flynn the georgia real estate lady: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Wishing you a Happy New Year" - 12/31/10 02:36 AM
Where will you spend New Years Eve?  Let me know where you are going!!  I think people still prefer to go out, but many of you may prefer to stay home.  I would like to hear from some of you about this..
Just remember, a designated driver needs to be available unless you plan to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!
Take care and don't forget to have your greens and blackeyed peas tomorrow.  Anyone having greek food? 
Anyone making New Years Resolutions?  I hope one of them is to come to Helen and Northeast Georgia more often in 2011!!!  Think about buying … (4 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga real Estate: "You can't FAKE IT" - 10/27/10 02:31 AM
Perfume makers try and bottle it, room freshners try and imitate it, fabric softners try to copy it, but you know...You Can't FAKE IT!!  What is IT?  That clean fresh woodsy smell encountered on an early morning walk on a country road.  Especially right after a light spring or fall shower.  Today!!  Today is the perfect example of that woodsy clean air that is reserved only for lightly populated areas.  I just returned from a visit to a metropolitan area.  I did go for my walk with my Sir Winston (more about him later), at his insistence.  Guess what, even he … (2 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Fire" - 09/07/10 01:22 PM
Recently one of my listings burned.  Might I add a very saleable listing, of course any fire is horrible but this one was not as bad as it could have been if someone had been home.  It is/was a duplex and it did have a firewall, however lightening struck the top floor and gas lines exploded.  It was on one side a vacation/rental situation, this was my listing side, the other side had permanent residents who were in Europe vacationing.  When I arrived the next day to take some photographs for the owners I looked for my lockbox, nothing including the front … (4 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Walk with me" - 09/05/10 03:13 PM
Yes, there is fall in the air in the northeast Georgia mountains.  You can feel it, the temperatures are really in the low 60s in the evenings and the mornings are nippy and dry.  You can smell it, everyone here seems to have a firepit now..and they are all going, you can smell the wood fires as you walk.  Down by the river people are having marshmellow roasts, pig roasts, hotdog roasts and wine roasts!   What is a wine roast?  You guessed it, just build a fire, bring your favorite wines and a friend or two and behold, you have a … (1 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Helen Georgia Favorite Place to Eat" - 06/23/10 01:17 AM
Do you visit Helen or Northeast Georgia often?  Can you share your favorite place to eat?  Do you live in Helen or Northeast Georgia?  Can you share your favorite place to eat?
I am wondering if the places favored by tourists are the same as the places favored by the "locals"?
Want to become a "local"?   Give me a call.  There are plenty of great buys in Helen and northeast Georgia, whether you are looking for a cabin, a small home, a luxury home or a hidden estate with 80 plus acres and a magnificient is available.  Some of the … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Last Chance" - 04/27/10 11:12 PM
Last Chance to buy a home, a second home, a vacation cabin, a golf course home, a river home, a dream home in north east Georgia in general and Helen Ga specifically and get THE TAX CREDIT!!  You MUST have an accepted Purchase and Sales Agreement executedby April 30th, that is just a matter of hours.  If you have been looking and can make a decision, take advantage of this Tax Credit.  I have not heard any chatter of an extension of time.  You must also be able to close your purchase by June 30th.  Don't let this chance get away.  Rates … (4 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "For the New to the Area" - 04/16/10 02:00 AM
It is Friday, a beautiful Friday in Northeast Georgia, we are expecting a wonderful weekend.  Are you coming to Helen?  Wondering what to do?  Does the guy in your life want to go to the car show but you not so much?  Check out the Mountain Laurel Antique Maill on Hwy 129 South.  Lots of Fun there, it is open from 10 - 6 pm on Sat. and from 1-6pm on Sunday.  Or, if you are looking for an investment and a weekend getaway at a great price, please give me a call, let's talk!

