green living: Mandala Eco Homes now make deluxe yurts for Maui - 05/13/11 06:36 AM

Talk about eco-friendly building! I always dreamed of a home built like this and today Georgina posted a blog post about this adorable little hut that was on their Realtor Caravan tour in Maui!!!
Wouldn't it be great to have a house like this, albeit somewhat larger!
Mandala Eco Homes now make deluxe yurts for Maui
Today on Haiku Realtor Caravan I saw the cutest little hard-sided yurt made of coconut wood, by Mandala Eco Homes.  The walls, floor and deck are made of either coconut or tropical hard woods, and the roof is a double layer of canvas with … (1 comments)

green living: Cork Flooring - Why is it green? How is it made? - 04/12/11 02:20 AM

I had no idea that cork flooring is so environmentally friendly! Read this post written by Debbie Gartner which explains the entire process! If you are considering putting in new flooring, you might want to consider making it cork!
Why is cork flooring considered to be a green product? Where does cork come from?  How is cork made?  Have you ever wondered?
Where does cork come from? First, let me clarify that to some extent, virtually every tree has an outer layer of cork bark, but the cork that is used for cork flooring, as well as cork wine stoppers, … (10 comments)

green living: Blue is Green, and Sometimes Green is Blue | Eco-friendly Home Construction in Carlsbad CA - 01/08/11 08:54 AM

Jeff Dowler brought my attention to a new product that is produced here in wood! It is eco-friendly and reduces the chance of having problems down the road with termites, fungus and mold. Anyone considering building a new home needs to be aware of the existence of this product! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Jeff!!
Blue is Green, and Sometimes Green is Blue  I'm not color-blind, although perhaps your thought is just that from the title. 
But blue IS green and sometimes green is really blue.
We're talking environmental stuff here, and in particular the wood … (4 comments)

green living: Cuxhaven Germany Wind Energy - 01/03/11 11:16 AM
I received a photo in an e-mail from a friend who was travelling over the Holidays in Northern Germany. He took a photo of the windmills outside of Cuxhaven. What I enjoyed most was the beautiful colors of the sky in this photo and I had to share this!

We sure don't see anything like that down here in Florida!!!

green living: Caruso's Green Tip of the Day! - 08/13/10 01:01 AM

Here is another one of Caruso's Green Tips! It is all about the environment!

Convectional idea
A toaster oven uses one-third the energy
of a full-size oven
and is ideal for heating small items.
And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.
Best regards,
Michael Caruso, Broker ABR ABRM CRB CRS GREEN GRI
2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900
And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.
Best regards,
Past President, Orange County Association … (0 comments)

green living: Top 5 tips to save energy bucks at your casa! - 07/31/10 07:22 AM

Important tips on saving money and taking care of your home/apartment/condo - we all want to save!!!
1. Replace your highest-use incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or LED bulbs. Check out APS' CFL savings calculator for a rough idea of what you could save. Although CFLs are much more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they last at least 10 times as long, use 75 percent less energy, and generate far less heat, resulting in lower air-conditioning bills. Bear in mind that seldom-used incandescent bulbs, such as those in a closet, are probably best left alone until they … (4 comments)

green living: Residential Green Housing Market Poised for Rapid Growth - 02/28/10 04:15 AM

Here is another worthy post by John Thomas about the trend to GO GREEN which started way back in the 60's (I remember it well) and has FINALLY really taken off!
Residential Green Housing Market Poised for Rapid Growth
The chart below is out of a presentation I’ve given about growing opportunities in the Green Housing Market. The data is from McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics report published in 2009. On the upside, the market is predicted to grow to as much as $140B over the next three years. The data predicts green homes will comprise as much as 20% of new residential … (4 comments)

green living: Home Star: A Federal Program To Help Create Jobs By Promoting Residential Energy Efficient Upgrades - 02/28/10 04:08 AM

I found this blog post written by John Thomas in Colorado and thought it was important enough to warrant a re-blog!
Home Star: A Federal Program To Help Create Jobs By Promoting Residential Energy Efficient Upgrades
The Home Star program is well on its way to becoming official legislation. An outgrowth of Vice President Biden’s Retrofit America program announced last October, the Home Star program is rapidly gaining momentum. The program is designed to provide incentives to homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades in their home. The program will be implemented on the state and local levels.
Homeowners can choose from … (5 comments)

green living: Curlew Creek Elementary's New Technology AND GREEN Buildings - 10/13/08 08:26 AM
Curlew Creek Elementary School in Palm Harbor is getting new technology AND the new pods are being built GREEN and with the newest, safest hurricane construction available!!! The construction is to begin within the next few months and be completed in time for the 2009-2010 school year!
The technological advances will include Smart Boards and projectors in the ceilings of the individual pods! In addition to this construction, the entire school will be getting a new roof and new flooring!!! This is just another example of how Pinellas County Schools are well taken care of and offer students the latest in … (0 comments)

green living: Staples AND Office Depot Take Used Printer Cartridges For CASH - 03/25/08 02:32 AM
Both Staples and Office Depot take used printer cartridges back and give you a $3. credit on your next ink cartridge purchase! This is not only a great savings for you, but you are doing something positive for the environment!
It is also a wonderful way to set a positive example for your children!
Remember, there is not limit on the number of cartridges you can return - we take A LOT of them back and when you start figuring out $3. each over the course of a year, it is indeed a nice savings!!!

