retirement and investment properties: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Walkaround Weather is Here in Helen" - 02/18/11 02:48 AM
This will be a beautiful weekend in northeast Ga, and Helen is your first stop.  Come Shop,Bike,Hike, or just rest!  Walking around weather is wonderful and it is finally here!  Don't miss the opportunity to scout out some possible real estate, there are so many great buys in this area!  If you want an investment, want to come up for a weekend now and then, want a retirement home to look forward to, or just a second home, this is the place.  Close and yet you are so far away!!! Hope to see you, and let's talk!

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga real Estate: "You can't FAKE IT" - 10/27/10 02:31 AM
Perfume makers try and bottle it, room freshners try and imitate it, fabric softners try to copy it, but you know...You Can't FAKE IT!!  What is IT?  That clean fresh woodsy smell encountered on an early morning walk on a country road.  Especially right after a light spring or fall shower.  Today!!  Today is the perfect example of that woodsy clean air that is reserved only for lightly populated areas.  I just returned from a visit to a metropolitan area.  I did go for my walk with my Sir Winston (more about him later), at his insistence.  Guess what, even he … (2 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "When do YOU come to Helen?" - 02/18/10 01:25 AM
Helen Ga is a destination. When do you come to Helen?  Do you come to Helen every weekend, twice a month, once a month, of less often?  Do you come to stay in your cabin, rent a place to stay, just for the day?  What do you do while you are in Helen?  Do you plan you time here by events?  Do you just come whenever you can?  If you need a reason to come to Helen, think investment or retirement cabin or home.  If you need an event, what would it be?  Let's talk!

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Weather Wizards Wrong?" - 02/16/10 07:40 AM
Well, are the Weather Wizards Wrong?  Yes, I guess they are,  however I did see almost 10 snowflakes this morning about 1 AM, near Helen.  And at about 9 AM I saw at least 20 more near spaghetti junction! Seriously I love to consider them wrong and often say they fall in the same category as fortune tellers, they do hit it right some of the time.  I like it when they are right because I do listen to them.  If they hit it on the head and we have more snow this coming weekend, it will be great for Helen.  … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Uber Opportunities" - 02/11/10 12:56 PM
Uber?  Yes, this is an Uber time to buy, we have Uber opportunities available on some Uber properties!
Do you know what I mean?  Uber is the up and coming word.  Now on tv you will see UberShine mentioned for shampoos.  There are Uber geeks.   Uber equals "sweet, cool, superior, very"  I am not sure the word will rank with "My Bad", but it very well could. 
If you call me asking for an "uber cabin" I will know what you mean, something above average.  And yes, we do have those here for uber (sweet) prices now.  Your investment or retirement … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Helen Georgia Real Estate" - 02/10/10 08:51 PM
Yes, there is a difference, tell me how do you google it?  I for one don't google with the full names of the States, but use the two letter abbreviation.  It is even more interesting about North and NO.  We are fast becoming a country of texting and  I think it holds over into our every day way of doing things.
Helen Ga Real Estate can be Hln GA Rl St8..or even shorter.  True it does depend upon the age of the reader, some of us would not be able to read a text message in its best form.  Best solution … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate Homes "Good News, Bad News) - 02/09/10 11:11 PM
Yes, this morning we have some snow flurries, that is the good news, but the sun is out and they will not stick, it appears, that is the bad news.  Good News, Bad News, how often have you heard it?   Are you thinking about moving to the northeast Gerogia mountains, Helen specifically?  Or our beautiful surrounding rolling hills with mountain views?  Thinking about the Chattahoochee Riverfront properties?  Cabin, Castle?  Want an investment rental, vacation home?  Maybe just a second home for weekends, just an hour and a half from all Atlanta has to offer?  That's right, Good News, Bad News.  The … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Rainy Night in Georgia" - 02/09/10 01:45 AM
Yes, we will have a rainy night in Helen, Ga, which just might turn into some of the magic white stuff everyone here wants to see...SNOW.  Our friends to the north and west are sick of it I am sure, imagine shoveing 30 inches of snow? Another reason to make northeast Georgia you home or your home away from home.  When we have snow, it is just the pretty part!!!  Where else can you get the beautiful mountains, the great rivers and streams the beautiful pasture land, the rolling vineyards and such easy to live with weather day after day?  Don't even … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Get Ready to Invest NOW" - 09/19/09 03:35 AM
Thinking about investing before the market rates go up?  Now is the time.  Rates are already going up an down, my mortgage lenders think it is best to go ahead, qualify, get ready and when the rate you want appears, FIRE!  That makes a great deal of sense, doesn't it?  The news media are already saying the economy is coming back, and although the rates are low, they are going up and down.  Don't wait until it is too late to get those good rates.  Investors need to contact me now in order to take advantage of some very good bargains … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Do you want to live here?" - 04/07/09 01:23 AM
Have you considered Helen Ga and the surrounding areas as a place to live?  Do you want a cute little get away with two streams and 4 plus acres?  Do you want privacy, but conveniennce?  Do you want to commute from Atlanta for an hour and be in the country?  Do you want all this for under 170,000?
Stay tuned, I will have a isting up shortly which will give you all this and more!  Or if you are not the patient type, call or email me for the information now!!

