helen ga real estate lady: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Wildlife Sighting" - 06/03/10 01:28 AM
Northeast Georgia, Sautee, Helen are areas I have traveled for my 20 years of living here.  I live in a rural area, and I love being able to watch the deer and some of the other wildlife from my house.  Part of being in this area is the appreciation of nature, I think.  I have fed the birds and squirrels until lately when we have had some very brazen Racoons visit.  Since I also have pets I am now more careful.  One the pets love to give chase to the birds and squirrels, so I don't want to set traps for … (2 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate " Where will you be on May 8th?" - 04/23/10 03:45 AM
Coming to Helen in May?  Do you want to enjoy what is going on in the area?  Make it a point to be in the area on May 8th.  Why?  you need to visit BabyLand General, they will be holding their Grand Opening and Xavier Roberts, the founder will be signing select original Cabbage Patch Kids!  Opens at 9 Am !
Now while you are here, most of you decide this is a place you would like to live, or have a vacation home, or a cabin to come to...don't you?  Well, it is possible all for about 150,000, think that … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "What Cha Gonna Do?" - 04/16/10 01:52 AM
Okay you are on your way to northeast Georgia and Helen in particular, for his great weekend of good weather and fun things to do!  It is Friday so get away early.  Plan to give me a call with any questions about homes in the area, not only Helen, but Cleveland, Batesville, Clarkesville, Sautee, Lake Burton and Clarkesville.  Let's talk. 
You can have fund on Saturday in Cleveland at Mountain valley community bank on North Main Street, they will have a great annual Car Show for the guys with door prizes! It benefits White Co. Relay for Live.  Now the gals don't … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Spring in Helen" - 04/03/10 02:49 AM
It is Saturday morning, a beautiful spring day, trees blossoming, shrubs blooming, grass truning green and the clean air is crisp and ready for you to take a deep breath!  Where are you?  Let me know if you are in Helen this weekend?  If so what are you planning for the weekend?  There are many Churches around the area who will be doing early morning services.  Nacoochee United Methodist will have a contemporary service at 8:45 am, located at 1371 Hwy 17 in Sautee.  Helen First Baptist at 10:30 am located at 53 Edelweiss Strasse Helen.  Helen Presbyterian at 10:45, located … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Uber Opportunities" - 02/11/10 12:56 PM
Uber?  Yes, this is an Uber time to buy, we have Uber opportunities available on some Uber properties!
Do you know what I mean?  Uber is the up and coming word.  Now on tv you will see UberShine mentioned for shampoos.  There are Uber geeks.   Uber equals "sweet, cool, superior, very"  I am not sure the word will rank with "My Bad", but it very well could. 
If you call me asking for an "uber cabin" I will know what you mean, something above average.  And yes, we do have those here for uber (sweet) prices now.  Your investment or retirement … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Rainy Night in Georgia" - 02/09/10 01:45 AM
Yes, we will have a rainy night in Helen, Ga, which just might turn into some of the magic white stuff everyone here wants to see...SNOW.  Our friends to the north and west are sick of it I am sure, imagine shoveing 30 inches of snow? Another reason to make northeast Georgia you home or your home away from home.  When we have snow, it is just the pretty part!!!  Where else can you get the beautiful mountains, the great rivers and streams the beautiful pasture land, the rolling vineyards and such easy to live with weather day after day?  Don't even … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Let It Snow Again" - 01/05/10 03:42 AM
Come on and visit Helen, Ga this weekend.  The weather wizards are predicting snow on Thursday and Friday.  It is definitely cold enough to snow.  Make sure you have a room, if you are coming to spend the night.  It does get a bit crowded when we hear the word "SNOW".  So many pretty places are within walking distance of many motels and Inns, you will have your favorites if you have been here before!  Don't miss it!  See you there?   Don't forget you can come live here by contacting me, I will get you started and see you through closing.  … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "It's Almost Fall Ya'll" - 09/19/09 02:31 AM
Have you made plans for Fall in Helen, Ga?  You really should.  Leaf Season has many stages and you can enjoy the early fall season then come back in a few weeks and see the late fall season  Now that leaves the PEAK fall season, doesn't it?  Well, to get here for the peak fall season, you need to keep watching my blog.  When the weather wizards start predicting the "Peak", I will let you know how it looks here.  We are having a lot of rain right now.  Some of the old timers say that makes for great color, others … (1 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: HelenGeorgiaRealEstate "Service" - 06/15/09 02:04 AM
Service is a defining word.  What makes good service?  Depends doesn't it.  In real estate service equals results in the minds of most.  Service is truly better if it produces good results, but sometimes it does not.  A service can be refusing a listing, believe it or not.  It is a service to the seller in that you have been honest about value and more than likely, they will come to see the truth in your opinion sooner or later.  Service can be trying to help above and beyond selling a home.  Finding the right "fit" when it comes to the … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate Homes " Do I earn too much too much for the 2009 Tax Credit?" - 05/08/09 12:56 AM
The American recovery and Reinvestment Act which was passed on Feb. 17, 2009 is available for homes purchased on January 1st, 2009 and before December 1st 2009....(KEEP that date in mind).  This tax credit does not have to be repaid.  The tax credit is equal to 10percent of the purchase price for our home, up to a maximum of $8,000. Now, if you purchased a home in 2009 before you knew about this, and have already filed your taxes, you can consider doing an amended return to collect on this.  Of course you have to be sure you are qualified.  And … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate Homes "Are you ready to move"? - 04/28/09 07:23 AM
About a week ago, I went up in a small plane and to my delight Northeast Georgia and Helen specifically are more beautiful from the air than I could ever imagine.  I was not aware how much our "foothills" connects to the mountain ranges. Helen is truly beautiful from the air.  It gave me a new appreciation for our area and I did realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this area.  It brought back memories of my first visit here and how everything just looked so wonderful.  I remember thinking how great it would be to live … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "I NEED to sell my home for what I have in it" - 01/27/09 10:19 AM
This is what I am hearing most now.  "I can't price my home at what YOU are suggesting".  Back up here, it is NOT what I am suggesting it is what the MARKET is suggesting".  Big difference.  Facts are not pleasant to see now, but necessary to be realistic.
