lindenhurst: April Tip of The Week - 04/17/08 04:16 AM
  April Readying The Yard
BY: Fred Duemig ©
Week 1: Clear yard of downed tree branches and debris. Leaving these items on your lawn will kill the grass and may cause other damage as well. The earlier you clear branches, leaves, and other debris the healthier your lawn will be all summer long.

Week 2: Tune up Lawn mower/ garden equipment. Test and change the batteries in smoke, heat and gas detectors. Spring cleanup starts.
 Week 3: Check to make sure your sump pump works properly by pouring water into … (1 comments)

lindenhurst: July Tip of The Week - 06/25/07 12:17 AM
Dog Days
Hot Fun in The Summer BY: Fred Duemig ©
 Week 1: Check the operation of all ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets by pushing the "test" button. The "reset" button should pop out, indicating the receptacle is operating properly. Press in the reset button. Change or clean air conditioner filters.   Week 2: Check all exterior walls for peeling paint. Cut your painting job down by painting two walls per year. Typically, paint on south and west facing walls deteriorate faster and need more frequent re-coating.  Week 3: Inspect garage door opener and lubricate according to manufacturers directions. Ensure all bolts and screws are … (7 comments)

lindenhurst: Your Inspection is Completed, What Next? - 03/22/07 06:27 AM
Your Home Inspection is Completed, What Next?
Fred Duemig
Owner & Senior Inspector
Division Home Inspections, Inc.
Informed Consumer
Consumers of today are much more informed than consumers of the past. I am sure the internet plays a huge roll, putting information, service providers, competition, tips and details at our fingertips. Accordingly, most informed perspective home buyers are choosing to have a professional home inspection performed on the property they consider purchasing.
We Had The Inspection - What Next?
After receiving the inspection report, first, and most importantly, read it and read it again. The report is loaded with valuable information and should be read thoroughly to … (0 comments)

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