second homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "What are YOU missing"? - 05/10/10 08:58 PM
You don't live in northeast Georgia?  Well, I hope at least you visit often!  WHY ?  All the great things you are missing!  The Jelly Belly Tour was May 8th!  The Appple Blossom Treasure Sale was May 8th.  The First Spring gospel Fest was May 8th.  The Foxfire Night Hikes at Anna Ruby Falls begins tonight!  A Bird walk guided by Naturalist Jack Johnston begins at 9 am on May 22nd.  Just a few of the things you miss when you don't live here, or stay away too long. 
Thinking you would love to be here more often?  Want to move … (1 comments)

second homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "What can a Real Estate Agent Do for Me?" - 10/23/08 06:56 AM
A good question!  A better one is "What can MY Real Estate Agent Do for Me?"   With things as they are today and so many places on line to look, so many things available to "look" at the property through Google, Google Earth, Mapquest, you name it, you may be tempted to drive by and look at everything and then contact an agent.  Well, that is okay, but not the best use of your time.  I am a full time real estate agent.  No, I have not seen every property out there, but I have seen many of them.  But if … (0 comments)

second homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Great Terms for Home Loans Available Locally" - 10/22/08 02:11 PM
Heard all the hype about how difficult it is to get a home loan now?  Well, here in the Helen GA area, we still have some great terms available for you when you purchase your home, or even second home.
You can actually still get a loan for a SECOND home with as little as 5 per cent down!  Yes, you can, I checked today and it is true!  We have some excellent prices on little get away cabins as well as year round homes, to see the values, visit anytime!  If you want persoanl assistance call me at 706 865 5700. 

second homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "How is the Color?" - 10/17/08 01:54 AM
How is the color?  Getting there is the answer!  My oaks are turning slowly, the acorns pelt the roof and deck with shotgun like retorts!  Never have I seen so many acorns fall.  The actually hurt if they happen to hit your head.  My car had to be parked in a clear area!  THe pets are becoming accustomed to the acorns raining down, but at first actually ran from the noise.  The dogwoods berries are red and beautiful.   Leaves cover the drive now, and it is beautiful.  Now is not the favorite time of year for the gardner who likes a spotless yard.  … (2 comments)

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