my life: Remembering My Dad On This Father's Day - 06/15/14 03:26 AM
Dad had a temper (guess I have an excuse?) and was set in his ways, that is for sure, but there was nothing in life more important to him than his family! He made sure that his kids got the college education that he had always wanted for himself. There was nothing he would not do for his kids.

With a role model like that, it just figures that there is nothing in the world I would not do for my own kids. Through thick and thin, no matter how many mistakes we made or how many times we did … (14 comments)

my life: Sascha's Last Day Here Is Today - 03/16/14 08:37 PM
My son, Sascha is spending his last day in Florida today. Tomorrow morning he will be flying up to Baltimore/DC to spend a week with friends in those two cities before returning to Berlin.

It has been wonderful, having him here for ten days! The photo above was taken last week at Honeymoon Island State Park. From left is my son, Sascha, my daughter Corinna holding her baby (almost 3 months old already), their Aunt Renate and in front is my seven year old granddaughter. The time has gone by so quickly, but we knew that it would. The next … (16 comments)

my life: When Will We Be Fishing Again? - 01/10/14 10:01 PM
When will we be fishing again? That is the biggest question right now in our house! Ronnie and I are both tired of this weather and not being able to go out on the boat.

I do admit, we are spoiled. But that happens when you live in a place where you can normally go fishing just about any day of the year! This abnormally cold winter has put a real damper on our fishing trips and we are both about OVER it!!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed that we may get a couple of decent days this month … (5 comments)

my life: Going Through Old Photos On A Winter Morning - 01/10/14 07:28 AM
I was going through old photos on a winter morning today and decided to share this photo of my maternal grandmother, Magda Maria Stefunko Tomecko and her son, Stephen Tomecko Junior. 

This photo was taken in Avon Park Florida when my uncle completed aviation school during WWII. His plane was shot down over the Pacific and his body was never recovered. My mother always said he was the best of the 8 siblings, he had at one time wanted to become a priest. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him.

my life: Even Florida Is Feeling The Cold!!!!! - 01/05/14 12:52 AM
Even Florida is feeling the cold! With a high temperature of 70 yesterday and a predicted high of 79 today, you might think we are not feeling the winter cold.

That would be totally incorrect! The low for Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week is to be in the high 30's!!! That means all my balcony plants will be coming inside and my pepper, tomato & blueberry plants will be covered up!!! This is NOT a typical December and I am NOT enjoying the change!

my life: How Much To Purchase An Island Off Clearwater Florida? - 12/27/13 10:42 PM
'How much to purchase an island?' was the question I received from a client from up in New Jersey. He was down here looking at homes and wanted to know about purchasing one of the islands in Clearwater's intercoastal waterway to build a home on. The problem is that those islands belong to the county and most of them are bird sanctuaries while others belong to the park system. So no islands for sale here.

While it may sound like a cute idea, you have to also think about things like getting fresh water out there, disposing of waste water … (14 comments)

my life: Remembering The First Time I Saw Snow As An Adult - 12/27/13 05:17 AM
I grew up in Florida since my family moved down here the summer before third grade (from Connecticut). When I was 23, I moved to Germany. The photo below is from 1972 and that is the Rhein River behind me.

Not long thereafter I met my future hubby, who was in Engineering School on the Lake of Konstanz (on the German/Swiss border). It was the winter of 1972-73 that I was sitting next to the window in the student dorm when it started snowing.
In Germany, the windows swing wide open. No screen, nothing. It is great for airing out … (11 comments)

my life: Whoever Said You Can't Go Fishing 365 Days A Year Never Visited Florida - 12/27/13 03:20 AM
Whoever said you cannot go fishing 365 days a year never visited Florida! It is indeed true, you can fish here year round! And here in Palm Harbor Florida you can be out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing in minutes.

Ronnie grew up in a fishing family. His father, grandfather and one uncle all owned large boats that took dozens of people each and every day to fish in the Gulf of Mexico. From the time he could walk, Ronnie helped out on his father's boat when not in school. 
Having grown up on fishing boats like that means … (7 comments)

my life: Merry Christmas To All! - 12/24/13 10:10 AM
Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic Christmas! This afternoon I was at my daughter's house with her, her hubby and my little granddaughter. The baby was due two days ago but she decided to make us all wait. Hopefully she won't be a Christmas baby, although Corinna would be happy just to have her arrive at this point!

We skyped with the family in Germany while I was there and I got to see my son, who is spending his Christmas at his Dad's home since he is still living in Germany. Needless to say, I miss … (15 comments)

my life: Knitting Again.....Becoming A True Grandmother! - 12/19/13 06:29 AM
It is pretty amazing that for the last 27 years, I have not picked up knitting needles. The last time I knit anything, my own children were young and we lived in Germany. I learned to knit from my mother-in-law. She could knit anything. So when my daughter asked me to teach her to knit, I was thrilled!

