info: Lakehighlands is simply the place to be! - 02/13/09 06:09 AM
So im writing this blog in regards to how much I love Lake Highlands.  First of all, I live here and have no intention of ever moving out of it.  It is filled with my friends and loved ones first off, and second off there is nothing bad about it.  Sure every area has its rough patches, but everyday it seems that lake highlands real estate is developing more and more.  I do beleive it is soon to pass lakewood, and it will be the next premier property spot next to HP in the north dallas area. 
It is very close … (0 comments)

info: my, i need advice - 02/11/09 02:41 PM
ok, so I have had a lot of good advice on activerain and would love to hear more!  I have a website,  And the website is for investors/wholesalers and basically just rehabbers or people looking to make a buck in real estate.   Anyways, my question is, my website is free and it will remain free.  But I would like to hear ideas on how to make money off of the website. 
Please let me know if you know of any other than this...
#1  Make money in real life through investing myself and using my website as advertising.
#2 selling … (3 comments)

info: My website is beginning to BOOM!!! YEAH!!! - 02/10/09 02:45 PM
hello everyone, my website is now beginning to take off!! im getting more and more people clicking it and looking around on it every day!  For the month of febuary I am averaging 10,000 hits  day!  yeah!!!!!     I need it to grow more though!  So i am asking for the community of active rain to give me tips on what would make it better, or what would advertise it better? 
any advice is good advice! 

info: good local contractor in dallas... i need one - 02/05/09 08:28 AM
Is anyone aware of a good local contractor in dallas.  I have a small garland home.  1,000 sq ft.  Needs about $6-7k in rehab.  I want a cheap but dependable contractor that has been in the business for a little while.  Does anyone know of one? 
let me know
also check out my website at

info: I need info on - 02/04/09 03:31 AM
I am interested in anyone know alot about advertising on  I am interested in doing the 26 week advertising feature they have on their website.  However, this cost a bit of money.  Can anyone give me advice to whether this is a good deal or not?  Basically one client will more than pay for the cost though.but like how many hits would you get per ad?   if 20 different people saw my ad each day I would be more than happy.  let me know.  
thanks for help peoples! 
also please check out my website for investors/wholesalers

info: My investment situation.... need professional help - 01/31/09 05:50 AM
Ok, believe it or not, I am a realtor.  I am fairly new and was doing it part time, but now am doing it full time.  So am still learning alot.  But anyways, heres my situation as of right now. 
I am 22, my friend is 22.  We are both going to do a rehab together in dallas.  We have about $15k - $25k together depending on things.  So we want to do a rehab that is around $50,000 - $80,000.    
We have income, however it does not reach the 28/36 bracket.  So there goes conventional financing option.  We have found … (6 comments)

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