credit score increase: Check out this increase in just 30 days - 07/25/15 03:12 AM
Over 197 points on Experian and 180 points on Equifax !
This client is celebrating, and now in the process of getting her new home.  Thanks to our FDIC backed Tradeline, the top is yesterday's pull, the bottom when she started.  She spoke with her mortgage broker today to pull and the scores were actually higher than the transunion report.  She will also have a lower interest rate and save thousands, so he small investment, paid off big!  As we are always educated ,  that debt to credit ratio is 40% of the score factor and all she needed was some positive … (0 comments)

credit score increase: 59 credit score boost in less than 40 days Significant Proof - 10/26/14 03:14 AM
Just by adding one of our tradelines this client had in one of the scores over 59 points in less than 40 days.  
See for yourself 
You would think with results like this, one after the other , after the other, after the other...
People who really need help, would take the first step and get one of our tradlines or credit services...
But then only the serious people are the ones we are looking for...
So our question is,  how serious are you?  Do you really want that new house, lower interest rates, lower car insurance, … (4 comments)