blogs: Domain name Tips and Secrets - 07/15/10 09:21 AM
Most people do not understand the value of a good solid domain name.  Some names are literally almost priceless as they will generate $1,000's of dollars monthly on autopilot.  This is especially true in the real estate industry.  If you have a top notch domain name then you will be hard pressed to fail in the real estate world. 
When looking for a name you want a good one, however 99% if not more of the good ones are taken.  If you have the opprutunity to buy a domain name for a large market at a decent rate, DO IT!  It … (4 comments)

blogs: ActiveRain Link exchange = Better SEO for you! READ!! - 10/13/09 03:01 PM
I am interested in trading links with people...
2.  Ill place your link on my profile page, if you place my link on your profile page...  That simple..
The more links you have from different pages to your site the better, so this will get you higher up in search engine ranks...  Let me know if you are interested...
If you want to trade links, simply place  "Dallas homes for sale" on your profile page of active rainand link it to ,  then simply leave a comment on this blog saying that you did so, and the details … (0 comments)

blogs: I need info on - 02/04/09 03:31 AM
I am interested in anyone know alot about advertising on  I am interested in doing the 26 week advertising feature they have on their website.  However, this cost a bit of money.  Can anyone give me advice to whether this is a good deal or not?  Basically one client will more than pay for the cost though.but like how many hits would you get per ad?   if 20 different people saw my ad each day I would be more than happy.  let me know.  
thanks for help peoples! 
also please check out my website for investors/wholesalers

blogs: more places to advertise or spread the word? - 01/26/09 09:42 AM
does anyone know of any good places to advertise on the net for my investor website? is maintaining steady growth, but I need to make it ggrow faster!!  Therefore I am looking to advertise to larger investor groups.  I need to get my website to over 5,000 members within 3 months. 
Right now we are at 300+ but am looking to get more!  so let me know what yall know of and I would really apprieciate it.

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