green living: What Is With The Grouper? - 01/30/08 02:34 AM
I have a friend who has a fishing boat and he is turning green at the gills! With the new regulation to reduce gag grouper fishing, he is seeing his profits dwindling and the prospect of eventually having to sell off his charter fishing boat. That would be a shame, since he has been doing this for a living for over 30 years now!
The proposed restrictions, if they go into effect, would reduce grouper fishing to 9 months a year, totally eliminating it during the winter months, which is when we have our biggest influx of tourists! Commercial fisherman will … (3 comments)

green living: Going Green With Canvas - 01/23/08 06:20 AM
You would think this is some brand new idea - I keep reading more and more about grocery stores going green by selling canvas bags to customers and either charging for plastic or not offering it at all. What is so new about this? When I lived in Europe in the 1970's and 1980's we took our shopping bags with us to the store. We used the entire array - canvas bags, string bags, crochet bags, baskets on wheels that you could walk home with - none of this is new!
When I moved back to the States in the 1980's … (7 comments)

green living: Light Rail System To Connect Pinellas and Hillsborough? - 01/23/08 05:45 AM
Could it be? Is it possible? That our two counties, Pinellas and Hillsborough may eventually be connected by a light rail system? Connecting St Petersburg/Clearwater to Tampa would only make sense - right? Local bus officials are discussing putting the idea to voters in 2010 - WHY WAIT SO LONG?????????????
The discussions were to ask the public for a half cent sales tax to pay for better mass transit, which could include a light rail system. Pinellas County has so much traffic already that I do not understand why we would want to wait until 2010 on something this important. We … (0 comments)

green living: Invasive Air Potato In Pinellas - 01/23/08 04:20 AM
Who has ever heard of the Air Potato Plant? I know that I had not prior to this morning! It seems that the Air Potato is one more invasive plant that we have to deal with here in Pinellas County! From Tarpon Springs and Safety Harbor all the way down to St Petersburg, this plant is everywhere!
This plant originates in West Africa where it is cultivated on farms and an addition to the diet. Here in Florida it is NOT cultivated, but grows wild and for some reason this variety is bitter and can even be poisonous. As if that were … (3 comments)

green living: What Do You Do With Gift Paper? - 12/21/07 10:37 AM
Remember that I lived in Germany for 17 years, beginning back in 1972. I was 23 years old when I landed and most of what I learned and habits I developed as an adult came from those years. My mother-in-law was a saint! I hear the mother-in-law stories and must say that while my German husband may have thought those things about MY mother, HIS mother was a dream! She taught me to knit and crochet- I made so many sweaters, vests, pairs of socks during my 20's and 30's that it is no wonder that I don't knit anymore! I … (3 comments)

green living: EPA Ruling On Auto Emissions - 12/21/07 02:48 AM
This one really knocks me over! How DARE Washington meddle with states rights - especially when those states are doing something POSITIVE for the environment! This entire situation with the EPA ruling against California makes me really angry!!!! I am NOT an Arnold fan, but this time the governor of California is doing something that needs to be done - leading the way to cut emissions! And the EPA dares say that they cannot put these rules into effect -
I am extremely pleased that our own Governor Crist is not only following the wave and getting Florida in line with … (5 comments)

green living: Christmas - The Electric Companies Love Christmas!!! - 12/16/07 12:35 PM
Not really wanting to put a damper on the season, but when I am out walking the dog and look at all of the Christmas lights, I have to think about all of the electricity that is being used. Is this really necessary? We talk about the environment and saving energy and how we are ruining the planet - and then we put up as many electric lights as possible all over our homes and yards so that if they were flying by from outer space we would shine brighter than we do the rest of the year -
Call me … (5 comments)

green living: Giant Fish Farming Cages In The Gulf Of Mexico ??? - 12/12/07 07:20 AM
I have been reading about plans to put giant 85 x 50 foot cages for fish farming in the Gulf of Mexico and have to wonder if this will indeed be the trend of the future to keep the masses alive. If you think of the fish as merely something needed for human consumption, I guess it does not bother you - just as it does not bother you that calves to not see the light of day if they are intended to be slaughtered and sold as veal - or that chickens are kept in deplorable conditions in those hen … (19 comments)

green living: Pink Christmas Wish List - 12/11/07 11:10 AM
IF money were not an issue and I was building a home, I would want it located directly on the Gulf where wind power could be combined with solar to power the entire home year round! My windows would be wind/hurricane resistant and also coated to reduce interior heating, thusly saving on air conditioning!
Naturally, all appliances would be top of the line energy saving and bathroom fixtures/toilet would be water saving! The home would have reverse osmosis for the water system so there would be no need to purchase bottled water.
Xeriscaping in the yard goes without saying, since this … (12 comments)

green living: Florida's Sandhill Cranes with Chick AND Sustainability Information - 10/22/07 01:49 PM
If you follow this link: you will see the most beautiful slide show of the Sandhill Crane. It starts with the parents (who mate for life - if you did not know this fact) and their two eggs. Later you see the one chick with the parents. Sadly, the second egg never hatched.
The slide show is presented by Dr. Robert Grover of the Office of Sustainability at the University of Florida. Check out this link: for more information on sustainability and renewable energy.

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