selling homes: Advertising Listings Gets Homes Sold - 06/03/10 08:43 AM
I have a wonderful listing that I took over a couple of weeks ago. My client had been with a friend that is in real estate prior to listing with me. Her complaint was that the place was never shown. I wondered why..... sometimes agents just put the listing in the MLS and are done with their work. That won't get the place sold in this market!

Today, when I called her for the fifth time in a week to schedule a showing for another agent, she commented on how much the place is getting shown. I explained that I do … (10 comments)

selling homes: Negotiating - That Is What We As Realtors Do! - 05/18/10 03:52 AM
Negotiating is such an important part of our job as realtors! Right now I am in the middle of another round of negotiating..............a preforeclosure on the beaches. The bank is going to be taking quite a hit on this one but they want to move it soon. Water view (both Gulf of Mexico and intercoastal) in a great condo on Island Estates.

Remember that when you choose a realtor to work with you want someone with a proven track record in negotiating! That is something you can only learn with time and experience!!! I would love to assist you purchase … (7 comments)

selling homes: Wait Until The Home Is Ready Before Listing And Taking Photos - 05/17/10 08:48 AM
A good friend of Ron's has a wonderful 5 bedroom 4 bath home with a 5 car garage as well as a garage for his RV to park. There is a pool, a pond and a creek. Plenty of trees, including fruit trees. All of this is on a little over two acres of land just across the Pasco County line off Seven Springs Road.
This friend is going through a divorce and has been living single for over a year now, so the place needs some TLC before photos are taken. He mentioned that I should list it for him … (6 comments)

selling homes: Dear Seller, Your Home Won't Sell If It Is Overpriced!!! - 05/12/10 03:05 AM
I have had to make a couple of phone calls already this week with exactly that theme: Dear seller, your home won't sell if it is overpriced!!! Getting the seller to believe that is not always easy BUT if you submit statistics showing what has sold in the area and at what price AND what is on the market in the area and how THAT is priced, you stand a better chance of getting through.

In both cases with my sellers, prices have been lowered on similar homes and my sellers want to sell QUICKLY. That will only happen if … (10 comments)

selling homes: Love To Sell Your Property IF I Could Get In To Show It - 05/05/10 08:20 AM
This is a hot button with many of us in real estate! We list a property, the owner still lives there and ONLY wants showings by appointment. I have no problem with that BUT if you only want it shown by appointment then return my phone calls so I can set appointments up!!!!
There is nothing more frustrating for a realtor than having a great listing that you can't show because the owner doesn't return your messages to set up an appointment!!!! Please remember that IF you want the place to sell we HAVE TO be able to get in!!!!


selling homes: The Market Is Indeed Turning Around!!!! Yahoo!!! - 04/28/10 10:41 AM
The market is indeed turning around and I am so pleased! This Spring I had more clients getting off the 'waiting fence' and deciding it is time to make offers and go out and see those listings! It has been so busy and I am so pleased! I have written more offers in the first quarter of this year than in all of 2009!

The fact that I am hearing the same story from friends that are realtors across the nation makes me smile! I said at the beginning of 2010 that this would be a great year and it … (5 comments)

selling homes: Let The Negotiations Begin..... - 04/08/10 07:27 AM
It is that time again. One of my listings just got an offer. The only problem is that the offer is just barely over what my client purchased the place for in July of 2009! Granted, he purchased the property from a bank - it was one of 3 REO sales I did last year.
In the interim he has put over 12k into the property since he was planning on using it himself - BUT it turns out I was correct and the place is indeed too small for him. We are looking for a larger condo now and this … (5 comments)

selling homes: Cash Only Condo Deals - 02/17/10 06:13 AM
Cash is King - we have heard that before and right now it is really the case! With 15% of condo owners delinquent on their monthly condo fees, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get a mortgage for a condo purchase! It depends on the specific condo association and what their financial statements look like.
I get a constant stream of people looking to purchase condos but most want to finance their purchase. Not only will FHA not touch condos, but conventional loans are backing off from condo purchases as well!!! Gone are the days of getting an easy … (2 comments)

selling homes: Curb Appeal Helps Sell That Home - 02/17/10 05:41 AM
Curb appeal can make or break getting someone in to look at your home! That is something people often forget. You can have a wonderful home inside, but if it doesn't look inviting, people may not want to see that beautiful inside!

