logo: One Realtor's Idea of a Really Unique Business Card! - 07/09/09 04:34 AM
One of our top customers, Dee Messing from First Team Real Estate in Southern California, faxed over an order form the other day. She needs more business cards. Here in California, a new bill was passed requiring that agents put their DRE license number on all of their marketing that is considered a "first point of contact" with the consumer. Business cards, flyers, postcards, etc.
But Dee wanted something different. She wanted to stand out.
She asked if I had any ideas how to make a business card really unique, and during that conversation, the idea of a "bookmark business card" came up. … (19 comments)

logo: Anatomy of a Real Estate Logo Design - 07/08/09 01:29 AM
Hi everyone!We've had a lot of inquiries lately on personal branding and logo design. What's involved, how much it costs, etc. Apparently, many agents are realizing that if they don't have a unique "look and feel", it may be difficult to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.As a result, I thought I'd share with you a little bit about the process. It's kind of fun to watch somthing go from a plain white "sheet of paper" (actually my computer monitor)...to a finished product. Well..in ths case, it's not quite finished yet...but hopefully will be by the end of the … (11 comments)

logo: Personal Branding...does it really matter? (TEST INSIDE) - 08/16/08 08:20 PM
So...there seems to be a lot of discussion here on the Rain about Personal Branding. Is it necessary...or is it not? Is it too "all about me"...or can it really help grow your business?
Well...as the owner of a national real estate marketing firm...my answer is probably obvious.
But I don't want to push my opinions on you. I'd much rather you decide for yourself. So I created a very simple test. Oh, don't worry...it's an easy one...and I'm sure ALL of you will pass with (excuse the phrase) FLYING COLORS!
So here goes. Ready??

That was easy wasn't it? They're all examples of branding. And … (26 comments)


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