advertising: Whats the best Advertising you've done? - 01/24/10 06:16 AM
I have done pretty much everything there is on advertising as far as trying to get leads.  Some things work, and some things flat dont work at all.  Here's a list of what I find to work the best.
1.  Word of mouth - always king, and always kill be king
2. Optimized Websites - check mine out at Dallas Realtor, Dallas homes for sale - The best advertising other than face to face or personal referral, is getting yourself out there on the web
3. Billboard- massive billboard will put you back a little, but drives alot of people to … (6 comments)

advertising: Wholesalers needed!!! realtors make easy money!! - 02/06/09 08:39 AM
I am in need of more wholesalers around the nation for my website  We provide investors and wholesalers with a 100% free website for posting and searching for flip deals around the country.  As well as cashflow properties.  
As of right now we have 1000+ investors from around the country that frequent the site weekly, each of them our searching for deals.  So if you are a wholesaler simply post your deal on our site which is free, and they will see it!!  Also when you post your property it will automatically be sent to 10+ other websites as well! 

advertising: I need info on - 02/04/09 03:31 AM
I am interested in anyone know alot about advertising on  I am interested in doing the 26 week advertising feature they have on their website.  However, this cost a bit of money.  Can anyone give me advice to whether this is a good deal or not?  Basically one client will more than pay for the cost though.but like how many hits would you get per ad?   if 20 different people saw my ad each day I would be more than happy.  let me know.  
thanks for help peoples! 
also please check out my website for investors/wholesalers

advertising: O the life of a young realtor.... - 02/03/09 06:41 AM
So am a very active person and like to do lots of things, and real estate is definately one of the things that I have a passion for.  However, I often times get discouraged from prospects that I interview with.  They may say something else but the fact of the matter is that they think I am too young to do a good job for them!  This is very frusttrating to me and is hard to deal with.  The best thing that I can say is that well yes i am younger, but that also means i have more energy to … (4 comments)

advertising: Anyone know of any websites that accept XML feeds? - 01/28/09 11:59 AM
I need to know of every single website that you know of that accepts XML feeds.  If anyone knows of any can you let me know.  I need find out more asap. 

advertising: Free EBAY ad GIVEAWAY!!! no joke, first 10 people only - 01/28/09 05:10 AM
ok, so I am about to spend $300+ on ebay ads!  And I am looking for 10 properties across the nation that are below 70% ltv.   If you have a property that is below this then please respond to this blog with your phone # and I will get back with you. 
This is basically $300 in free advertising for your investor property!!
HURRY only first 10 get it!

advertising: Spending 10 minutes to list property = 500+ people looking at your deal - 01/27/09 08:01 AM
Ok.  so we all know that investor property can be a great deal if you buy it right.  But that deal really does not do much of anything for you if you do not advertise it back to the market when you go to wholesale it or flip it.
I've made an accurate and educated estimate that if you spend 10-12 minutes posting your property deal in different places on the net you can get 500+  investors/flippers/wholesalers/ etc to view your property!  At 0 cost to you!! Which means you will get about 10-15 calls/emails on your property, and many times … (4 comments)

advertising: more places to advertise or spread the word? - 01/26/09 09:42 AM
does anyone know of any good places to advertise on the net for my investor website? is maintaining steady growth, but I need to make it ggrow faster!!  Therefore I am looking to advertise to larger investor groups.  I need to get my website to over 5,000 members within 3 months. 
Right now we are at 300+ but am looking to get more!  so let me know what yall know of and I would really apprieciate it.

advertising: website growing RAPIDLY!! - 01/25/09 05:04 AM
my website gained 75+ members in 24 hours!! thats awesome...  I am still looking to make it bigger.  The long term goal is to have it up to 5,000 members within 3-6 months. I believe I can do this!  let me know if anyone has any good advertising ideas.

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