jane agrees to payment plans 
and pays them off in a couple years. The promise made to remove it was not kept, they only changed the 
status from “unpaid” to “paid”. Still ruining her credit. Then when 3 years expire, ABC collection tells
 their buddy partner XYZ Collections there is more debt to be collected.  XYZ collections call the hospital,
agree to purchase another $10,000 of the $100,000 and now Jane has a new collections for the same 
account. She swears it was paid, but has no proof, and XYZ will say she only paid part of it, not all of it. 
Ever see a collection reappear on your credit report after it was paid, and now a new collection agency is 
collecting on the same debt you thought you paid? That’s how it happens.  
FFN says there are hundreds of laws that protect the consumer for these types of issues.  Not only that 
people suffering from bad credit can get approved and can get these credit report problems fixed.  FFN 
will help you get a credit card, better credit score, credit approval, loan approval. They will teach you 
how to pay down your debt fast, establish good credit, create passive income, secure retirement and 
obtain financial independence. 
FFN says this help is extremely importantly why you need to have an excellent credit score and why you 
need to be financially secure. Check out this FREE VIDEO to see what it’s all about.

credit report: Thinking about paying collections with your tax return? DON’T!!! - 04/17/15 07:29 PM


credit report: Shreveport, LA Credit Score Boost Tradelines & Repair - 10/21/14 07:52 PM
Good Morning Shreveport, LA  Looks like it is going to be a beautiful morning.

BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE Shreveport, LA Credit improvement and Score increase in Shreveport, LA CMO gives you more affordable, guaranteed, faster service, so that people everywhere will have the magic of the good credit with them all the time. Check BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE Coverage
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credit report: Affordable Tradelines and Credit - 10/05/14 10:47 PM
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As you know tradelines these days are very expensive, but not with us, because we have partnered with FDIC banks and lendin institutions that provide affordable solutions.
So you want to build your credit,  then add a tradeline or credit card or one of our other options.
Do you need to fix some negativce information on your credit report that is holding down your score? This is the next step, stop on by  … (2 comments)

credit report: Credit Score Increase Success Stories - 09/21/14 07:26 PM
Here are just a few of our recent success stories and Allen has went from 650s to 780-790s in the past 30 days.
This client we showed you before, now after some cleanup and adding 1 tradeline and 2 other lines of credit  here is where he is at today (via credit check total):

Here is a recent client with scores in 500's now in 600's in 15 days, but with these she can get financed and in another 30 days these should be in the 700's

So you can see along with thousands of other … (0 comments)

credit report: SCORE BIG & Win - 3 things that will boost your credit score - 09/08/14 09:56 PM
3 Things that will help you boost your credit score 1) Add Credit Using one of our tradelines or credit cards  This will significantly boost your score up to 40% because credit offsets debt and shows your credit worth.  No credit, Bad Credit any type of Credit. 2) Delete Negative Information on Credit Report Delete inaccurate, outdated negative information, including inquires, late’s, bankruptcy, judgments, collections will increase your credit score dramatically because these things weigh down your score. We have credit services that will help you professionally clean your credit report. 3) Pay Down your debt Other debts, credit card … (0 comments)

credit report: What is Fico 9 Credit Score Algorithm - 08/09/14 10:30 PM
It's obvious the Fair Isaac does not want people to know how the credit score is. We are now at FICO 9 Score system and the break down on their website is still 10 years old. 
But, we can learn from the old system and then take into consideration the new factors.
Maintaining a peak credit score is an absolute must, yet I was at a bankers association meeting recently and experts in the industry could not guess from Fair Isaac's examples, who would have the better score (a grandmother who low balances, great payment history,  a person with some negatives but … (2 comments)

credit report: Rebuilding your credit the right way - 04/24/14 07:00 AM

When people think about rebuilding credit they always start by focusing on the negative items on the bad credit reports first.   While this is part of your scoring factor, they forget the most important fact.
Did you know that if you do not have enough positive credit on your credit report as active, you can hurt your score, it can lower or even drop to zero.   So let me ask you a question, would you rather build from zero or let's say you have 500 as your Transunion FICO score, and build from 500 ?  Which makes more … (6 comments)

credit report: Get your credit repair clients started with these incredible economy savings - 05/15/11 09:35 PM
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credit report: the FREE Credit Repair Guide Book - 12/15/10 03:33 PM
It's finally published. The first edition of of the FREE credit repair guide book. In this book you will learn how to repair your credit, what pitfalls to avoid, how your score is impacted, how to distinguish what to do next. We want to help you or your business succeed with people who have credit issues, and this book along with our websites is the first step to starting.
Enjoy reading this ebook online as you listen to soothing music and a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage. Learn the secrets of credit repair and how to achieve peak credit. … (3 comments)

credit report: Orlando Credit Repair St Louis our Latest Web Tool to help clients, businesses with credit repair - 12/15/10 03:26 PM
Orlando Credit Repair St Louis our Latest Web Tool to help clients, businesses with credit repair
We want to help you so we have updated our website, please take a look or visit us at Visit our Website Start: Get Started today Visit our Website
Getting Approved this Summer is Easy with our 100% Money back guaranteed services. In 30-90 days or less you will see results, whether you live in St Louis, Las Vegas, Orlando, California, Atlanta, Chicago or anywhere in the USA our Credit Repair Services are top notch! We are FTC compliant and have … (0 comments)