oxnard: New Boating Instruction Center - 07/25/06 10:52 AM
   Located next to The Whale's Tail Restaurant on Harbor Blvd, (West side of the Harbor) the boating instruction and safety center (bisc) will provide boating and marine education to residents of ventura county.  Programs will be provided by California State University - Channel Islands along with the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the County of Ventura, among others.  The BISC will offer beginning and intermediate sailing, kayaking, diving, boating safety, as well as other educational programming.
On July 3, 2006, the channel islands harbor foundation received a letter from the martin v. and martha k. smith foundation offering a contribution of $1,000,000 toward … (0 comments)

oxnard: Channel Islands Harbor Expansion - 07/25/06 10:17 AM
There are new hotels moving into the harbor, new restaurants, a new marina and shopping center is under construction.
The first of the new restaurants has just opened.  Seaside Grill located at Harbor Landing on Harbor Blvd.  Thie is a charming Persian restaurant.  The owner has done a wonderful job with the decor.  It is all new and what great food!  A definite asset to our harbor.
Seaside Grill is open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 3 PM for lunch and from 5 PM to 9 PM for dinner.

oxnard: Active Rain Networking - 07/24/06 02:48 PM
I just spoke with someone who found me by putting my name into Google for a search.  It immediately came up.  This individual contacted me through Active Rain.  It works!!
 Exciting that a network is actually working so quickly after launch.

oxnard: Update on New Devlopments in the Harbor - 07/24/06 02:44 PM
The Channel Islands Harbor is being updated.  There is a new master plan currently being submitted to the Coastal Commission.  A promedande is being proposed to link all of the western side of the harbor.  Every venue is being updated.  Exciting times.  We will be posting new information as it becomes available. … (0 comments)

oxnard: Free Wi Fi at the Beach - 07/22/06 05:17 AM
The Channel Islands Beach Community Services District is providing FREE wi fi to the beach area at Channel Islands Harbor (located halfway between Malibu and Santa Barbara).  The area includes Hollywood Beach, Silverstrand Beach, Oxnard Shores (Mandalay Shores), HarborWalk at Hollywood Beach and The Colony at Mandalay.
A wonderful service for the community!!

oxnard: Proposal to build LNG Port off shore - 07/20/06 05:15 AM
Did You Know???
It is being proposed that we build a port 14 miles off the shore of Ventura County to provide natural gas for California.  It is expected to be on line by 2010 or 2011.
California produces only 15 percent of the total natural gas we need to operate our businesses, warm our homes, feed our families and get us to work everyday. Widely used throughout the world for decades, liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported through Cabrillo Port is a reliable option to help address future natural gas needs here in Ventura County, and California.
Cabrillo Port converts liquefied natural gas back … (1 comments)

oxnard: Find an Agent Who Knows the Neighborhood - 07/17/06 06:15 AM
Thank you for all of the comments regarding this topic. 
 Since we are at the beach, we have been flooded with out of area agents who do not know the values of properties, making offers.....sometimes far less than the listed price.  Hence my last post.
I am always willing to pay a referral fee to an out of area agent....be it a sister, brother, mother or father of the buyer.
That way, the buyer is being represented by an agent who knows the neighborhood.

oxnard: Construction Projects at the Beach - 07/15/06 03:58 AM
Mandalay Shores
North Shore at Mandalay Bay will be located at the corner of 5th St and Harbor Blvd
Casas de la Playa will be at the corner of Terramar and Little Harbor Blvd.
Sand Dunes on Harbor Blvd just south of Wooley Rd have just been fenced off in preperation for new construction
Two New Sites being developed.  These were 2 drilling sites owned by the oil company.  They are located at Whitecap and Wavecrest and Breakeers and Reef.

oxnard: New Building at Channel Islands Harbor - 07/12/06 08:44 PM
We have a unique situation in that we are expanding the harbor.  We have 3 new gated communities in the harbor, the newest just being built. 
Westport is a community of condominiums, townhomes and single family homes with boat docks.  Prices start at about $750,000 for a condominiums and go up to $2,500,000 for a single family home with boat dock.
WhiteSails is a community of apartment style luxury comdominiums.  Prices start at $650,000. Currently there are about 5 left
SeaBridge is still under construction and is the most ambitious.  A new island with single family homes is being created in the harbor.  SeaBridge … (0 comments)

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