real estate: How much traffic does your high ranked website get? - 08/21/11 06:17 PM
I'm looking to get a little bit of feedback from other realtors around the nation.   Do you have a website that is ranked high for a big keyword in your area?  Example: Chicago realtors, little rock real estate, etc? 
If you have a high google ranking website, I would like to know a little bit about the impact of your website.  How many closings does your company get per month off of those website leads?  How many visitors do you get?  What is your conversion ratio based on unique visitor / lead?  And then on lead / closing?
Feel free … (2 comments)

real estate: Why Are You Buying? - 06/05/09 06:17 PM
A friend of mine recently told me that she spends hours every week, perusing the classifieds and MLS listings, looking for a cheap property. I asked her, "Why?" and she replied that she was looking for a good investment. But is property really a good investment in this economy?
Property is an investment, but not always a good one. For people who bought their homes in 2005 or 2006, they know what a bad investment looks like. So, why would anyone buy a piece of property in this economy, as an "investment"?
1. Buy it and hold it. Eventually, it will … (0 comments)

real estate: Preston Hollow Real Estate!! - 02/13/09 06:15 AM
Preston Hollow real estate is basically one of the most premier places to live in all of Dallas, and probably for all of Texas for that matter.  It's residences include Mark Cuban, Tom Hicks, and many many others!  The reason they move here is because of the AMAZING lots in the area.  If you are in the region of a $1,500,000 home, then you would be able to get right at 1 acre.  This is one of the key reasons we see more and more people moving to preston hollow instead of highland park.  As in highland park $1.5 mill would … (0 comments)

real estate: my, i need advice - 02/11/09 02:41 PM
ok, so I have had a lot of good advice on activerain and would love to hear more!  I have a website,  And the website is for investors/wholesalers and basically just rehabbers or people looking to make a buck in real estate.   Anyways, my question is, my website is free and it will remain free.  But I would like to hear ideas on how to make money off of the website. 
Please let me know if you know of any other than this...
#1  Make money in real life through investing myself and using my website as advertising.
#2 selling … (3 comments)

real estate: My website is beginning to BOOM!!! YEAH!!! - 02/10/09 02:45 PM
hello everyone, my website is now beginning to take off!! im getting more and more people clicking it and looking around on it every day!  For the month of febuary I am averaging 10,000 hits  day!  yeah!!!!!     I need it to grow more though!  So i am asking for the community of active rain to give me tips on what would make it better, or what would advertise it better? 
any advice is good advice! 

real estate: Wholesalers needed!!! realtors make easy money!! - 02/06/09 08:39 AM
I am in need of more wholesalers around the nation for my website  We provide investors and wholesalers with a 100% free website for posting and searching for flip deals around the country.  As well as cashflow properties.  
As of right now we have 1000+ investors from around the country that frequent the site weekly, each of them our searching for deals.  So if you are a wholesaler simply post your deal on our site which is free, and they will see it!!  Also when you post your property it will automatically be sent to 10+ other websites as well! 

real estate: good local contractor in dallas... i need one - 02/05/09 08:28 AM
Is anyone aware of a good local contractor in dallas.  I have a small garland home.  1,000 sq ft.  Needs about $6-7k in rehab.  I want a cheap but dependable contractor that has been in the business for a little while.  Does anyone know of one? 
let me know
also check out my website at

real estate: Anyone know of any websites that accept XML feeds? - 01/28/09 11:59 AM
I need to know of every single website that you know of that accepts XML feeds.  If anyone knows of any can you let me know.  I need find out more asap. 

real estate: Free EBAY ad GIVEAWAY!!! no joke, first 10 people only - 01/28/09 05:10 AM
ok, so I am about to spend $300+ on ebay ads!  And I am looking for 10 properties across the nation that are below 70% ltv.   If you have a property that is below this then please respond to this blog with your phone # and I will get back with you. 
This is basically $300 in free advertising for your investor property!!
HURRY only first 10 get it!

real estate: Spending 10 minutes to list property = 500+ people looking at your deal - 01/27/09 08:01 AM
Ok.  so we all know that investor property can be a great deal if you buy it right.  But that deal really does not do much of anything for you if you do not advertise it back to the market when you go to wholesale it or flip it.
I've made an accurate and educated estimate that if you spend 10-12 minutes posting your property deal in different places on the net you can get 500+  investors/flippers/wholesalers/ etc to view your property!  At 0 cost to you!! Which means you will get about 10-15 calls/emails on your property, and many times … (4 comments)

real estate: Comment here!! Please rate me website 1 - 10 - 01/26/09 11:43 AM
Ok , so I am interested in getting a ranking for my website.  I just made it, and i was wondering if anyone could look at it and rank it from 1 - 10, 10 being the best of course.  It is a website for investors, house flippers, etc etc. 
Let me know what I could improve upon. 

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