Recently one of my listings burned.  Might I add a very saleable listing, of course any fire is horrible but this one was not as bad as it could have been if someone had been home.  It is/was a duplex and it did have a firewall, however lightening struck the top floor and gas lines exploded.  It ...
Driving home tonight and thinking about a newscast I heard today, it is true, we should be thinking about people who are out of work too.  Real Estate is a funny business, yes we are unemployed much of our working week, aren't we?  During this particular time in history there are many agents who ...
Yes, there is fall in the air in the northeast Georgia mountains.  You can feel it, the temperatures are really in the low 60s in the evenings and the mornings are nippy and dry.  You can smell it, everyone here seems to have a firepit now..and they are all going, you can smell the wood fires as ...
Remember what your Mother told you?   It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It!!!   True, you have a choice, your words, your tone of voice, your face, it all makes a difference.  Your words so quickly typed or spoken can make all the difference to the recipient and in the long run to you!  Wor...
The recent tv program "What Would You Do" inspired this post, along with a group I belong to which recently could not agree to agree, so of course a new group was formed.  Now of course both groups are only half as effective as they had been as a whole.  It brings to mind loyalty, knowing when to...
"Are we there yet"?   How many times have I heard that, children in the back seat, bored,impatient, tired and just ready to get back to their games, friends and whatever we left at home.  I find myself impatient tonight, not wanting to write this post, impatient with my time, business and life.  ...

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