A little landscaping can go a long way to improve the way your home presents itself to prospective buyers! It is good idea to ask the expert before investing in large remodeling jobs to make sure that it is something that will actually increase the value of the home. You don't want to spend money on something that … (0 comments)

selling homes: Agent Wants E-mail Requests To Show His Listings!!! - 01/13/10 06:14 AM
Yes, you read correctly!!! I ran across this today and it blew my mind!!! I got an e-mail from a client saying that her son would be in town and she wanted me to show him a listing that she is interested in. No problem! Or so I thought....................
After pulling up the listing and grabbing my cell to make a call that I was going to show the place my eyes wondered to the 'realtor only' remarks where I read that I should NOT call this agent! I was to send an e-mail if I wanted to show this home!!! … (11 comments)

selling homes: Stop Making Indecent Proposals!!!!! - 11/11/09 12:04 AM
Stop making indecent proposals when making offers on homes! And when you do make them, don't be so surprised when the homeowner does not want to counteroffer or negotiate with you! They are now insulted!
I see this time and again! A listing for 220k, an offer of 175k - the house is in perfect condition! All you need to do is move in! If I was the homeowner, I would be insulted too!!!!
Even though I run comps before my buyers make offers, time and again they put in offers that are so low that the sellers just don't want … (12 comments)

selling homes: Gotta Love Those Canadians!!!! - 02/20/09 01:17 AM
Gotta love those Canadians! They know a good thing when they see one! Right now with all of the short sales taking place down here in Florida I have been working with a client out of Toronto that currently has written offers on three short sale condos and is considering writing a fourth contract.
As if that is not fantastic, he is coming back next month with a friend who is also interested in purchasing a condo or two that are in short sale!
Yes, if all of those contracts are accepted, he wants all of those condos - it is … (3 comments)

selling homes: Homeowner Refuses To Supply Condo Docs - 02/13/09 01:14 AM
I have a buyer that has put in an offer on a short sale and am having a hard time getting a copy of the condo docs from the seller. She is no longer in the state and says she cannot find her copy of the condo docs.
After explaining to the listing agent that it is up to the seller to supply a copy of the condo docs I get a call back informing me that the condo docs cost $50. and the seller is not willing to spend any money on this deal so if my buyer wants to … (8 comments)

selling homes: Hospice - My Favorite Place To Take 'Recycle-ables' - 01/11/09 01:59 AM
Hospice is indeed my favorite place to take things that I consider 'recycle-ables'. Once again I will be moving (the end of this month). It has been great living with my daughter and granddaughter but now it is time to move a few miles down the road.
This move will be A LOT easier though!!!! First of all, all of my mother's and grandmother's furniture that I have been moving around with me is staying with my daughter. Some of it she will keep and some she is keeping for her brother until he has a larger place in DC and … (2 comments)

selling homes: Smoker's Den - UGH! - 11/13/08 04:50 PM
Yesterday a friend gave me a call - there is a condo in her community that is in foreclosure - seems someone passed on and the remaining relatives just cleared out the furniture and let the bank take the place over. Well, after checking it out I am understanding why. The place is a mess!
The gentleman that lived there must have resided there for years! The walls and ceiling are stained yellow from cigarette smoke. It is so bad that when they removed the wall hanging in the bathroom you could see that all of the bathroom tiles (with the … (5 comments)

selling homes: What Does It Take To Sell A Home? - 11/13/08 08:02 AM
What does it take to sell a home? Price and marketing! Simple as that! If the price is not right for the current market conditions then all the marketing in the world will not sell the place. Likewise, if the home is priced correctly, but the agent merely places it in the MLS, chances of selling the place are vastly reduced!
I feel we do an excellent job of marketing, but today we walked away from a listing simply because the owner was unrealistic about the price. Perhaps they will call us back in a couple of months - time will … (2 comments)

selling homes: Florida Single Family Home Sales Rise!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/25/08 06:43 AM
According to the Florida Association of Realtors, single home sales rose in July 2008 for the first time in over two years!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like that long awaited turn around is officially here! We have seen a local increase in home sales, but to see this information coming directly from the Florida Association of Realtors does my heart good!!!
In addition to that, the National Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales rose in July 2008 for the first time in the last 5 months!!!
So all those fence sitters out there 'waiting for the bottom to come' may well … (2 comments)

selling homes: Tenants Need To Leave During Showings - 06/25/08 05:07 AM
Why do listing agents allow tenants to be home during showings??? They should contact the owner and make a point of being sure the tenant is not only GONE but has also picked up after themselves before leaving!!!
I have shown so many rented homes, condos and townhomes where the tenant stayed there, following us through the place and turning lights off all the way!!!! you want to sell this place or rent it Mr. Owner?????
Most of the time the place is a mess, the tv is on about as loud as they can get it and there are pets … (7 comments)

selling homes: Home Not Selling? Try Price Reduction! - 05/06/08 12:30 PM
Right now  the market is flooded with homes and many are taking 6 months and longer to sell. Remember to adjust your listing price to the current market! Do an updated CMA and present it to your client. If your home is not priced right it will continue to sit.
While you are at it, update your listing photos too! Even here in Florida, as the seasons change so do the flowering plants! So make sure your photos are current!!!!

selling homes: Listing A House? Don't Do It Without That Photo! - 02/11/08 11:53 AM
Listing a house? Don't do it without that photo! Every agent that I discuss this one topic with agrees with me on this - when I am out there sorting through listings for a client and I come across a listing that does not have a photo already there I simply skip it! Yes, I skip it! I don't care that the price is or how wonderful it might sound from the description - actually I don't even read the description - I simply move on! There are way too many homes on the market right now for anyone to even … (13 comments)

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