score: 2017 Time to renew your credit and your life - 01/22/17 03:11 AM
The new year has started, new things are happening, the government  is going through a change.
It's time to take a look at your credit and your financial portfolio.  
America is facing some huge challenges, Obama did not help with some of the things he did, with the credit card reduction act, and other bad decisions.
Not knowing what the future economy is should make everyone wake up and think about some things.
It's time to think about your future, including things like
Paying your debt down Making sure you have the right kinds of savings and the right amounts Boosting your credit score Reviewing … (2 comments)

score: Common Lies about Your Credit / Score - 11/16/16 02:49 PM
This year we saw the lies come out in the political campaign, and we really saw for what worth our Media is that covers so many lies to make profit.  When you compare the information about your credit on the internet or even in person, your going to encounter many lies and much uneducated mis-information.
Here are a few of those myths.
1. Fix the credit report yourself
This is a common myth and it is harmful misinformation. Your credit report is protected by over 250 laws and regulations, that you may or not know about. When you have a legal issue, you hire … (1 comments)

score: Your approved for credit , regardless of your credit status - 05/02/16 10:00 AM
Hello  credit seekers
You can get approved for credit regardless of your credit status.  We are flooded with thousands of emails asking for help. I need a 10,000 credit card, and I need a business loan.  But, my credit is not so good.  What do I do ?

Be Patient
This is the first step
A lifetime of credit problems, or a short setback in your credit does not mean that you can not get the credit you are looking for.
Bad credit, Good Credit, Bad Credit report  ... it doesn't matter there is help...
But, you cannot come to a finanical firm in despirate need and … (1 comments)

score: Win an overnight bag, summer improve your credit score - 08/07/15 06:07 AM
We are giving away a over night duffle bag like this for ladies or gentlemen.  
We want to help your credit improve, so when you purchase more than $250.00 in services on our sites, we will send you a bag like this.
Your credit can be improved and the best way to improve your score is our tradelines.
Head on over to  to get the tradeline, and head on over to to find another service of interest.
Maintaining a good credit score is simple when you have the right amount of available credit balanced to the debt you owe. This is the … (0 comments)

score: Summer is a great time to get your credit score increase w/ tradeline - 07/16/15 09:59 AM
Well it is that time for family, fun, travel, and work.  But relaxation comes in many forms.  
Here are some simple steps to take while summer is quickly passing by.
1) Go online to myfico   and check out your scores
2) Have a garage sale, or yard sale to put some money together (or sell some things on craigslist)
3) Now go to our website to get the most trusted and FDIC backed Tradeline click here
Here are some other things you can do you might not of known
1) If you have credit cards or things that report to the credit bureau , make sure it … (0 comments)

score: Buffet, Bloomberg, Trump agree you need financial freedom - 05/23/15 03:08 AM
@WarrenBuffett @MikeBloomberg @richardbranson  @Forbes @realDonaldTrump  
all agreen you need to learn how to live financially free, get out of debt, build passive income.
Things are always going to have their ups and downs. 
But it doesnt have to effect your finanical freedom
Learn more

score: The truth about a good credit score and financial freedom - 05/06/15 09:20 PM

