tradelines: Can you tell the difference this persons credit and the other? - 08/19/16 10:38 PM
Person number 1
Person number 2
Person number 1 just did the few basics to get their credit to a position to secure their funding.  They may or may not have paid all their debt down,  or removed all negative credit history.  They took the first step and we congratulate them for it.
25% of our customers don't even go that far, they look into what they can do, and then hope their credit problems will go away.  
75% of our customers are able to qualify for a new loan, they added first a good line of credit to help them boost their score … (1 comments)

tradelines: Your approved for credit , regardless of your credit status - 05/02/16 10:00 AM
Hello  credit seekers
You can get approved for credit regardless of your credit status.  We are flooded with thousands of emails asking for help. I need a 10,000 credit card, and I need a business loan.  But, my credit is not so good.  What do I do ?

Be Patient
This is the first step
A lifetime of credit problems, or a short setback in your credit does not mean that you can not get the credit you are looking for.
Bad credit, Good Credit, Bad Credit report  ... it doesn't matter there is help...
But, you cannot come to a finanical firm in despirate need and … (1 comments)

tradelines: Paypal doesnt want you/your broker/loan officer improve your credit - 10/01/15 11:45 AM
Paypal does not want you or your mortgage broker/loan officer to help you improve your credit score
Paypal Inc (PYPL) not only will shutdown any user, or business that works for a finanical firm, mortgage firm, real estate firm, or bank, they also prohibit users from with not so perfect credit from using their services.
Paypal says "Any company that vioalates our Acceptable Use Policy:
Those factors include:
Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments associated with certain credit repair, loan modification, or other debt settlement services that it believes are high risk based upon consideration of … (4 comments)

tradelines: Check out this increase in just 30 days - 07/25/15 03:12 AM
Over 197 points on Experian and 180 points on Equifax !
This client is celebrating, and now in the process of getting her new home.  Thanks to our FDIC backed Tradeline, the top is yesterday's pull, the bottom when she started.  She spoke with her mortgage broker today to pull and the scores were actually higher than the transunion report.  She will also have a lower interest rate and save thousands, so he small investment, paid off big!  As we are always educated ,  that debt to credit ratio is 40% of the score factor and all she needed was some positive … (0 comments)

tradelines: Summer is a great time to get your credit score increase w/ tradeline - 07/16/15 09:59 AM
Well it is that time for family, fun, travel, and work.  But relaxation comes in many forms.  
Here are some simple steps to take while summer is quickly passing by.
1) Go online to myfico   and check out your scores
2) Have a garage sale, or yard sale to put some money together (or sell some things on craigslist)
3) Now go to our website to get the most trusted and FDIC backed Tradeline click here
Here are some other things you can do you might not of known
1) If you have credit cards or things that report to the credit bureau , make sure it … (0 comments)

tradelines: Summer is busy with tradelines, credit restoration, financial freedom - 07/04/15 11:11 PM
So maybe it's time you also take a look at what we have to offer.  
Tradelines, Credit cards, Loans
Credit Restoration
From Credit Restoration, to tradelines, to securing your retirement, or setting up emergency  and planning savings accounts, or learning how to earn passive income. we can help with all of them. 
click this link :
Credit repair and how to clean up your credit report. 
Everyone that reads this I hope will watch the video , and then go to the site. Every American must think about this and do something about it.  
Here are some common subjects we are asked about and discuss … (0 comments)

tradelines: What are legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank? Credit Score - 05/04/15 08:32 PM
Legal Tradelines underwritten by an FDIC Bank that will help boost your credit score.
Click here to get started 
 Use this coupon code at checkout to get 33% off our platinum tradeline: pl33m which is already automatically activated.
Are tradelines legal?
This is a question we get all the time whether it comes from a consumer or a mortgage professional.
Another question tied to this one is how do we find a tradeline that is in SINGLE revolving account?  We only offer Single revolving accounts.
So we put a little chart together for you
As you can see from the chart above our tradelines and especially our Platinum tradeline … (0 comments)

tradelines: Helping your potential customers get approved for credit - 05/04/15 03:59 AM

We are helping people get approved for credit everyday. 
Why refer your customers some other firm where they must pay thousands of dollars for help ( whether they are seasoned tradelines backed by small financial firms, or credit repair companies with high fees ) when they can have affordable options backed by FDIC banks through our trusted financial partners.
When you do not address the applicants who have credit issues here is what happens:
When they find help someplace else, and many times find our services, the 
usually find another lender. But if you put them in Your future pipeline, you can help them down the road in just a few short months.
More than 75% of … (0 comments)

tradelines: Why add positive credit FIRST, like a tradelines to boost the score? - 04/28/15 07:50 AM
Why add positive credit FIRST, like one of our tradelines first to boost the score?
Watch and find out
Our experts have worked in the financial sector for  many years and this is why our 
program is shaped to makeover your financial life in the best possible way.
Because your score is effected by debt to credit ratio.   Here is how to determine your debt to 
credit ratio.
 Add all your balances (debts)  
 divided by all the avaliable credit limit amounts 
 Credit Ratio   
When you start disputing items on your credit report
1. Lenders are afraid to approve you for new credit or tradelines
2. You start deleting any … (2 comments)

tradelines: Thinking about paying collections with your tax return? DON’T!!! - 04/17/15 07:29 PM


tradelines: It is not impossible to increase a bad credit score - 04/08/15 08:29 PM
Another new testimony. We have these coming in every day.
Our client received great results and has obtained his goal of homeownership! Our credit professionals will work with you from beginning to end to help you achieve your financial goals.

