nj: Toms River Real Estate Market Report for the First Quarter of 2011 - 04/10/11 12:27 PM
by Jim Flanagan on April 6, 2011
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Single Family Homes in Toms River (First Quarter 2011):  
Toms River Real Estate-1st Quarter 2011
This chart displays the sales and inventory of Single Family Homes in Toms River, NJ.  The high-lighted area focuses on the first quarter of 2011.  As we can see, sales dropped in February before spiking in March but the supply of homes for sale spiked in February and dropped in March (despite the current inventory increasing by over 120 homes)!  Both of these factors could be attributed to March traditionally marking the beginning of the “Spring … (0 comments)

nj: Retirement Homes in Ocean County, NJ-First Quarter 2011 - 04/09/11 05:30 AM
Posted on April 6, 2011 by Jim Flanagan Ocean County’s Adult Community Real Estate Market Report for the First Quarter of 2011:

Adult Communities in Ocean County-1st Quarter

This chart displays the sales and inventory of Homes in all of the Adult Communities in Ocean County, NJ.  The high-lighted area focuses on the first quarter of 2011.  As we can see, sales dipped in February but rebounded strongly in March.  Both of these factors could be attributed to a “snowier” than usual January in 2011. The … (0 comments)

nj: Ocean County, NJ-Real Estate Report-First Quarter 2011 - 04/06/11 11:56 AM
Posted on April 4, 2011 by Jim Flanagan The Ocean County real estate market in the first quarter of 2011:

First Quarter of 2011 in Ocean County

This chart displays the sales and inventory of Single Family Homes in Ocean County, NJ.  The high-lighted area focuses on the first quarter of 2011.  As we can see, sales have steadily increased month-over-month but the supply of homes for sale has remained relatively stable at just over 19 months.  Both of these factors could be attributed to March traditionally marking … (0 comments)

nj: North Dover-1639 Winston Ct in Toms River, NJ - 04/04/11 01:03 PM
North Dover Neighbor! … (2 comments)

nj: Sally Got Fired? - 04/01/11 10:49 AM
Posted on March 28, 2011 by Jim Flanagan Purchased from istockphoto.com
Last week, one of my freshman sales associates, Sally (not her real name), came into my office and confessed that she had been fired by her “buyers” the night before.  What exactly did Sally do that prompted her “clients” to fire her?  Her job!
Her former clients, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and consulting with myself the previous weekend, were a young couple looking for their “First Home” in Toms River.  Sally had found them a NEW 3 bedroom, 2 bath Ranch listed for $208,900.  It wasn’t in … (2 comments)

nj: 644 Beachwood Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753 - 03/24/11 09:49 AM
Windsor Park Wonder! … (2 comments)

nj: 15 West Ridge Road, Toms River, NJ 08755 - 03/22/11 11:35 AM
Forest Ridge Find! … (2 comments)

nj: Is there HOPE for Unemployed Home-Owners in Ocean County, NJ? - 03/22/11 11:01 AM
Posted on March 21, 2011 by Jim Flanagan Hope for NJ's Unemployed Home-Owners?
I was reading Ask Tara @Trulia, again, when I discovered this potential gem in her post, 5 Mortgage & Foreclosure Myths:
5.       Myth: If you’ve lost your job and can’t make your mortgage payment, you might as well mail your keys in.  Until recently, this was essentially true – virtually every loan modification and refinancing opportunity required that your economic hardship be over before you could qualify.  And documenting income has always been high on the requirements checklist. But there are some new funds available in the states … (0 comments)

nj: Move UP in a DOWN Market in Ocean County, NJ! - 03/19/11 09:04 AM
Posted on March 18, 2011 by Jim Flanagan In our last post, There May Be a Window of Opportunity OPEN for “Move Up” Home-Buyers in Ocean County, we wrote about the economic and financial conditions that may make the next 90 days the “perfect” time to MOVE UP to your next home in Ocean County, NJ.  We are so confident about this “opportunity” for our local residents, that we decided to make a video to better illustrate the benefits of “Moving Up” soon:
If you agree with us and believe that this just may be the … (0 comments)