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Best Deals are NOW" - 11/27/08 03:15 AM
Now is the very best time to buy in the northeast Georgia area.  Helen, Ga and Lake Burton have some fantastic buys on the market right now.  Take advantage of the end of the year.  Everyone wants an offer and many are being written right now.  People are surprised at the great buys that are on the market!  Don't wait and get left behind on the house you wish you had bought!  Our lenders have fantastic terms and money is available in our market!   Want a house in Helen, Lake Burton, Batesville, GA?  Now is the time, the best deals are … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Lifes Golden Moments" - 11/16/08 09:03 AM
Don't miss the evenings in northeast Georgia this time of year.  The sun reflecting through the golden oak leaves into the house is something to behold.  It only lasts a few minutes and if you miss it, you missed it until next year.  Yes there will be a golden reflection tomorrow, but not quite the same, some of the leaves will have fallen to the ground and lie there in splendor, waiting to replenish the earth.  Driving in Helen, Cleveland, Batesville, Lake Burton, Clarkesville and Sautee-Nacoochee is an unforgettable experience.  The driveways, yards, and roads have literally hundreds of leaves blanketing … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "Foreclosures a thing of the past?" - 11/11/08 03:15 AM
If you have been listening to the news, the lending institutions are gearing up to help the homeowner in distress so they will not have to foreclose on these properties.  This will change our market in all probability.  If you are a prospective purchaser and have been thinking about picking up a foreclosure or two, you might want to hurry!  It seems the lending institutions will have a change of heart here and start helping out the homeowners instead of taking back the homes.  This will certainly have an effect on short sales and foreclosures and consequently bank owned properties.  Now … (1 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate " Last Call for Leaves" - 11/02/08 11:48 AM
Ok, you missed a beautiful week end in Northeast Georgia!  What a glorious day.  I actually transplanted a wild strawberry tree.  No, I don't have another name for it, it grows wild in this area, has little red berries in a strawberry shape.  The leaves are changing rapidly and I predict this week to be the peak, but I am not a weather wizard, so I may be wrong.  The maples are producing wonderful colors now.  The dogwoods are still wonderful to see, such a grand little tree, it treats us to so much, blossoms, berries and colorful foilage, with distinctive … (0 comments)

retirement and investment properties: Helen Ga Real Estate "This Week in Living Color" - 10/26/08 01:33 AM
Sunday is beautiful, temps will be in low 70s here in Helen, but watch out for the rest of the week, if you come to Helen, bring your jackets!  We will be in low 40s and 30s on Mon, Tues, and Weds, IF the weather wizards know what they are talking about for our area!   What does this mean besides bring your jackets?  It means you can enjoy the fireplace in the cabin you have rented for the weekend, curl up in a thick throw, read a book or just watch the leaves fall from inside!  When you are forced out … (0 comments)

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