investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Is it Spring Yet?" - 03/03/10 10:54 AM
Snow yesterday, 70's this weekend!!!  Helen Ga is going to be a great place to be this weekend.  Yes, the weather wizards say it will be in the 70s!!!  Come and visit. With a little planning you can see much of Helen and the surrounding areas in two days.  Map out your route, any one of the roads leading out of Helen will take you to some point of interest.  If you live here, great, plan to get out and enjoy our surrounding area this weekend.  If you are like me, live here, but work all week, you will enjoy playing … (2 comments)

investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Baby It's Cold Outside" - 01/11/10 02:46 AM
If you have been visitng our north Georgia Mountains and Helen, you know it is cold outside and it is sometimes cold inside!  The fireplaces and fire pits have been working overtime.  I was unfortunate when i moved here 20 years ago, I got the "light, bright" home I wanted, but no fireplace.  Yes it does have a wood stove, which is okay, but it is not a fireplace.  And it is not conveniently placed to use for heat. All the heat rises to the loft level, and it is blocked by the dining area too!  If you want a fireplace, … (0 comments)

investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "To Snow or Not to Snow, that is the Question" - 01/07/10 02:19 AM
Oh yes, schools are getting out early all over northeast Georgia, the weather wizards have said we ARE going to have snow.  Now they are predicting later in the afternoon, or perhaps early evening.  Friday does not look promising for snow.  But stay tuned, the forecasts changes by the hour!  Living in the area for 20 years now, the only thing I can say for certain is you can count on the snow only after you see it on the ground!  Right, coming down in large beautiful flakes does not count.  It might stick or it might not.  What looks so … (0 comments)

investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Great Terms for Home Loans Available Locally" - 10/22/08 02:11 PM
Heard all the hype about how difficult it is to get a home loan now?  Well, here in the Helen GA area, we still have some great terms available for you when you purchase your home, or even second home.
You can actually still get a loan for a SECOND home with as little as 5 per cent down!  Yes, you can, I checked today and it is true!  We have some excellent prices on little get away cabins as well as year round homes, to see the values, visit anytime!  If you want persoanl assistance call me at 706 865 5700. 

investments: Helen Ga Real Estate "Visit Helen The Color is Fine" - 10/21/08 09:23 AM
Make sure you are ready to take a trip to northeast Georgia this weekend!  Helen, Ga will be a mass of beautiful fall color!  Bring your camera and click away.  Bring your appetite and visit one of our many local restaurants, try something new!  Stop in Cleveland and visit The Cabbage Patch.  You can pick up an early Christmas gift for the younger members of your family.  Take time to browse the Square in Cleveland, then head on toward Helen.  You will find many interesting places to stop, shop or just look!  Everything from carved bears to antique stores and more.  … (0 comments)

investments: Helen GA Real Estate "Have We Hit Bottom Yet"? - 10/13/08 12:58 PM
Everyone is asking "Are we there yet"?  Meaning, has the stock market hit bottom?  No one know for sure, but we are about as close as we are going to get.  How do you know if we have hit bottom?  You DON'T!  Once you know we have hit bottom, we are on our way up!  It is like asking what the winning lottery numbers don't find out in time to win!  Once you know the numbers it is too late to buy a ticket.  In real estate once you know the market HAS hit bottom, and the key word is … (2 comments)

investments: Helen Ga Real Estate Homes "Can I Get A Loan Now?" - 10/07/08 10:11 AM
You want to buy a home.  (Not steal a home, but get good value). You are moving, you are motivated and you are worried.  This past week has frightened most prospective buyers.  Are there loans out there, and are the rates something you can afford?  The answer is probably so!  Real Estate is local and what is happening in California, Colorado or Texas is not what is happening in Georgia.  Your first step should be contacting a knowledgable real estate agent in the area you will be living.  If you are moving anywhere in the United States, Canada or Australia, I … (0 comments)

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