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I just returned from a visit to my hometown of Eufaula, AL. It's a beautiful place and especially in the Spring with all the Azaleas and Dogwoods blooming. Eufaula is located at the stateline of Alabama and Georgia about 60 miles north of the Florida Stateline. Eufaula is called the Bass Capital ...
WOW, check out the new street level views on google mapping now ! It's fantastic. Never been in a certain neighborhood ? you can take a "drive" down the street by clicking on the arrow on the street and it will progress you down the street. This is only available in certain cities arou...
Note that The Villas of Date Palm have been taken off the market and will probably be rentals. But, you can still read about the construction of them. I'd like to shed some light on precast concrete construction. This is also called Tilt-Up construction. In this method, buildings are constructed ...
If you happen to be selling your house, then you must put yourself in the buyer's shoes. If you were the buyer, then what would you be looking for? A good deal right? Of course and especially in this market where there are, as of the end of Feb. 08, 11,000 single family homes for sale in Pinellas...
I learned about a website called  It's a website that exposes the fine print on Ads, Offers, Bills etc. It's very interesting. While reading it, the title of this blog occurred to me. Deception - It's The Name of The Game.  Everywhere we turn, we are deceived. I'll star...
Here are a few words to brush up on. They are on the unusual side, but very useful. They are great words to know.BALUSTER-short post or pillar in a series that supports a rail, thus forming a balustrade. May be curved or straight.   CANTILEVER-horizontal projection from a building, such as a step...
Building a home is not an easy undertaking. There are a million decisions to be made. You are in the drivers seat and have to select all of your finishes and decide the decor you want. Coordinating all of those finishes is the hard long as you have a good builder handling the actual ...
I recently sat down with a representative from American Home Shield  home warranty company and was truly amazed at the value that it brings to both seller and buyer. Let me first start by showing what a warranty covers so that you will have that knowledge while you continue reading. This is a lis...

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