tradelines: Boost Credit Score - affordable Tradelines and Credit Cards - any type of credit - 02/13/15 07:21 PM
Why wait any longer our tradelines and credit cards will give you the credit score boost you need!
Boost you credit score now in about 30 days 
3 Things that will help you boost your credit score  
1) Add Credit  
Using one of our tradelines or credit cards  This will significantly boost your score up to 40% because credit offsets debt and shows your credit worth.  No credit, Bad Credit any type of Credit. Loans, Credit Cards, Tradeline  
2) Delete Negative Information on Credit Report  
Delete inaccurate, outdated negative … (6 comments)

tradelines: the Extreme Credit Makeover 12 Easy Steps - 12/17/14 07:02 AM

We have now graduated over 10,000 clients in our programs.  Our Extreme Credit Makeover Program has 12 steps.  This is the first of it's kind in the finanical world.  It combines basic credit score help to advance credit help. We have some of the most powerful training in the USA.  This program is available to anyone including the military.
They don't teach any of this in school or college. This program is worth millions to people, it changes their lives forever.
For more information please visit our dedicated site :
Step 1:  Pay down your … (0 comments)

tradelines: 59 credit score boost in less than 40 days Significant Proof - 10/26/14 03:14 AM
Just by adding one of our tradelines this client had in one of the scores over 59 points in less than 40 days.  
See for yourself 
You would think with results like this, one after the other , after the other, after the other...
People who really need help, would take the first step and get one of our tradlines or credit services...
But then only the serious people are the ones we are looking for...
So our question is,  how serious are you?  Do you really want that new house, lower interest rates, lower car insurance, … (4 comments)

tradelines: Rebuilding your credit the right way - 04/24/14 07:00 AM

When people think about rebuilding credit they always start by focusing on the negative items on the bad credit reports first.   While this is part of your scoring factor, they forget the most important fact.
Did you know that if you do not have enough positive credit on your credit report as active, you can hurt your score, it can lower or even drop to zero.   So let me ask you a question, would you rather build from zero or let's say you have 500 as your Transunion FICO score, and build from 500 ?  Which makes more … (6 comments)

tradelines: Boost your credit score tradelines, credit cards, & personal loans - 11/12/13 07:06 AM

As you know trying to recover these economic times it's difficult to find the right credit score boosting programs, in St Louis, Las Vegas, Dallas, California, you name it.  Find a solution for all types of credit and getting approved is now easier than ever with your newest released programs.
No credit, bad credit but now you recovered, or not?   Good credit?  You need a auto loan, personal loan,  credit card, balance transfer card?  We have the solutions right here from our trusted partnered banks and finanical institutions.  
All for a low cost start.

tradelines: FDIC Tradelines boost your credit score and offset the debt to credit ratio - 09/02/13 08:30 AM
We have worked in the credit restoration industry since 2007 helping people find the tools to repair and rebuild their credit. As you may know, finding a good source for tradelines is very difficult, not to mention very expensive.   We have exciting news for you.  For the past 5 years we have partnered with a few banks who are offering programs to people with no so good credit, or people who need just a little more credit without having to pay out large sums of money.   We want to expand our services to other companies that are honest and … (3 comments)

tradelines: A credit score boosting tradeline that works from a FDIC Bank - - 09/02/13 06:56 AM
We have worked in the credit restoration industry since 2007 helping people find the tools to repair and rebuild their credit. As you may know, finding a good source for tradelines is very difficult, not to mention very expensive.   We have exciting news for you.  For the past 5 years we have partnered with a few banks who are offering programs to people with no so good credit, or people who need just a little more credit without having to pay out large sums of money.   We want to expand our services to other companies that are honest and … (0 comments)

tradelines: Looking for Tradelines that work and are affordable? - 08/26/13 01:23 PM
Boost your Credit Score TradelineBoost your credit score, unsecured tradelines, credit score increase, bad credit no problem, excellent credit scores, guarantee, no credit check 
Bank, Tradeline, Credit
    Purchasing this access, gives you access to and of our Tradelines Programs for the next 5 years – with approval of $500-$10,000 or more no credit check, no employment check.
Start building your credit today, or offsetting that debt/credit ratio. 40% of your score is determined by how much credit you have available. No credit = low or zero score, not enough credit means average – poor score. Gold Tradeline … (0 comments)

tradelines: Tradeline Access Program Boost Scores Add Credit Offset Debt No Credit Check - 07/14/11 12:06 PM
Step One: Click on the Image to order tradeline access only at a special price of $49:
Visit our Website
Step Two: You will directed to order your first tradeline our clients are getting approved for large amounts and able to obtain other forms of credit after i.e. credit cards, lines of credit, loans. Step Three: Fill out the tradeline only access application
Step Four: If you want seasoned tradelines, fill out tradeline application and order the ones you would like … (0 comments)