helen ga real estate: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Enjoy a Designated Driver" - 12/30/10 01:30 AM
Happy New Year to All,
Hopefully you have been in Helen since Christmas enjoying the snow and beautiful scenery!  Seeing the water fountain frozen was a real treat!  Everything was beautiful.  If you are staying in our area to celebrate New Years Eve, be careful, enjoy, but enjoy with a designated driver.  Yes, there are police out there looking for drivers who have had a little too much!  Many police!!  Some of you might have experienced being stopped as you pulled out of a local restaurant known for their good times and fun!  Don't take the chance, just bring along a … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Fire" - 09/07/10 01:22 PM
Recently one of my listings burned.  Might I add a very saleable listing, of course any fire is horrible but this one was not as bad as it could have been if someone had been home.  It is/was a duplex and it did have a firewall, however lightening struck the top floor and gas lines exploded.  It was on one side a vacation/rental situation, this was my listing side, the other side had permanent residents who were in Europe vacationing.  When I arrived the next day to take some photographs for the owners I looked for my lockbox, nothing including the front … (4 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Labor Day Revisited" - 09/06/10 02:28 PM
Driving home tonight and thinking about a newscast I heard today, it is true, we should be thinking about people who are out of work too.  Real Estate is a funny business, yes we are unemployed much of our working week, aren't we?  During this particular time in history there are many agents who although they have a job are literally unemployed.  We spend much of our working hours looking for work but we can't collect unemployment.  Go figure.  Who would want to work in  this business?   Plenty it seems, but fewer now with the down economy I think.  I am … (3 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "It's Not What You Say" - 09/04/10 02:55 PM
Remember what your Mother told you?   It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It!!!   True, you have a choice, your words, your tone of voice, your face, it all makes a difference.  Your words so quickly typed or spoken can make all the difference to the recipient and in the long run to you!  Words can heal, or destroy.  You have so many opportunities as a Real Estate Agent, to make someone's day, or ruin someon's day.  (Think how many times they make and ruin yours!) Seriously, how you answer someone's questions can not only make a difference in whether they buy a home, but … (3 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "What Would YOU Do?" - 09/02/10 04:31 AM
The recent tv program "What Would You Do" inspired this post, along with a group I belong to which recently could not agree to agree, so of course a new group was formed.  Now of course both groups are only half as effective as they had been as a whole.  It brings to mind loyalty, knowing when to leave, knowing when to stay and being able to admit you made a mistake and go back, if that is what is best. We run into this many times in our real estate careers as well as in our personal lives.  Something happens … (5 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate Left Behind - 08/31/10 08:11 AM
Twenty-nine more posts, including this one, in twenty-nine days.  Yes I can do it!  I think. 
LEFT BEHIND.  Those two words evoke sadness don't they?   No matter how positive you are LEFT BEHIND has a negative spin.  Yes it does.  Some of the saddest experiences I face as a Real Estate agent are trying to "fix" what someone has moved away and LEFT BEHIND.  Number 1 on the LEFT BEHIND list would have to be PETS.  Yes, although it is difficult for some of us to believe, many Sellers and Renters leave the house and leave the pet or pets too.  … (4 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate 30 Days - 08/30/10 02:56 PM
Thirty days, write a blog for 30 days, sounds very simple, doesn't it?  One thing, I will get me back on track.  Even the most faithful bloggers can get off track, and I am not one of the most faithful.  I needed this challenge to reaffirm my faith in several things.  Real Estate has not been good to many of us this year and this will help me get back on track.  It is easy to let the negatives get you down, especially when there is so much negative news.  Most news is negative, especially in the housing market and the … (3 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "So Nice to Live Here" - 06/24/10 02:17 AM
Yes, I am indeed fortunate to be in Northeast Georgia!!  I went for an early morning long walk on a dirt road, uphill :-} and it was wonderful.  Did I do this freely of my own will?  NO..it would have been much easier to sleep a little longer in the cool of the early morning, but my little dog, Sir Winston, woke me with a small growl and then a louder bark.  He was ready for his morning walk.  We go a mile in the morning and a mile in the evening.  Since it is summer now, we go early in … (1 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Helen in the Rain" - 05/31/10 03:52 AM
Yes, it is raining today in Helen, but it is a good time to grab a cup of soup and some coffee at your favorite place, which just might be Sweetwater Coffee House in Sautee.  Haven't heard of Sautee?  Well you have not been to Helen enough, just go out Hwy 17 toward Clarkesville, and discover this little hidden gem!  You can spend the whole afternoon in this area, so plan accordingly!  Let me know how you like it If you really want a little cabin on a trout stream for around 220,000, just give me a call, we have them … (3 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "365 Things to DO" - 05/21/10 03:00 PM
Are you in Helen GA?  Are you going to be here this weekend?  Do you like to visit to play golf?  Check out Innsbruck's Sunday Scramble!  Check it out!!  You must be resgistered by 2 pm on Saturday May 22, though give a call the the Pro Shop  706 878 2100 if you are interested!
Want to enjoy our area more and more?  Plenty of good buys abound within walking distance of downtown Helen.  If you don't want to drive in the long line of cars often seen on the weekends (everybody knows Helen is a great place to be) just … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "What are YOU missing"? - 05/10/10 08:58 PM
You don't live in northeast Georgia?  Well, I hope at least you visit often!  WHY ?  All the great things you are missing!  The Jelly Belly Tour was May 8th!  The Appple Blossom Treasure Sale was May 8th.  The First Spring gospel Fest was May 8th.  The Foxfire Night Hikes at Anna Ruby Falls begins tonight!  A Bird walk guided by Naturalist Jack Johnston begins at 9 am on May 22nd.  Just a few of the things you miss when you don't live here, or stay away too long. 
Thinking you would love to be here more often?  Want to move … (1 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Doings around Helen and Northeast Georgia" - 04/21/10 08:05 AM
Nothing new to do?  THink you have seen it all?  I'm just sayin..you probably have not taken a Basic Buck and Flatfoot dance class have you?  And I bet you have not entered a pie baking contest?  Have you?
Well, if you are coming to visit or live in the area, you might want to consider both of these events just to make life a little different.  Basic Buck and Flatfoot dance classes start on May 3, in Clarkesville at the Georgia Heritage center for the Arts.  Six weeks of instruction by Jennie inglis, 706 348 7542
Now if your flatfoot … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Homes in the area" - 04/15/10 01:17 PM
Are you a Helen Ga, or northeast Georgia fan?  Do you try to visit as often as possible to get away to a better, slower place in time?  Do you enjoy getting lost in the northeast Georgia mountains at least 6 times a year?  Do you think you would love to have a place here, and think you would not use it enough?
How about considering a duplex or cabin in this area?  Are you afraid you would not visit enough?  Do you think you might want to put it on a rental program and use it when you can come?  … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Whazzup?" - 04/06/10 01:08 AM
Whazzup in northeast Georgia in general, and Helen specifically?  Go to http://bit.ly/bGvKDI  and see!
Whazzup with the housing market in northeast Georgia, Helen, Sautee, Cleveland, Clarkesville, Batesville, Lake Burton?  Go to www.FlynnTaylor.com  and see!  Want the personal one on one information?  Let's talk!

