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I had to email Point2 Agent when I noticed that text link and image link options no longer have the "title" attribute which is the text that appears when someone hovers over the text/image and it's also what the search engines read.  What does this mean for Point2 Agent members?  You'll have to "...
I had to email Point2 tonight because I'm noticing that in the new content editor, of which I noticed this morning, doesn't offer image "title tags" when linking an image.  Same goes with text links. What does this mean for Point2 members?  Well, if you want that "hover" text to appear when someo...
For those of you who have lost out with Compass, I've been doing some research, and low & behold...I'm still seeing Compass's Facebook page out there, and the latest comment as of 4/6/11... "Up Blackwater! Big changes in the works by Sean Hogan..."Click Here for Compass's Facebook Page Compass In...
Search giant Google will no longer support real estate listings uploaded to its classifed listings site. Consumers will no longer be able to find for-sale, foreclosure, or rental properties through the search function on Google Maps, and real estate professionals will no longer be able to upload...
http://www.kmov.com/news/local/Nearly-200-local-soliders-prepare-for-deployment-121075249.html Be nice if they could spell "soldiers" huh - oh well...I had to miss the ceremy as my plane left at 11 that day so I'm very thankful for the video!!!!  Enjoy and pray for the troops!
I've gotten numerous emails from clients asking me if this was the case - the answer is YES...Compass Internet Systems has shut its doors without warning or notification to its clients. What you'll want to do IMMEDIATELY is to go into your website and delete their forms, as well as the snippet of...

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