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My good friend and colleague, Charles Swope, asked me this very question after reading my post, So, I did the very research Charles had inquired about and here are the results: 9 Single Homes CLOSED in Toms R...
In Step 6, of the 8 Steps, of "How to Manifest Your Goals", Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen discuss The Perfect Game! The 3 Steps, in this 6th Step, are: What ever is offered, take it! What ever is suggested, do it! What ever happens, declare it perfect! Now, let's apply the "Perfect Game" to real...
In his excellent article, Have We All Lost the Ability to Think for Ourselves?  Randy Eager masterfully illustrates the stranglehold our national media outlets have over public perception! He specifically quotes the following headlines from the New York Times over the last 30 days: "Plunging Hous...
January 2009 saw an increase in buyer activity after a dismal December 2008!  Apparently, the First Time Homebuyer finally accepted the fact that mortgage rates were not going to get much lower, despite what some of the National Media had misreported in December.  Unfortunately, January's numbers...

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As the "First" COLDWELL BANKER Office in Ocean County, NJ, we pride ourselves on being "Pioneers" in our local market. The new frontier of Web 2.0 offers exciting opportunities and unique challenges. We welcome the discussions, debates and success stories on our journey to become "Champions" of the "next level" of real estate!