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "April in Helen" - 04/01/10 01:33 AM
April 1st is typically known for jokes, but today dawned bright, crisp and clear. A day of new beginnings.  Are you thinking about moving?  Do you really want an investment?  Are you thinking about taxes?  Helen, and Northeast Georgia offer some good opportunities, rental investments, second homes, cabins in the woods, properties suitable for a vineyard and tasting room business.  Do you want a home which has all the upgrades, and eleveator and climate controlled 3 car garage?  We have that too.  Want a home on 85 plus acres, private?  Yes, from castles to cabins, we have that!  Just call me and … (1 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Viewing Homes 101" - 02/23/10 11:45 PM
Whether you are lucky enough to be coming to northeast Georgia to look for a home or cabin in Helen, Sautee or surrounding areas, you will need to think about when you want to look.  If time is urgent, you have no choice, the right time is NOW.  If you can choose a time of year, the right time is still NOW.  At this time of year, the leaves are off many tees, you can see for miles around your chosen property and actually know what is beyond those trees.  You will be surprised sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not so pleasantly, but … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Photographing Helen" - 02/23/10 11:08 AM
Ever think you would like to just walk through Helen, take your time, see all the little shops, walk all the little streets and just enjoy?  Well now is the time.  I went over today to get some photographs and was able to park my car close in and walk up and down the streets to get my photographs without waiting for people to move out of the way.  Not good for the merchants I agree, it is a Tuesday and there is no snow, but I hear we might get flurries tomorrow!  Come on to Helen, enjoy some lunch at your … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen GA Real Estate "Art Show tomorrow!!" - 02/20/10 11:47 AM
If you are visiting Helen, GA tomorrow, don't forget about the Annual Fireside Art show in Unicoi.  It is indeed a happening and will have many works of arts and crafts from the artisans of the southeast.  Not your usual "High Museum" atmosphere and definitely not a craft show.  There is something for almost every taste.  One of the benefits of living in this area is the wonderful art community which abounds in the northeast Georgia area.  Something to do around Helen GA..and so much more, let me know about your events!  If you schedule an event around northeast Georgia in general … (2 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Where do You GO"? - 02/19/10 04:01 AM
Still wondering, where do YOU GO in and around Helen?  Do you venture over to Sautee?  Great little place many wonderful places there to stop and spend some time, if you have tried any of the little quaint businesses, or the shops, please let me know.  Aso, where do you eat in Sautee?  If you don't have a place, let me know and I can give you a list of places to try.  You can look around Sautee and like many others you may choose to live there full time, there is nothing quite like Sautee..artsy, unique..local..humm, let's talk!

flynn the georgia real estate lady: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Rainy Night in Georgia" - 02/09/10 01:45 AM
Yes, we will have a rainy night in Helen, Ga, which just might turn into some of the magic white stuff everyone here wants to see...SNOW.  Our friends to the north and west are sick of it I am sure, imagine shoveing 30 inches of snow? Another reason to make northeast Georgia you home or your home away from home.  When we have snow, it is just the pretty part!!!  Where else can you get the beautiful mountains, the great rivers and streams the beautiful pasture land, the rolling vineyards and such easy to live with weather day after day?  Don't even … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Baby It's Cold Outside" - 01/11/10 02:46 AM
If you have been visitng our north Georgia Mountains and Helen, you know it is cold outside and it is sometimes cold inside!  The fireplaces and fire pits have been working overtime.  I was unfortunate when i moved here 20 years ago, I got the "light, bright" home I wanted, but no fireplace.  Yes it does have a wood stove, which is okay, but it is not a fireplace.  And it is not conveniently placed to use for heat. All the heat rises to the loft level, and it is blocked by the dining area too!  If you want a fireplace, … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "To Snow or Not to Snow, that is the Question" - 01/07/10 02:19 AM
Oh yes, schools are getting out early all over northeast Georgia, the weather wizards have said we ARE going to have snow.  Now they are predicting later in the afternoon, or perhaps early evening.  Friday does not look promising for snow.  But stay tuned, the forecasts changes by the hour!  Living in the area for 20 years now, the only thing I can say for certain is you can count on the snow only after you see it on the ground!  Right, coming down in large beautiful flakes does not count.  It might stick or it might not.  What looks so … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate " Fall, I Can't Believe I Missed It"! - 11/10/09 02:40 AM
Driving home yesterday, I happened to look up at the mountains surrounding Skitts Mountain Road in Cleveland Georgia and all of a sudden it hit me, I missed Fall in the north Georgia mountains.  For the first time in 20 years, I missed Fall.  Yes, it can happen.  How many of you missed Fall?  I realized last night in the dark, sweeping off the tons of leaves which covered my deck and walkway to the Chattahoochee River, I had truly missed seeing all these leaves in their splendor BEFORE they fell to my deck in a dismal brown layer, rapidly decomposing … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen GA Real Estate "You are Way Out of Atlanta" - 10/12/09 01:05 PM
Come on to Helen, Ga, you are way out of Atlanta, and it is your way out of Atlanta!  Yes, it is raining, but you can bring your umbrella and enjoy!  The leaves are changing, but not yet at their best.  With the hard rains we are having many leaves fall before they should for optimum color.  However, I have never seen an ugly autumn here!!  Come on up and enjoy an uncommon weekend!  Think about it, can you move yet?    If you can, now is a great time to buy!  Give me a call, perhaps you can talk with a … (0 comments)

flynn the georgia real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "If It's September it Must be Oktoberfest" - 09/12/09 06:07 AM
Yes, check it out, you can come to Helen now from September 10th through the 27th and then from October 1st till November 1st and enjoy Oktoberfest!  Helen is always ahead of the curve and decided long ago that one month was not long enough.  How can you drink enough beer, eat enough brats and enjoy yourself enough in 30 days!  NOT!  So you can get a jump on celebrating Oktoberfest today!!!  Just come on to Helen, go to the Fest Hall, and ENJOY.  It's free on Sundays.  Now if you lived here, you would not have to drive so far, … (0 comments)

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