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Pool And Spa Safety At A Home Inspection   If a property has a swimming pool, Steve Stenros of First Choice Inspections also evaluates pool and spa safety at a home inspection. A swimming pool or spa is defined as a permanent vessel used for swimming or recreational bathing that contains water ov...
Drain Problems: What To Look For- San Diego Home Inspection- Part 2 (Continued from... Drain Problems: What To Look For- San Diego Home Inspection- Part 1)... "However, the problem may not be completely solved"...   The sewer line (lateral) between the house and the municipal connection (in the s...
Drain Problems: What To Look For- San Diego Home Inspection- Part 1   First Choice Inspections is a San Diego County home inspection company owned and operated by Steve Stenros, a CREIA MCI home inspector (Master CREIA Inspector). Steve provides professional inspection services in San Diego, La J...
Carlsbad Home Inspector Battles Rats!   It's Springtime! Steve Stenros, owner of First Choice Inspections and a CREIA-certified MCI inspector, leaves his office every morning prepared for battle. His adversary? Rodents. San Diego county is home to the wood rat. Rats carry diseases and can be a he...
A Client Story- Coronado Home Inspector I meet some very interesting clients as a home inspector here in southern California. Some young- some old, some first-time buyers- some veteran investors, some native Californians- some from out-of-country. Every new day is a surprise. It's what makes my o...
Cast Iron Drains- Del Mar Home Inspector   Steve Stenros- First Choice Inspections: 888-335-3040, a Del Mar home inspector, discusses the importance of having a thorough evaluation of the drain piping in a home before purchasing it. Steve is a CREIA-certified inspector with the MCI designation (M...
Oceanside Home Inspector Finds Surprise In Furnace What were they thinking?! I was at a home inspection in Oceanside, California. I turned the heating system on, grabbed my ladder, and started up the stairwell to inspect the forced-air furnaces located in the attic area. As I got to the top of th...
"Consolidated Furnaces Are A Fire Hazard"- Fallbrook Home Inspector If you have a horizontal, gas-fired furnace in your attic and your home was built between 1983 and 1995, you should contact a professional home inspector and have your furnace evaluated. Somewhere between 750,000 and 1.2 million ...
Fireplace On Fire!- Oceanside Home Inspection   Up to this point, it had been a normal Oceanside home inspection. I was in the master bedroom evaluating the fireplace, a factory-built unit (also known as a "zero-clearance" fireplace) with a gas log set and electronic ignition. Blackened areas wer...
Electrical Issues Found at Temecula Home Inspection   Electrical issues are probably the most common type of defect found during home inspections here in southern California, followed closely by moisture intrusion issues. Improper electrical installations can pose a serious fire or shock hazard t...

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