helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "See and taste Sautee" - 05/22/10 01:55 PM
A Taste of Sautee is worth a look see.  If you will be in the northeast Georgia Mountains, in Helen, or close by, come on over and take a look at the vendors and art.  Another day in the beautiful northeast Georgia Mountains, nothing like it!! Today was drop dead beautiful and if you missed it, try tomorrow!
You could be calling this beautiful area home, we have investment, retirement, vacation and second homes available and if you want a rustic cabin or a beautiful log home with all the upgrades, let's talk!!!

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "What are YOU missing"? - 05/10/10 08:58 PM
You don't live in northeast Georgia?  Well, I hope at least you visit often!  WHY ?  All the great things you are missing!  The Jelly Belly Tour was May 8th!  The Appple Blossom Treasure Sale was May 8th.  The First Spring gospel Fest was May 8th.  The Foxfire Night Hikes at Anna Ruby Falls begins tonight!  A Bird walk guided by Naturalist Jack Johnston begins at 9 am on May 22nd.  Just a few of the things you miss when you don't live here, or stay away too long. 
Thinking you would love to be here more often?  Want to move … (1 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "May 5th in Helen" - 05/04/10 04:06 AM
Planning to spend May 5th in Helen?  Let me know how you are going to celebrate.  Do you know what to celebrate on May 5th?  Let me hear from you!
Sometimes you are just thinking about moving to the area, not much to invest, but think you could buy something around $150,000?  If you did not have to furnish it?  If you could come and use it on some weekends?  If you could walk to downtown Helen?  Maybe you could invest with family and everyone could use it?  Thinking about it?  Let's talk!!  It is out there!!

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate " Where will you be on May 8th?" - 04/23/10 03:45 AM
Coming to Helen in May?  Do you want to enjoy what is going on in the area?  Make it a point to be in the area on May 8th.  Why?  you need to visit BabyLand General, they will be holding their Grand Opening and Xavier Roberts, the founder will be signing select original Cabbage Patch Kids!  Opens at 9 Am !
Now while you are here, most of you decide this is a place you would like to live, or have a vacation home, or a cabin to come to...don't you?  Well, it is possible all for about 150,000, think that … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Doings around Helen and Northeast Georgia" - 04/21/10 08:05 AM
Nothing new to do?  THink you have seen it all?  I'm just sayin..you probably have not taken a Basic Buck and Flatfoot dance class have you?  And I bet you have not entered a pie baking contest?  Have you?
Well, if you are coming to visit or live in the area, you might want to consider both of these events just to make life a little different.  Basic Buck and Flatfoot dance classes start on May 3, in Clarkesville at the Georgia Heritage center for the Arts.  Six weeks of instruction by Jennie inglis, 706 348 7542
Now if your flatfoot … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "What Cha Gonna Do?" - 04/16/10 01:52 AM
Okay you are on your way to northeast Georgia and Helen in particular, for his great weekend of good weather and fun things to do!  It is Friday so get away early.  Plan to give me a call with any questions about homes in the area, not only Helen, but Cleveland, Batesville, Clarkesville, Sautee, Lake Burton and Clarkesville.  Let's talk. 
You can have fund on Saturday in Cleveland at Mountain valley community bank on North Main Street, they will have a great annual Car Show for the guys with door prizes! It benefits White Co. Relay for Live.  Now the gals don't … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Homes in the area" - 04/15/10 01:17 PM
Are you a Helen Ga, or northeast Georgia fan?  Do you try to visit as often as possible to get away to a better, slower place in time?  Do you enjoy getting lost in the northeast Georgia mountains at least 6 times a year?  Do you think you would love to have a place here, and think you would not use it enough?
How about considering a duplex or cabin in this area?  Are you afraid you would not visit enough?  Do you think you might want to put it on a rental program and use it when you can come?  … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Whazzup?" - 04/06/10 01:08 AM
Whazzup in northeast Georgia in general, and Helen specifically?  Go to http://bit.ly/bGvKDI  and see!
Whazzup with the housing market in northeast Georgia, Helen, Sautee, Cleveland, Clarkesville, Batesville, Lake Burton?  Go to www.FlynnTaylor.com  and see!  Want the personal one on one information?  Let's talk!

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate " Helen Ga Real Estate Homes" - 04/05/10 01:21 AM
Do you have a home in Helen?  Do you have a second home in Helen?  Do you have an investment in Helen?  If not, why not?  Right now Helen, Sautee, Cleveland, Batesville, Lake Burton and all of northeast Georgia have wonderful opportunities for first time homes, cabins, rentals, investment, or retirement properties.  When Realtors won't take listings that are too highly priced, you know that this is a Buyers Market.  Some savvy Buyers are investing now, buying up foreclosures, fixing them up, and believing they will be ready when the market corrects with a home they have enjoyed, worked on and … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "April in Helen" - 04/01/10 01:33 AM
April 1st is typically known for jokes, but today dawned bright, crisp and clear. A day of new beginnings.  Are you thinking about moving?  Do you really want an investment?  Are you thinking about taxes?  Helen, and Northeast Georgia offer some good opportunities, rental investments, second homes, cabins in the woods, properties suitable for a vineyard and tasting room business.  Do you want a home which has all the upgrades, and eleveator and climate controlled 3 car garage?  We have that too.  Want a home on 85 plus acres, private?  Yes, from castles to cabins, we have that!  Just call me and … (1 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Got an Event?" - 03/21/10 02:30 AM
Got an event you would like everyone to know about?  Something going on in Helen, or anyplace in Northeast Georgia you want to share with everyone?  Are you planning a reunion, just a weekened, a wedding event, or thinking about Memorial Day weekend already.  Do you need to know about a special place?  Do you want to know where to get the best Italian Food?  Why not post it at http://bit.ly/bGvKDI   and see what responses you get?  Need help with posting?  Need help with real estate in this area?  Just Call Flynn the Real Estate Lady, let's talk!

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Come Enjoy the Weekend" - 03/05/10 10:54 AM
It is going to be a beautiful time to be in Helen, the weather is wonderful and you will enjoy all Helen has to offer if you have the time.  Bring your camera! There are so many unique shops and the town just begs to be photographed.  If it is your first time in Helen, just begin downtown and you will have a full day of visiting shops and enjoying the sites.  You can pick up some great little treasures for yourself or your friends.  Don't forget to stop at Nora Mill on the way in or out of Helen,  you … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "If It's Thursday It Must be....FunDay" - 03/03/10 11:13 PM
Yes, Thursday can be FunDay.  Having visited several places in Helen on a Thursday I find you can enjoy the are without all the traffic and visitors who come in usually on a Friday!  Of course anytime during the week in northeast Georgia is not as congested as during the weekends, but Thursdays are good because some area attractions and events open starting Thursday.  The Helen Arts & Heritage Center opens Thursday thu Monday.  So coming in on Thursday you can see things you might want to see early and visit the others on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  It also gives … (0 comments)

helen ga investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Viewing Homes 101" - 02/23/10 11:45 PM
Whether you are lucky enough to be coming to northeast Georgia to look for a home or cabin in Helen, Sautee or surrounding areas, you will need to think about when you want to look.  If time is urgent, you have no choice, the right time is NOW.  If you can choose a time of year, the right time is still NOW.  At this time of year, the leaves are off many tees, you can see for miles around your chosen property and actually know what is beyond those trees.  You will be surprised sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not so pleasantly, but … (0 comments)

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