professionalism: Eco-Friendly Agents - 11/20/06 10:28 PM
Are you an eco-friendly agent?
Among other things, Eco-Friendly Real Estate Agents:
Include as many photos as their MLS will allowHave a virtual tour of their listings availableProvide good directions to the propertyInclude a floorplan whenever possibleIf listing agents took the time to properly market their listings, buyers would be better able to narrow down the homes they'd want to see.  This saves everyone time and gas (less pollution), and doesn't inconvenience the seller with home showings to buyers that perhaps would have known it was not the home they're looking for had they seen more photos or a virtual tour ahead of … (28 comments)

professionalism: MLS: The Best Under-Used Marketing Vehicle We Have - 09/22/06 04:30 AM
Most people's largest investment is the home they own and live in.  Why, then, do so many real estate agents put as little information as possible on their listings in the MLS?  The MLS is the first place we, as real estate professionals, turn to when we're searching for homes for a buyer.  With all the technology and how-to guides available to us, why do so many agents only enter the minimum amount of information required to get a listing on the MLS?  Rarely does more information get added after the listing has been entered into the MLS.  Are these agents lazy … (34 comments)

professionalism: Do You Proofread Your Listings? - 09/06/06 03:02 AM
Whether you input your listings yourself into your MLS or your assistant or the office secretary does, it's always a good idea to proofread your listings, preferably soon after they are entered into the MLS and especially if you won't be uploading any photos at the same time the listing is entered (or ever). 
Over the years, I've come across many typos and incorrect information on new (and old) listings.  This never ceases to be amaze me.  When you consider that most seller's largest financial investment is their home and the MLS is the main vehicle used to market the majority … (9 comments)

professionalism: Hurricane Preparedness for Real Estate Professionals - 08/29/06 01:26 AM
More people in hurricane prone areas are more knowledgeable now about how to be better prepared should one be headed in their direction.  However, one item often overlooked by real estate agents is the "For Sale" sign, which can become a flying object during heavy winds.  Regardless of what type of "For Sale" sign you and/or your company places on listed properties, it's a good idea to stop by your listings and remove the sign and any accompanying rider signs, or be prepared for the possibility of having to spend money afterwards replacing lost signs.  It's probably not necessary to remove the post … (3 comments)

professionalism: Top 8 Things to Remember When Leaving a Phone Message for Listing Agents - 08/28/06 04:18 AM
Speak clearly.  I placed this in the #1 position because it has caused me the most frustration.  This is especially important if you have an accent (thick or not).  I regularly have to listen to voicemail messages 3+ times because I can't understand some of what the agent is saying.  I've written down wrong phone numbers because the agent did not speak clearly.  I can't call you back if I can't hear your phone number correctly.Speak slowly -- I don't take shorthand!  I also don't like to have to replay the same message 2+ times in order to write down all … (15 comments)

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