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Real estate related challenges, opportunities and success stories as they relate to Ocean County, NJ, with an emphasis on the Toms River Market. "Championeers" of Web 2.0 and the "Next Level" of professionalism in real estate!



  COLDWELL BANKER FLANAGAN REALTY will participate in NATIONAL 10-DAY SALES EVENT    Local Sellers Will Reduce Home Listing Price By 5 Percent; They Will Join Thousands of U.S. Home Sellers Who Reduce Their Listing Prices Between Oct. 10-19   Majority of Coldwell Banker Sales Associates Surveyed ...
"I don't want a "starter" home! I want the home I grew up in. I don't want to do any work and I'm only going to pay this much for it." --Today's First Time Homebuyer "Yes, I'm aware it's no longer a Seller's Market but I'm not going to give my home away!"--Today's Typical Homeseller "Buyers are ...

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As the "First" COLDWELL BANKER Office in Ocean County, NJ, we pride ourselves on being "Pioneers" in our local market. The new frontier of Web 2.0 offers exciting opportunities and unique challenges. We welcome the discussions, debates and success stories on our journey to become "Champions" of the "next level" of real estate!