seasoned tradelines: What are legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank? Credit Score - 05/04/15 08:32 PM
Legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank that will help boost your credit score.
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Are tradelines legal?
This is a question we get all the time whether it comes from a consumer or a mortgage professional.
Another question tied to this one is how do we find a tradeline that is in SINGLE revolving account?  We only offer Single revolving accounts.
So we put a little chart together for you
As you can see from the chart above our tradelines and especially our Platinum tradeline … (0 comments)

seasoned tradelines: Are seasoned tradeline legal? So what kind of tradelines do we sell? - 11/17/14 01:47 AM
Im sure you’ve heard old cliché: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is no exception. Of course there is mis-information out there also, so let's get the facts straight.
First of all any advice from the credit bureaus is false, unless it is legal rights which are mandated by the
federal government. For example, they advised you not to use credit repair, but of course they don’t want you to do this because then they make no money once the illegally posted items are removed.
The concept of a seasoned tradeline is that you pay a stranger hundreds or thousands of dollars to add 
you as an authorized user or joint account holder on their credit card. The goal is to get the score high 
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seasoned tradelines: Tradeline Access Program Boost Scores Add Credit Offset Debt No Credit Check - 07/14/11 12:06 PM
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Step Two: You will directed to order your first tradeline our clients are getting approved for large amounts and able to obtain other forms of credit after i.e. credit cards, lines of credit, loans. Step Three: Fill out the tradeline only access application
Step Four: If you want seasoned tradelines, fill out tradeline application and order the ones you would like … (0 comments)