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Ok, believe it or not, I am a realtor.  I am fairly new and was doing it part time, but now am doing it full time.  So am still learning alot.  But anyways, heres my situation as of right now.  I am 22, my friend is 22.  We are both going to do a rehab together in dallas.  We have about $15k - $2...
Plano homes for sale are some of the best buys in the area right now, you cant go wrong with buying some good Plano real estate.  these homes right now will cost you about $100/ft or more.  Howeever, it is in a great area and the price for the area is really not all that bad.  You will be neighbo...
If you are thinking about buying some Dallas real estate and or some Dallas homes for sale then you need to go ahead and check us out and we will do our best to help you with everything along the way.  These Dallas homes for sale on the market right now will not last for ever.  So if you are thin...
I need to know of every single website that you know of that accepts XML feeds.  If anyone knows of any can you let me know.  I need find out more asap.    thanks austin
ok, so I am about to spend $300+ on ebay ads!  And I am looking for 10 properties across the nation that are below 70% ltv.   If you have a property that is below this then please respond to this blog with your phone # and I will get back with you.  This is basically $300 in free advertising for ...
Ok.  so we all know that investor property can be a great deal if you buy it right.  But that deal really does not do much of anything for you if you do not advertise it back to the market when you go to wholesale it or flip it. I've made an accurate and educated estimate that if you spend 10-12 ...
Ok , so I am interested in getting a ranking for my website.  I just made it, and i was wondering if anyone could look at it and rank it from 1 - 10, 10 being the best of course.  It is a website for investors, house flippers, etc etc.  Let me know what I could improve upon.    ...
does anyone know of any good places to advertise on the net for my investor website? is maintaining steady growth, but I need to make it ggrow faster!!  Therefore I am looking to advertise to larger investor groups.  I need to get my website to over 5,000 members ...
my website gained 75+ members in 24 hours!! thats awesome...  I am still looking to make it bigger.  The long term goal is to have it up to 5,000 members within 3-6 months. I believe I can do this!  let me know if anyone has any good advertising ideas.
Mckinney homes for sale are some of the nicest homes in the area.  With Mckinney homes for sale lying next to Frisco homes for sale, and plano homes for sale, it cant be that bad of a gig.  Mckinney homes are becoming more and more popular, and the population growth of Mckinney is staggering.  It...

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