This photo is of the scarf that I just completed for Corinna. I also made one in the same purple color for my little granddaughter and am now working on a scarf for my son.
Knitting has brought back a lot of … (12 comments)

my life: Where Does The Water From The Air Conditioning Drip Pan Go? - 12/17/13 03:02 AM
This should get the attention of many of our home inspectors but it is a good question: Where does the water from the air conditioning drip pan go and does it end up far enough from the foundation of the home?
Years ago I lived in a townhome in a gated golf course community in the Palm Harbor area. I was on the homeowner association board (and that is one reason I will never live in a deed restricted community again! THAT was a REAL lesson) - but I digress. The homeowner association was undertaking several major changes and one of … (11 comments)

my life: Using Photos That You DID NOT TAKE Is Copyright Infringement & Wrong! - 12/16/13 01:25 AM
We have been over this dozens of times here in ActiveRain, people posting photos that they did NOT take in their blog posts. I saw it again this morning and know that the photos came from Facebook.
Let me say this again, it is unethical, copyright infringement and just plain WRONG to use photos in your blog posts that do NOT belong to you! You can PAY to use photos and graphics, there are many websites that offer annual subscriptions, but you CANNOT just take photos that you see on the internet or in someone else's blog post and use them … (39 comments)

my life: The Snowy Egret That Hangs Out On Our Balcony - 12/15/13 05:14 AM
This is the Snowy Egret that hangs out on our balcony. He has been hanging out most of the daylight hours for the last several weeks on our balcony. It is a blast, watching him watch us.

We have been feeding him bits of bread and Ronnie broke down yesterday and pulled some shrimp out of the freezer to thaw so he could feed it to the Snowy Egret! 

Talk about spoiling a bird, he only has to fly two blocks to be in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy all the fish and shrimp he catches … (13 comments)

my life: The World's Most Beautiful Art Work - 11/09/13 08:03 PM
This is in my opinion as a Grandma (Oma in German) the world's most beautiful art work!

My granddaughter comes to my house each and every morning and stays here for a couple of hours. She has breakfast with us and draws or does art in the 'Paint' program on my computer and then I take her to school (first grade).
This past week she drew a picture of Ronnie, herself and Oma at the breakfast table and put an enormous rainbow over us. Naturally, that is now on the refrigerator!!!! Indeed, the world's most beautiful art work!

my life: When A Bull Shark Drives You Out Of The Water............... - 08/23/13 08:52 AM
When a bull shark drives you out of the water, you move fast!

Ronnie and I were out on the boat today. I took a ton of videos and photos! It was a perfect day in Paradise and I really mean that with all my heart. The day was wonderful!

After spending a lot of time out by Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island, we headed in a little toward Dunedin, since we knew afternoon thunderstorms would be coming in soon. We stopped at Kellogg Island (another blog about the island and home that belonged to the Kellogg family) and … (12 comments)

my life: Boating on Clearwater's Intercoastal Waterway Down To Madeira Beach - 08/03/13 04:31 AM
Yesterday we went boating and headed south along Clearwater's Intercoastal Waterway down toward John's Pass and Madeira Beach. We took our time, putting along like an old tug boat would do.

I love those lazy days when we are not in a hurry and I can take hundreds of photos of the homes and coastline from the waterway. This is such a great advertising tool!

We had John's Pass Village in our sights but a sudden thunderstorm started building up fast over the area we were heading toward. When the lightening started to strike, we decided to do a 180 … (6 comments)

my life: Dad Hated Computers! - 07/14/13 04:31 AM
Dad hated computers. This week it will be 17 years since my father passed on. (yes, that is my Dad with me on his back back in 1949)
I remember his last two years at work, when they put a computer on his desk. The company had been sold to a larger corporation from up north. Dad's secretaries had used computers for several years but nobody dared ask him to use one. The new owners did not know Dad and did not care about how he did things.
Those two years, before he retired, were years that he said again and … (18 comments)

my life: Beer Battered Grouper - A Great Brunch! - 07/06/13 04:28 AM
Beer battered grouper was my brunch today! I had that with roasted potatoes and a nice cheddar biscuit! Talk about spoiled, yes I am!

Ronnie and I went out for an early morning walk around Crystal Beach and down to Wall Springs Park and when we got back home, he made beer battered grouper for brunch! What better way to kick off a lazy Saturday at home?
Where did we get the grouper since he did not catch grouper yesterday? His buddy, Bob, brought over 5 pounds of grouper fillet two days ago since he had more than he could … (18 comments)

my life: There Are Title Companies & Then There Is Integrity Title Of Clearwater - 07/03/13 05:24 AM
There are title companies and then there is Integrity Title of Clearwater Florida. They do indeed go the extra mile to make sure things are done on time.
Probably one of my favorite things about working with Integrity Title is that you are constantly in the loop. From the moment that I email them a copy of the contract to open a file, things move forward flawlessly and that means a lot to me and to my clients.
The staff there consists of three lovely ladies, Barbara, Melissa and Tina, who have been there for years. This trio runs one … (10 comments)

my life: Missing Berlin - Where BOTH Of My Kids Are Right Now...... - 06/29/13 10:53 PM
Yes, on this sunny Sunday morning, my thoughts are in Berlin. Both Sascha and his sister, Corinna, are there right now. They Face-timed me on iPhone late yesterday afternoon to let me know what they are up to.

Corinna could not make Sascha's graduation since she is a high school instructor, so she and her daughter flew over a few days before I left and will be there until the end of July.

While little Aubrey is staying with her grandparents in Germany (my ex-hubby and his wife, along with their two adult sons), Corinna is visiting her brother … (13 comments)

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