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "See Helen GA in 365 Ways" - 03/19/10 08:01 AM
Blogging is a fun way to enchance your real estate busines.  You are never sure of how many people actually read your blog so I have done some "tests" in the past to see if I get comments.  Today will be no exception, can you tell me if you are coming to Helen Ga this weekend for fun?  It is not going to be snowing, the weather is supposed to be beautiful at least until Sunday evening, so say the weather w________  (fill in that word).  This will be a wonderful time to start your excursion of the northeast Georgia area.  … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Your Favorite Place in Helen" - 03/08/10 10:57 AM
If you come to Helen often you probably have a favorite place,please let me know what it is?  I am taking a vow to see some new places in our hometown area.  Local people who work seldom see all the tourist sees, so let me know what your favorite places are.  Stopping to smell the roses is good for us!  Now that the weather is getting pretty, it's time to get out.  Don't forget Spring is just around the corner.  Want to be here for the Dogwood blossoms?  Plan now.  want to move here this summer, start planning now.  We have … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Buyers what do you think?" - 02/25/10 11:34 PM
When I list homes, I usually ask the Sellers to leave during the showings, as I always felt the Buyers would feel more comfortable looking at the home that way.  True I might get some questions from the showing agent but generally not.  Now today I hear that the Sellers should stay there during the showings.  How do you as buyers or agents feel about this?  What is your opinion?  

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Got Dog Hair?" - 02/22/10 10:13 AM
Got Dog Hair?  Seriously, one plastic grocery bag full of dog hair?  If you do, and you or someone you know can use a spinning wheel, you can make yarn out of this!  WHY am I telling you this?  Because Helen Arts Center is announcing weaving classes, and dog hair yarn, made from the undercoat from your pet is really something you can weave.  No there are other yarn spinning and weaving classes too, I just never thought dog hair was a very useful thing.  Classes are a modest $20 to 35.  Helen Arts and hertiage Center is located at 25 … (4 comments)

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "When do YOU come to Helen?" - 02/18/10 01:25 AM
Helen Ga is a destination. When do you come to Helen?  Do you come to Helen every weekend, twice a month, once a month, of less often?  Do you come to stay in your cabin, rent a place to stay, just for the day?  What do you do while you are in Helen?  Do you plan you time here by events?  Do you just come whenever you can?  If you need a reason to come to Helen, think investment or retirement cabin or home.  If you need an event, what would it be?  Let's talk!

helen ga real estate: Helen Ga Real Estate "Weather Wizards Wrong?" - 02/16/10 07:40 AM
Well, are the Weather Wizards Wrong?  Yes, I guess they are,  however I did see almost 10 snowflakes this morning about 1 AM, near Helen.  And at about 9 AM I saw at least 20 more near spaghetti junction! Seriously I love to consider them wrong and often say they fall in the same category as fortune tellers, they do hit it right some of the time.  I like it when they are right because I do listen to them.  If they hit it on the head and we have more snow this coming weekend, it will be great for Helen.  … (0 comments)

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