Coming to northeast Georgia and Helen for the 4th?  Be sure and check out the fireworks at the convention center in Helen, GA.  just behind the post office, there will be fireworks at Dusk on the 4th.  Great fun to wind down the day!  While in the area, be sure you take a few drives in each direc...
Coming to visit over the 4th?  Hopefull you are!!  The Helen Convention Center is sponsoring their Annual Fireworks at sure and get here in time!!   Helen Convention Center is behind the post office, call 706 878 2181   The proper address is 726 Bruckenstrasse, Helen, GA. 
Yes, I am indeed fortunate to be in Northeast Georgia!!  I went for an early morning long walk on a dirt road, uphill :-} and it was wonderful.  Did I do this freely of my own will? would have been much easier to sleep a little longer in the cool of the early morning, but my little dog, S...
Do you visit Helen or Northeast Georgia often?  Can you share your favorite place to eat?  Do you live in Helen or Northeast Georgia?  Can you share your favorite place to eat? I am wondering if the places favored by tourists are the same as the places favored by the "locals"? Want to become a "l...
Helen Ga is open for business. What a great day I spent there yesterday.   Helen is ready for your visit.  get there early, don't forget to stop by the Welcome Center to start your visit off right.  Homes are plentiful righ tnow in our area, which means there are some good buys!  Interested?  Let...
Northeast Georgia, Sautee, Helen are areas I have traveled for my 20 years of living here.  I live in a rural area, and I love being able to watch the deer and some of the other wildlife from my house.  Part of being in this area is the appreciation of nature, I think.  I have fed the birds and s...
Have you seen members of the US Census Bureau out and about in northeast Ga?  Have they been calling you on your listings for information?  How do you feel about all that?  Do you as a real estate agent know the importance of the information the Census Bureau is attempting to obtain?  What does i...

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