nj: 288 Flaam Street (Georgetown), Toms River, NJ! - 03/19/11 08:15 AM
Georgetown Gem! … (2 comments)

nj: 136 Chestnut Ave, Island Heights, NJ! - 03/19/11 05:58 AM
Island Heights Oasis! … (1 comments)

nj: 400 Gladstone Street, (Pine Lake Park) Toms River, NJ 08757 - 03/15/11 06:49 AM
Pine Lake Park Castle … (2 comments)

nj: Window of Opportunity to Buy UP in Ocean County, NJ! - 03/14/11 12:19 PM
Posted on March 14, 2011 by Jim Flanagan Purchased from istockphoto.com
Both the national and local real estate news is “abuzz” with activity concerning mortgages lately.  If you read our last post, you are aware that applications for home mortgages jumped to their highest level in three months last week.  But, there was also a lot of “buzz” that many of us, in Ocean County, outside of the mortgage and real estate industries, may not be aware of…
A proposal to phase out the government subsidized entities of  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been drafted and is already affecting borrowers … (0 comments)

nj: How is the market in Ocean County, NJ? - 03/05/11 08:35 AM
Posted on March 5, 2011 by Jim Flanagan We are just over 2 months into 2011 and about to enter the traditional “Spring Real Estate Market” here in Ocean County, NJ.  So, how is the market in Ocean County looking so far?
Looking back at January and February of this year, Ocean County saw 199 and 194 Single Family Homes sell (respectively).  The median sales price averaged $260,000 for both months and the sales to list price ratio averaged 93%.  We currently have over 21 months of inventory available in Ocean County, which means; at the current pace of sales, if … (0 comments)

nj: Could 2011 be the End of the Housing Crash in Ocean County, NJ? - 03/01/11 04:46 AM
Posted on February 28, 2011 by Jim Flanagan A good friend of mine just called to tell me about an article he saw on YAHOO, concerning the real estate market, Why 2011 May Be the End of the Housing Crash.  I don’t know which interested me more; the fact that the Wall Street Journal published something positive about real estate or the amazing amount of “comments” attempting to discredit the author, the Wall Street Journal and everyone and anyone who ever had anything to do with real estate?
Now, I don’t know anything about them (the commenters) but I do know … (0 comments)

nj: 57 Sunflower Ln (Gardens of Pleasant Plains), Toms River, NJ 08755 - 02/24/11 04:54 AM
Gardens of Pleasant Plains! … (0 comments)

nj: No Secrets, for First Time Home-Buyers, in Ocean County, NJ! - 02/23/11 08:32 AM
Posted on February 23, 2011 by Jim Flanagan NO Secrets!
I just finished reading this post from Trulia, Surprising Insider Secrets for the 5 Stages of Buying Your First Home.  The author, Tara-Nicholle Nelson, is a real estate broker in San Francisco, CA.  She makes some excellent points, but ONE jumped out at me more than the others; your family and your friends can cause you to lose your dream home! This is NO secret to real estate professionals here in Ocean County, NJ, but to our potential first time home-buyers; you may need to get your “believers” fixed.
Stage Four: … (1 comments)

nj: 1217 Paddock Place, Toms River, NJ 08755 - 02/16/11 09:01 AM
North Dover … (0 comments)

nj: 216 Conifer Drive, Forked River, NJ 08731 - 02/16/11 03:09 AM
Sunrise Beach! … (2 comments)

nj: Home is where the Heart is; Happy Valentine's Day Ocean County, NJ! - 02/14/11 09:29 AM
Home is where the Heart is...
As the population of Ocean County, NJ, observes Valentine’s Day, in their own personal way today, we thought we would take the time to recognize the “Love Affair” our nation still has with the Dream of Home-Ownership!
The basis of our post today is a recent survey conducted by Trulia, which shows that 70 PERCENT OF AMERICANS VIEW HOMEOWNERSHIP AS PART OF PERSONAL AMERICAN DREAM!
This report was brought to our attention by our friends at Keeping Current Matters, in their wonderful post, “Own Thy Own Home”! Basically, the survey revealed the following:
70% … (0 comments)

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