It is hard to turn down a listing, but it is harder to keep an unrealistic seller happy!  For the life of me I don't know why a Seller thinks THEIR house will sell for 30,000 more than the other houses on the street? 
Who do the Sellers get upset with when … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Let It Snow" - 11/30/08 04:14 AM
Okay all your Helen Ga fans, the weather wizards are calling for SNOW tonight on all the area real estate!  We will see, but it does look likely, it is dreary and rainy today and COLD!  All it takes is the mention of snow from the Atlata weather wizards, and poof...we have tourists in Helen!  Let's hope it happens this time, since it is right after a holiday, we may not see so many people.  So if you want to see snow, keep your ears open and your eyes on this blog.  I will let you know when I hear of … (2 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Lifes Golden Moments" - 11/16/08 09:03 AM
Don't miss the evenings in northeast Georgia this time of year.  The sun reflecting through the golden oak leaves into the house is something to behold.  It only lasts a few minutes and if you miss it, you missed it until next year.  Yes there will be a golden reflection tomorrow, but not quite the same, some of the leaves will have fallen to the ground and lie there in splendor, waiting to replenish the earth.  Driving in Helen, Cleveland, Batesville, Lake Burton, Clarkesville and Sautee-Nacoochee is an unforgettable experience.  The driveways, yards, and roads have literally hundreds of leaves blanketing … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "It is Time" - 11/08/08 08:05 AM
The election is over, finally.  It is time to get back to working together to overcome the problems we are facing as a Nation.  It is time to give thanks for the abundance we as Americans possess on an every day basis.  It is time to rememer what is important in our lives, really important.  It is time to enjoy the "free" things in life, such as the beauty of the day, the never ending stars of the night  It is time to think of family and spend time with them.  It is time to remember no matter how poor, we … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Want to Live in North Georgia" - 11/07/08 01:46 AM
Now is the time of year everyone thinks about changes of season and it is a great time to buy.  If you want to live in the Northeast Georgia foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you have many choices of location.  Depending upon commute you can choose from Batesville, Lake Burton, Sautee-Nacoochee, Clarkesville, Cleveland, Dahlonega, and of course Helen. 
There are some great buys right now in all these locations.  If you want a second or vacation home, there are many good buys out there right now!  People are ready to move on and so negotiations are possible now more than … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Now is the Time" - 11/05/08 11:14 AM
Helen Georgia leaves are turning right on schedule.  It is beautiful today and tomorrow will be in the 70s.  It will be cooler this weekend, but nice to visit.  Last call for fall colors !  Just bring a jacket for evenings and a sweater for the days.  There are plenty of sites to see.  You can smell the clean fall air and in the evenings you smell smoke for near by fireplaces which tells you a nip is in the air.  Lots of people are building fire pits to sit by with neighbors, roast a marshmellow or two and drink some … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate " Helen Haunting?" - 10/31/08 03:50 AM
Well, is there Helen haunting?  yes and no.  Yes there will be many "haunts" to visit in Helen, but as far as I can see there are no real histories of haunted places in Helen.  You can do the research yourself, and if you find something please let me know.  I can only find the nearest "haunting" to have been in Cleveland, at the Friendship Nursing Home.  But you won't miss the fun in Helen, if you visit this weekend.  There is always plenty to do and it is still Oktober! 
Friends are coming up from Florida this weekend to enjoy … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "Will My Home Close on Time?" Maybe, Maybe Not! - 10/28/08 12:35 PM
Okay, you have an accepted contract on your home.  The inspections have all been resolved, the due diligence period has passed, you have prepared for your move.  You have a closing scheduled on your home at your new destination right after your closing here!  You have scheduled sitters, purchased crates for the dog and cat to travel with you, called the movers, packed up all your personal belongings, you have called the utility companies here and at your new location. You have scheduled the last day of school for your children.  You have asked your sister to come and help you out on … (0 comments)

helen ga real estate lady: Helen Ga Real Estate "When is a good time to buy? Am I ready to BUY??" - 10/23/08 07:10 AM
Now.  Now is a good time to buy real estate in northeast Georgia.  Why?  Because you don't have as much competition for the home you like and want to purchase.  Because everyone else is shying away from making a decision until after the election.  Because people who have to relocate are willing to take less if you have a good offer.  What is a good offer?  One that does not have strings attached.  One that comes with a letter from the buyers' lender stating the buyers have their loan in place and are ready to close.  One that comes WITHOUT a … (2 comments)

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