The economy is on a rollercoaster ride, and the credit bureaus and the FTC want you to believe the you 
can fix your credit yourself or not at all.  Just reading that information causes people who are in 
financial difficulties to avoid the issue even more.
That’s not what the Financial Freedom Network (FFN) has to say about it.  The Financial Freedom 
Network program can restore good credit and help you achieve financial freedom in a relatively short 
amount of time compared the the years a person has suffered with these kinds of issues. 
The idea that you can have restored credit, available credit, lending approval and financial freedom - 
maybe for the first time in your life, would be like starting your life over again.  So what’s this all about ?
The Financial Freedom Network says there is a dirty secret behind the credit bureau industry.  
They say no matter what kind of financial problem you suffer from, whether it is bad credit, no credit, 
no income, bank problems, bankruptcies, foreclosures, public records, collections, late payments, is 
that these problems can be completely or partially reversed. 
There is something to the idea that the credit bureaus are out to create more credit report problems for 
consumers. Any collection agency knows first hand how much money is made off of people who have 
financial problems.  As of December 31, 2014, total consumer indebtedness was $11.52 trillion, up by 
2.1%.  Aggregate consumer debt increased in the fourth quarter by $241 billion.  Collection companies 
know they can collect on the same debts (illegally, but it is a common practice that the Government does 
not enforce) up to 7 times or more.  This means the bureaus and the collection companies stand to profit 
over 1.89 trillon dollars.  FFN says the three credit bureaus are privatized companies making money in 
more ways than just bad credit problems.  
The financial freedom network (FFN) explains how they make such a big profit.  Take for example the
hipaa privacy act of 1996 which protects your identity.  FFN says a consumer “Jane Doe” who was 
unable to pay a hospital bill, whether the Obama Care act refused to pay, or insurance failed to pay, or 
they just could not afford it, eventually is sold to a collection company for pennies on the dollar.  First of 
all it is illegal for the hospital to give out any personal information to anyone that you were cared for.  
Secondly the hospital has insurance for unpaid accounts, so the account was paid and then some times 
written off on taxes as bad debt, even though they got paid. This means Jane Doe’s bill was paid in full. 
The hospital profits some more when they sell part of the debt to a collection company.  The collection 
company pays maybe $1,000 for a $10,000 of a $100,000 debt.  The collection company calls and send
letters to Jane Doe requesting they she owes them $100,000 but will make a deal for half. After Jane is 
harassed at home and work and threatened she tells ABC collection company, she can’t afford that 
much, so ABC collection company says ok the lowest they can go is $25,000 (remember they paid $1000
for only $10,000 of the debt, but they want to make as much as they can).  Jane agrees to payment plans 
and pays them off in a couple years. The promise made to remove it was not kept, they only changed the 
status from “unpaid” to “paid”. Still ruining her credit. Then when 3 years expire, ABC collection tells
 their buddy partner XYZ Collections there is more debt to be collected.  XYZ collections call the hospital,
agree to purchase another $10,000 of the $100,000 and now Jane has a new collections for the same 
account. She swears it was paid, but has no proof, and XYZ will say she only paid part of it, not all of it. 
Ever see a collection reappear on your credit report after it was paid, and now a new collection agency is 
collecting on the same debt you thought you paid? That’s how it happens.  
FFN says there are hundreds of laws that protect the consumer for these types of issues.  Not only that 
people suffering from bad credit can get approved and can get these credit report problems fixed.  FFN 
will help you get a credit card, better credit score, credit approval, loan approval. They will teach you 
how to pay down your debt fast, establish good credit, create passive income, secure retirement and 
obtain financial independence. 
FFN says this help is extremely importantly why you need to have an excellent credit score and why you 
need to be financially secure. Check out this FREE VIDEO to see what it’s all about.

score: What are legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank? Credit Score - 05/04/15 08:32 PM
Legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank that will help boost your credit score.
Click here to get started 
 Use this coupon code at checkout to get 33% off our platinum tradeline: pl33m which is already automatically activated.
Are tradelines legal?
This is a question we get all the time whether it comes from a consumer or a mortgage professional.
Another question tied to this one is how do we find a tradeline that is in SINGLE revolving account?  We only offer Single revolving accounts.
So we put a little chart together for you
As you can see from the chart above our tradelines and especially our Platinum tradeline … (0 comments)

score: Helping your potential customers get approved for credit - 05/04/15 03:59 AM

We are helping people get approved for credit everyday. 
Why refer your customers some other firm where they must pay thousands of dollars for help ( whether they are seasoned tradelines backed by small financial firms, or credit repair companies with high fees ) when they can have affordable options backed by FDIC banks through our trusted financial partners.
When you do not address the applicants who have credit issues here is what happens:
When they find help someplace else, and many times find our services, the 
usually find another lender. But if you put them in Your future pipeline, you can help them down the road in just a few short months.
More than 75% of … (0 comments)

score: Are seasoned tradeline legal? So what kind of tradelines do we sell? - 02/25/15 06:47 AM
Im sure you’ve heard old cliché: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is no exception. Of course there is mis-information out there also, so let's get the facts straight.   (blog reposted from Nov 2014)

First of all any advice from the credit bureaus is false, unless it is legal rights which are mandated by the
federal government. For example, they advised you not to use credit repair, but of course they don’t want you to do this because then they make no money once the illegally posted items are removed. Credit bureaus do not like tradelines either. They are constantly trying to remove posted tradeline information. This is the problem with many tradelines, unless they are bank backed like ours. 
The concept of a seasoned … (0 comments)

score: Boost Credit Score - affordable Tradelines and Credit Cards - any type of credit - 02/13/15 07:21 PM
Why wait any longer our tradelines and credit cards will give you the credit score boost you need!
Boost you credit score now in about 30 days 
3 Things that will help you boost your credit score  
1) Add Credit  
Using one of our tradelines or credit cards  This will significantly boost your score up to 40% because credit offsets debt and shows your credit worth.  No credit, Bad Credit any type of Credit. Loans, Credit Cards, Tradeline  
2) Delete Negative Information on Credit Report  
Delete inaccurate, outdated negative … (6 comments)

score: What steps should a person take to improve their credit score? - 01/25/15 03:27 PM
We had a great question today from a Bank Lender and we wanted to share the answer with you.
The first question was can the customer pay for the boost after the boost?  Yes  depending on the product type (see step 3) 
The second question was how much does this cost? The cost is tailored to each individuals credit.
Thanks to my assistant, I was able to quickly address this without having to type much.
This is a common problem with first time home buyers to encounter people with credit issues.  These days you have to expand your pipeline by working … (1 comments)

score: We protect your rights & justice , we help fix and boost your credit - 12/01/14 05:26 PM
America is awake about rights and justice and this is a great thing happening.  Unfortunately in the credit business sometimes your rights and justice are abused.  But, the Federal Goverenment has done an average job in protecting some of your rights when it comes to credit.

There are hundreds of laws that protect consumers from illegal violations in credit reporting that help boost your score.  With that we have FDIC bank backed tradelines and credit restoration services that will help you get your life back on track. 
We offer full support to clients through each program, however we  offer no … (0 comments)

score: Affiliate Tradeline program for financial professionals - 11/05/14 05:39 AM
Please contact me if you are an interested Finanical professional.  Any kind of professional, i.e.  Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Lending (Automobile, etc), or finanical service professional.    Thanks for taking a look at how we can help lift your customers up and prepare them for success with future lenders.  Our Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit thru our FDIC Bank (not a finance company) reports all new active accounts every 3 business days to all 3 major credit bureaus. +75% of our customers are in the process of trying to qualify for a mortgage or loan, and all of them that follow our … (0 comments)

score: FDIC Bank Tradeline Boost your Credit Score - 11/01/14 12:38 AM
this FDIC Bank Tradeline will Boost your Credit Score ,  no matter where you live in the USA, before you start disputing your credit or after, you need to add this to boost your credit score significantly,
If you don't qualify, then we have other programs and credit services available no matter your credit situation.

score: 59 credit score boost in less than 40 days Significant Proof - 10/26/14 03:14 AM
Just by adding one of our tradelines this client had in one of the scores over 59 points in less than 40 days.  
See for yourself 
You would think with results like this, one after the other , after the other, after the other...
People who really need help, would take the first step and get one of our tradlines or credit services...
But then only the serious people are the ones we are looking for...
So our question is,  how serious are you?  Do you really want that new house, lower interest rates, lower car insurance, … (4 comments)

score: Shreveport, LA Credit Score Boost Tradelines & Repair - 10/21/14 07:52 PM
Good Morning Shreveport, LA  Looks like it is going to be a beautiful morning.

BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE Shreveport, LA Credit improvement and Score increase in Shreveport, LA CMO gives you more affordable, guaranteed, faster service, so that people everywhere will have the magic of the good credit with them all the time. Check BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE Coverage
What makes the best BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE? We’re committed to giving you a fast, reliable credit experience with customer service that puts you first.See for yourself
Score Increase Our Credit network is faster & more powerful than than the competitors. That … (0 comments)

score: Buy one tradeline and get a second tradeline for free! - 10/20/14 05:15 AM
For a limited time we are giving away a free tradeline.  
Our FDIC bank backed tradelines come with a guarantee service.  Our company has seen tremendous credit score increases but using these products before tackling the negative items on the credit report or after credit repair is almost finished and a customers needs some good credit.

Please go to our special store offer by clicking this link. 

score: Don't let your credit scores fall any lower! Boost your credit now - 10/20/14 01:53 AM
Don't let your credit scores fall any lower!
3 Things that will help you boost your credit score 1) Add Credit Using one of our tradelines or credit cards This will significantly boost your score up to 40% because credit offsets debt and shows your credit worth. No credit, Bad Credit any type of Credit. 2) Delete Negative Information on Credit Report Delete inaccurate, outdated negative information, including inquires, late's, bankruptcy, judgments, collections will increase your credit score dramatically because these things weigh down your score. We have credit services that will help you professionally clean your credit report. … (2 comments)

score: Affordable Tradelines and Credit - 10/05/14 10:47 PM
We are offering a get started coupon,  just enter this code:  getstarted-10  in your cart and get $10.00 off the purchase price.

As you know tradelines these days are very expensive, but not with us, because we have partnered with FDIC banks and lendin institutions that provide affordable solutions.
So you want to build your credit,  then add a tradeline or credit card or one of our other options.
Do you need to fix some negativce information on your credit report that is holding down your score? This is the next step, stop on by  … (2 comments)